{H} <Dojo> (Hyjal) 8/10M AOTC CN T/W 9P-12A PST

Dojo is recruiting for 9.1 to make a push for CE. We achieved 8/10M CN while building a brand new guild. Currently we are taking a break till next 9.1 is launched. The officers and several others on the team have previous cutting edge mythic raid experience (WoD, Legion, and BFA).

Add us if you are interested:

Dirtycambo#11545 (Bnet) / Dirtycambo#3489 (Discord)

iBustFast#5095 (Discord)

Discord Server Code: Dojo is recruiting for 9.1 to make a push for CE. We achieved 8/10M CN while building a brand new guild. Currently we are taking a break till next 9.1 is launched. The officers and several others on the team have previous cutting edge mythic raid experience (WoD, Legion, and BFA).

Add us if you are interested:

Dirtycambo#11545 (Bnet) / Dirtycambo#3489 (Discord)

iBustFast#5095 (Discord)

https: // discord .gg /TCGtMhh

LF Late night raiding guild
Rogue CE Player LF CE Guild for SL
Coming back for Shadowlands
Veteran player lf great guild
472 Hunter looking for Heroic/Mythic raiding guild
LF Raid Guild
7/10M Boomkin & WW monk LF CE 2 nights
6/10M 225 Hpal, 225 Lock and 224 Boomy LF CE Guild
223 7/10M Warlock LF CE Guild
220 boomkin 2/10m looking for guild
220 Holy Priest 6/10M LFG
7/10 m fire mage looking for a guild
7/10M - Two Boomies + Rsham
226 warlock LFG 7/10 M(current prog with exp on the other bosses) 225+ pulls on M Sire
[H] 222 Warlock LF CE Mythic Guild
[H] 223 Boomkin Looking for Guild
222 aff/destro lock with ksm lf mythic raid guild for weekdays
[H] 222HPal/219 Ele Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild
219 Boomin LF Mythic guild 3/10 mythic exp
219 Boomin LF Mythic guild 3/10 mythic exp
Warlock LF Horde Guild
225 Hunter Horde LF Raiding Team
225 ilvl 6/10M Elemental/Resto shaman LF Raiding team!
220 Fire Mage + Omni Class LF Mythic Raiding Guild
220 Balance Druid 3/10 Mythic LF Mythic Guild
Lock/Mage/Hunter LF Mythic Guild
New-ish warlock looking for a guild
Multiple CE raider LF LATE night guild for SL
Rdps looking for late night guild
DH/Lock LF SL Home
[H]Returning player (DPS) LF raiding guild
Veteran Aff Lock LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild [A]
Warlock LF SL raiding guild
[LFG] [H] Mage/S. Priest/Warlock LF CE Focused Guild
(H) Tichondrius Shadow Priest Looking for Mythic Guild
Rogue or Ret/Prot Pally Returning For Shadowlands
215 AOTC / 1k IO Resto/Ele shaman looking for Mythic progression!
3/10M 219 ilvl Hpal LFG Former Hardcore Player LF Home
214 destro lock (10/12m last tier) LF mythic guild
219 Fire Mage Lf mythic
Destro Lock 477
Looking for Shadowlands Guild
S/Disc Priest LF Raiding Guild on high pop server
Former 90+ Parse Enh 11/12M Main LF Mythic SL
3 CE players looking for Guild
Returning Player looking for home in SL
In the market for a guild
CE Havoc DH LF Guild any server decent prog will server Xfer
3/12M LF mythic prog/CE in SL
479 Resto Shaman - Exp up to Mythic N'Zoth
484 ilvl Havoc DH (4517 io) LF guild
LF CE Guild Current Havoc swapping for SL
LF PST Guild for SL
[H] [US] Experienced Warlock looking for AOTC Guild in SL
Hunter LF AOTC/Mythic Guild
Returning player LF raiding guild
Exp Mythic Raider LF home for rest of xpac/shadowlands
Looking for huge super social guild to enjoy WoW Shadowlands with- I NEED FRIENDS
DPS Warrior Returning and LF CE Mythic Guild for Shadowlands
LF late night guild
Hpal/MW looking for raiding guild
474 Destro lock
Returning Ret Pally LFG
218 F. Mage LF mythic raiding guild
470 Ret / Holy Pally LF raiding guild for SL
Blood DK LF Raiding Guild
Newish player looking for a good guild
217IL fury warrior 2/10M 10/10H LF guild
[H] 215 AOTC Resto Shaman LF PST Raid Times!
222 Dh 5/10M looking for guild to get CE with
[H] Group of four (3 RDPS, 1 MDPS) LFG with CE goals
2/10M 220 Balance Druid LF M/CE Guild
Affliction Warlock LF guild
2/10M 218 Warlock LFG - Horde
Tank and Rogue duo looking for guild
Looking for semi hardcore guild
LF casual Guild with opportunity to get into higher level content
H 479 hpal LF Guild
Disc Priest LF Guild
[H] arms warrior lfg late night
467 Unholy LF currently active guild - Area 52 Horde
[H] LF social/M+ running guild
Mage lf a guild
Looking to raid seriously in shadowlands
10char 10char
468 Tank LF raid team
Mythic experienced dps death knight Looking for hardcore Raiding Guild for Shadowlands
Looking for a late night weekend guild
Lock or healer
[H] Mage LF Late Night Raiding Guild
LF New Raiding Guild
[H] 465 Hunter LF Guild
Enhancement Shaman looking for a home
466 warrior LF Raid Team
460 H Hunter LFG
Player looking for weekend morning or late guild
465 Disc/Shadow LF Raiding guild for now and SL
Two healers looking for home
(social\casual) Guild Ally
467 Prot/Ret/holy paladin
(H) Small group looking for weekend raiding guild
Tank Main LF Permanent CE Home
Healer looking for Guild
Finish BFA / Lf SL guild
Returning player looking for a future
LF New Raiding Guild
Please Delete
474 Mage lf casual raiding guild
[H] 444 Enhance Shamy LF New Home
Delete this please
9/10H 216 ilvl aff lock LF guild
216ilvl MM Hunter LF Mythic prog focused team
465 Returning Warlock with previous tier CE exp
Long break
LF Guild doesnt matter your prog 9/12 mythic 3.7k io Havoc DH
Plz Delete this form
7/10M H Pally and 4/10M Mage both with CE Experience. LF 2-Day Mythic Raiding Guild Willing to Xfer or Faction Change!
220 MM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
10/10 heroic 2/10 m 215 mm hunter LF Guild
217 2/10m Resto Shaman LF Mythic Prog guild
Warlock LF CE home for shadowlands
Monk looking for raiding guild
Delete this post plz
Ex CE LF Heroic/Early Mythic, Warrior
12/12H LF Guild
Looking for a home
473 Spriest LF Guild
Returning Mythic Raider LFG
Long break
464 BM Hunter - Darkspear
Looking for a home
5/12MW (A) looking for raiding guild for BFA>SL
462 Hpal lookin for Raiding guild and new home for Shadowlands
469 WW Monk and 474 Spriest LF Guild
New player looking for guild (NA) (A)
457 Boomy LF raiding guild
LF a Home for Shadowland
LF Guild doesnt matter the prog 9/12 mythic 3.8k io havoc DH
471 R shaman
470 warrior former CE raider LF aotc or mythic raiding guild and home for SL
120 warrior Looking for Guild, willing to xfer servers
[H] Ilv467 Hunter LF Guild
Spriest/Prot Pally LF Guild
Returning player LF weekend raid spot
Group of raiders looking for new raid team
Family looking for a guild
Found guild
LF Horde or Alliance guild
[H-Arthas] 470 BM Hunter LF Guild
CE Boomy/WW Monk LFG
LFG Spriest
Mother and daughter looking for a social and active late night guild
Warrior looking for guild
LF weekend raid spot
Looking for a home
Holy pally LF M raid guild for SL
The usual lf guild post
Resto Druid LF Raiding Guild in SL
AotC level raider LF Guild
475 Fury warrior Looking for CE guild willing to transfer
[H] Returning raider looking for mythic raid
479 Blood Dk LF Guild/M+ Group CE Exp
Healer LF Mythic Raiding Guild in SL
[H] DK looking for weekend guild
474/479 Havoc DH LF New Home
ELE shaman lf Guild
Disc/Shadow w multiple class xp CE XP
Tank looking for a home
5/12 unholy/blood /balance/disc
Returning player looking for mythic prog raiding guild
[H] Tank looking for SL Mythic guild
[H] 475Hpal lfr
LF Home for Shadowlands
[Hyjal] Warrior LF Guild
[H] 6/12M Warrior TANK/DPS LF raiding guild
Looking for AOTC guild on EST time frame for SL!
Returning Raider, BM Hunter looking for guild
Former CE Resto Druid LF Mythic Weekend Raiding for SL
Returning [H]Warlock in search of raiding guild for SL
Mods please delete
Multi CE, MultiClass Raider looking Late evening weekday CE team
Rogue LFG for Shadowlands Raiding/M+
Looking for raiding guild for Shadowlands
I always attract these types
Returning player LF late night raiding guild
Paladin LF new home for ShadowLands
[H]465 Resto Druid 4/12M LF Late Night Raid Guild
Looking for home!
Warlock LF Mythic Raiding Guild in SL
LF a stable guild that atleast does AOTC
Priest LF Mythic Guild for Shadowlands
Level 120 Fury War LF GUILD
[H] Lock + Mage/RSham M exp LF Weekday after 6 PST Mythic Guild
Returning player looking for new home in Shadowlands, any server or faction but raids must be late night (2300 GMT-0500, 0400 GMT +0 earliest)
[H] 473-475 DH Serious Guild
LF new H guild for shadowlands. have 5 players
Returning mythic raider
Mythic Healer Looking for Guild for Raiding/M+ in SL
[H] Warlock/Rogue LF mythic prog
465 holy priest LFG
[A] Boomkin looking for Heroic/Mythic Raiding Guild
477 Disc/HPriest LF Mythic Guild
[H] Lfm hpal
Holy Pally LF late night guild
CE Raider LF Mythic team for Shadowlands
[H] 460ilvl Mage LF late night casual raiding guild
Former CE 477 Priest LF Guild for Shadowlands
[H] Returning player looking for home
Returning Feral Druid
LF Hawai’i Guild
Returning player lf guild
471 destro lock LF H/M guild
New player seeking a guild
3 Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
Healer LF Mythic raiding
Returning player
2Dps 1 heals lfg
4 Man Team Looking for New Home - Dalaran Horde
Ranged player looking for guild in Shadowlands
Ex CE raider Looking for new team for me and friend
Looking for a home
477 monk lf mythic prog/ m-plus/social
2 Returning Players LF Raiding Guild, H or A
Looking for raiding 9pm eastern or later
BM Hunter LF Shadowlands/Raid guild
Returning Mythic MW 6/12M Exp LF Team
Rdruid Lf Heroic guild
470 Havoc DH LF Guild 12/12H
Ex top 50 US Disc LFG
Group of AOTC players looking for guild
Returning playing looking for friendly active guild to join
4 Man Team Looking for New Home - Dalaran Horde
465 DK LF Guild(warlock in shadowlands)
Horde player LF raiding guild
Deleted 10 characters
[H] Returning player looking for Heroic/Mythic Raiding
Returning Top 100 US Tank LF Guild
Experienced Tank Player LF Shadowlands Mythic Prog
{H} 3 CE Players LF Cutting Edge Guild
Looking for guild - Spirestone (H)
7/12M 479 Warlock LF CE guild *N'Zoth Lockout
Returning player
Delete topic
[H] Resto Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild
New player needs friend and guild!
LF Guild to grow with
Holy Priest looking for New Home
Returning US Top 25 Dps
MM Hunter looking for raiding guild
H 474 Arms Warrior LF Guild
Hello, Is it me you're looking for?
Coming back from a long break
Returning CE Mage LF 2 Night Guild for SL
<H> 2 Returning players LF Guild
Druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild (H or A)
480ilvl Mage Is there any Active and social raiding Guilds Out there that actually use discord?
Returning horde player looking for guild
3/12M brew tank LF guild
480 Havoc DH Lf Mythic Raiding Guild
471 Arms Warrior LF Mythic guild
[A or H] 478 Balance Druid Looking For Mythic Progression Guild
Holy Pally LF Raid team for Shadowlands
Looking for a fresh start in SL
Resto Druid LF 2 day Mythic Raid
480 Fury Warrior LFGuild for SL Mythic Raiding
LF Guild [A]- Willing to xfer -Frost DK - Returning player looking to obtain CE for the first time!
Delete this
DK Main LF CE guild for SL
Casual Raiding Trio LF Mature Guild
Warlock Looking to make a shadowlands Return
Elemental shaman LF raiding guild
Fury war LF active guild into SL
DH looking for semi-hardcore guild
Multiclass Player LF SL Guild
Delete char10
LF Guild for SL - Willing to fill spots
Shadow Priest or lock looking for long term home for Shadowlands
Previous Top 100 US Priest Heals LF Guild
Returning Player for SL LF Raiding Guild
Absolute noob looking for a helpful, friendly guild
Remove this post plz
Healer LF raiding guild
Destromath Mistweaver Monk 468 LF Raiding Guild
Holy priest looking for a home
Returning gamer (10 years) warlock lvl113
[H] 455 Druid LF Late Night Guild for SL
Horde Holy Paladin, LF Guild
Versatile experienced player LF CE/M+ Shadowlands Home
Two players seeking a guild together
Holy Priest LF raiding guild in SL
Lf raid guild
[H] 467 Hunter LF Mythic Guild for SL
LF New (M) Fam for Shadowlands!
Looking for mythic guild
466 Priest holy/disc lf mythic raiding guild for SL!
475 bm hunter LFG progression guild
H Priest looking for mythic SL Guild
464 2/12M Blood DK LF mythic Raiding guild
460 Warrior LF Raiding Guild. Looking to Tank
Returning Mythic Raider LFG
Looking for guild
Ranged DPS looking for hardcore guild
Returning Legion Mythic Raider
Closed thread
Arms Warrior Looking for mythic ny'alotha group
3 Friends LF Midcore Raiding Guild
LF Late Night West Coast Shenanigans
RDPS looking for raiding guild 8-11 PM PT
RDPS LF Home for SL
Cutting edge healer LF guild for shadowlands
Please delete this
LF semi casual pve/pvp guild
[H] LF Late Night Semi-Core Guild (PST) Pls read
Experienced group LF guild
473 Resto Druid LFG Raiding and Mythic +
New to raiding LF guild to go hard with
476 UH DK, lf raiding guild for SL
Returning top 10 us hpally lf ce raiding guild
Returning rogue lf ce guild
Returning player looking to get back into mythic raiding
Experienced dk lf raiding guild to go into SL with
Monk Healer LF Late night raid team!
LF Semi Hardcore Guild
Cutting Edge Healer/Tank/DPS LF Guild (West Coast)
LF H Late Night Raid Group for SL
Returning Raider looking for CE / Mythic Guild for SL
Returning Mythic Raider LF 2-3 Night CE Guild
LFGuild for Shadowlands
LF raiding guild
[H] [Resto Druid] Former CE and high rank m+ healer LF SL guild
Rogue CE Player LF CE Guild for SL
Six returning players LF like-minded folks for SL
Demon Hunter LF Guild for SL
CE Argus Shadow Priest LF SL Guild
Prot Warrior LF Raiding guild For SL
Resto druid LF mythic raiding guild
Experienced player LF A/H Guild for SL
Warlock LF midcore guild
Looking for Group
Default Druid LF Home
Returning Players (2) - LF Home for SL
Returner LF home for Shadowlands
LF Late Night PST AOTC Guild
Returning US Top 25 Dps
Mythic Legion raider LF guild for SL
DPS reroll for Shadowlands, LF Progression Guild
DH looking for semi-hardcore guild
Found Guild Thanks!
LF semi hardcore raiding guild
Healer LF raiding guild
475 Druid LF guild for shadowlands
Healer looking for Mythic Raiding in SL
Experienced Warlock LF Guild SL (Horde)
Returning Player LF Guild for Shadowlands
LF Guild for SL - Willing to fill spots
Shadow Priest or lock looking for long term home for Shadowlands
LF New Friends!
476 6/12m mage LF Mythic guild
Mythic Healer Looking for Guild for Raiding/M+ in SL
Returning after BFA looking for Raids
3/12Mxp Mw/hpal
Returning Mythic Raider LF 2-3 Night CE Guild
LF Late Night Guild come Shadowlands
LF shadowlands raiding guild 9pm-12am PST
Vet player / 478 Rogue LFG
Returning player LF mythic progression
Delete Please!
Looking for a Late Night Mature Raiding Guild
Pally LF Raiding Guild - Shadowlands
Looking for Raiding guild
472 Hunter looking for Heroic/Mythic raiding guild
Returning Player Looking for Mythic Raid Team for SL
Returning mythic raider LFG Pumper Frost/ Blood DK
456 Paladin Looking for guild [H]
Healer Main LF raiding guild
Warlock/Spriest LF guild on Zul'jin[H]
AOTC Holy Paladin (470) LF mythic raiding guild
CE player looking for shadowlands guild
AOTC healer LF raiding guild in SL
CE MM Hunter LF forever Home
CE havoc DH LF Guild for shadowlands will server Xfer
DPS (Rogue) LF SL raiding guild!
CE Hpriest (h) looking for new home SL
Returning Player, looking for late night adult raiding Guild
Healer LF Home for Shadowlands
[H] 471 Hpally LF Mythic raiding guild
Ret paladin
Mythic XP Spriest LF semi hardcore raiding guild
CE havoc DH LF guild for now and shadowlands
12/12 M Ele Shaman LF Shadowlands Raiding
12/12M Restoration Shaman LF CE Guild
[H] LF mythic raiding guild [477 Rdruid]
5/12m Multi Class Player LF HORDE guild for Shadowlands!
4 Raiders looking to raid
CE XP Raider LF Raid Team in SL
Mythic exp player returning for sl
Former Mythic Disc Priest Returning LF Two-Night Guild
Experienced mythic raider looking for 2 weeknight (Su-Th) Raid in Shadow Lands (multiple class options)
CE minded player looking to push hardcore in SL
Healer looking for guild for shadowlands
3/12M HPal 5/12M Mage LF SL Raid Guild [H]
Spriest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
15 years- Healer- LF Mythic Raid Guild-Shadowlands
Returning Horde Raider looking for guild, multiclass, will fit as needed
Returning spriest/rogue LF CE guild
Horde or Alliance, Resto Druid. Looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
[A] Returning Mythic raider LFG. 14 year multiclass
CE player looking to push hard in SL
Warlock/Mage Player LF Home for SL
Disc Priest/Mage LF New Home for SL
Delete please
Enhance Shaman LF SL Mythic Raiding
Delete please
LF SL Raiding Guild
Any Class LF Guild for Shadowlands
476 Resto Druid Looking For Mythic Guild
LF 12am start time Raiding guild for SLANDS
Enh Shaman Returning for SL LFG
Looking for active late-night guild
Returnig player LF Raiding Guild
Disc/Shadow Priest LF Raiding Guild SL
Multi class/multi tier CE player LFG
476 12/12H 2/12M exp Hunter LF Raiding Guild
Looking for raiding guild
Looking for guild for shadowlands
LF Mature Raiding guild for Shadowlands
LF guild in Shadowlands
[h] returning CE player rdruid/priest/warlock lf ce guild for sl!
479 DK 10/12M and warlock alt LF guild to complete M NYA and go into SL
Returning & lf casual fun guild
[H] Previous CE raider looking for Guild
New player looking for friendly casual guild
CE Experienced Tank LF Raid Team for SL
Former experienced raider looking to raid again in SL
Sin Rogue LF SL Home
Returning player LF friendly raiding guild
LF a Guild
CE exp Resto Shaman Main LF Late Night guild
Returning player look for late night guild
Looking to push the raid, actually
Looking for friends
3/12M 2560io (Rdruid/feral/preist)
CE Experienced Hunter LF CE Guild for SL
(H) LF Shadowlands CE M-W Guild
Disc priest looking for mythic raiding
Resto Druid looking for shadowlands guild
127 warrior LF active guild
Returning M raider ranged LFG for SL
466 Holy Priest LF Mythic Raid Team
[H] Experienced Player LF M Guild
LF Late night M+ / pvp guild
Mistweaver main [H] LF SL guild
Healer looking for raiding spot
[H] LF active guild
3/12M LF Mythic Prog/CE in SL
3.1k IO 7/12M Hpal LF raiding/m+ guild
Seeing whats out there
2 experienced mythic raiders
MM hunter looking for mythic raiding guild for SL
[A] DPS/tank warrior LF LateNight raid/M+
CE Havoc DH LF Guild for SL any prog anyday will server transfer
[H]Boomkin LF raiding guild for Shadowlands
Returning Player LF Late night guild <H>
Returning Player LF Late Night Guild
Returning/Rerolling Warlock LF Guild
[h] h paladin (healer) looking for core mythic progression raiding
484 ilvl Havoc DH (4517 io) LF guild
Returning players lf guild
LF raid group Holy Paladin, but flexible
Returning to wow looking for raiding guild
Hunter Looking for AM Shadowlands Raiding
Ret Paladin Looking for Late Night Raiding Guild
Friend and I looking for an AOTC guild for SL [Burning Legion] (Horde)
Veteran Elemental Sham LF Nightime Mythic Guild
Mage LF Guild for SL
Closed thread
Resto Druid LF home
Multi tier CE raider LF guild
Ex hardcore raider LF a squad - mDPS
Looking for a new guild home
Former Ce rogue lf guild
Returning player looking to raid/mythic+
Returning player looking for a new home
[H] Rogue looking for guild
Looking for a fresh start - Casuals
LF Raiding Guild for SL
US Top 300 Main Healer LF Mythic
LF Weeknight Heroic Raiding Guild
LF US Late night
Returning after long Hiatus
Adult Returning to the game, LFG
Starting anew, anyone looking to add the hypest lev 1 toon you've ever done met?
(H) warlock looking for CE guild
12/12m Resto shaman LFG
Baller Monk Healer LF raid team for Shadowlands!
LF Casual, PST home
LF Late Raiding guild for SL (Mythic progression)
Returning player (Hakkar) LF Guild
Looking for a guild/home
Long Time Player LF AOTC guild
Returning casual player looking for people to play with!
Returning player looking for new server and guild to call home
Former us top 200 mythic raider looking for guild after taking a break (undergeared character)
445 Rogue w 425 Mage alt lfg
439 Mage or 429 Shadow Priest plus 1-2 healers LFG
Returning Mage LFG
Elemental shaman LF raiding guild
Returning player
[H-Thrall] Resto Shaman LF CE Guild
Veteran player looking for a raiding comeback
Returning hardcore player - LF Home for SL
Experienced dk lf raiding guild to go into SL with
LF raiding guild for Shadowlands
Looking for NA Late Night guild (9PM PDT) for SL
[H-A] Returning Player LF Casual-Semi HC'ish Raid Guild
Balance Druid, Fire Mage, Enhance Shaman looking for active guild
Multiclass LF Shadowlands Home
New Player Looking For Guild
[A] US-Stormage, Mage LF Casual Heroic guild
4/12M Resto Shaman looking for CE guild
[H][Illidan] Mage looking for CE Guild
H/A - DPS LF 1-2 Day Raiding Guild
Holy Paladin LF Raiding Guild
Mage LFG 8pm PST raid start
LF raiding guild for SL
Ele Shaman LF Raiding guild
Multi-Class Healer LF Shadowlands Mythic Guild!
[H] Priest LF Mythic Guild for SL!
Blood DK or Resto Sham LF H/M Raid for Shadowlands
Returning rogue lf ce guild
Returning player LFG late night
[H]FERAL DRUID looking for a Cutting Edge Guild
Tank/DPS DH LF Late Night Raiding Guild
Back for SL, looking for guild
Resto Shaman LF home for SL
Warlock/Druid LF Home for SL
Newish Player LF Guild To Call Home
2 dps (spriest/aff lock + dk) lf 11-2 am est raiding guild
Shadow Priest [A] LF mythic guild on Zul'jin for Shadowlands
Arms Warrior LF RAiding Guild for SL. (A)
Former Hardcore Raider Lf Guild
Found a guild - thanks
Want to find guild to heal for
3/12M NYA LF Home for SL
Tank LF Raiding Guild for Shadowlands
2 good friend LF Guild (Lock and DK)
One last try
(h) disc priest/rdruid lf mythic guild
Returning Mage w/ CE exp(Legion/Bfa) LF New Home
Spriest/mage/warrior LF guild
Returning raider looking for late night mythic guild for sl
LF Guild to join
Multiple Chars Looking for Serious raiding guild for SL
Returning raider looking for guild for SL
Looking for Guild
New Player Looking for Guild
(h) disc priest/rdruid lf mythic guild
[H] 220 Resto Shaman LF Mythic guild
Returning resto shaman LF raiding guild
CE Progression Raid couple looking for 2-night guild for SL
Returning Player (mage) LF 8pm PST start time
Returning player LF Guild
Returning Player Looking for Guild
Resto Druid are trying to find guild for Shadowlands
Resto druid looking for shadowlands guild
LF Top End Raiding/PvP Guild - willing to transfer/faction change
[H] DPS Shaman - Years of CE Experience
LF raiding guild for shadowlands
Hpal LF Raiding guild for SL
Healer main LF Mythic Prog guild, Alliance preferred
131Mistweaver LF CE raid/M+ SL
210 Shadow Priest LF Mythic Raiding Guild A/H
210 Holy Paladin 2/10M LF Mythic Prog Guild
213ilv 2/10M Hpal LF mythic guild
3/10m - 95+ 218 hunter LF 8 or 9 PM start mythic guild
[H] 223 Mage LF CE Guild
9/10H CN - 3 players LF Mythic pushing guild
212 Warlock 9/10H 1k io LF CE guild
[H] 210 Ele Sham LF RBG Guild
Boomy looking for CE Guild 10/10H 2/10M
[H] 212 Druid LF Mythic Raiding guild
922 io/ 212 ilvl unholy DK for M+ guild
[H] 223 Mage LF CE Guild
217 Disc Priest LF Guild
10/10H 217 Hunter Lf Mythic Raid Guild
9/10 H 217 H Pal Looking for Guild
9/10 H 217 H Pal Looking for Guild
[H] 216 Feral Druid LF Guild 2/10M exp
208 Resto / Boomy LF guild that wants to push CE every tier
199 Mage LF Mythic Raiding Guild
209 unholy DK LF raiding guild
205 Mage LF AOTC/CE Guild
198 Fire mage looking for mythic raiding
[H] 186IL Arcane Mage Illidan
196 ILVL mage looking for Semi hardcore raiding and mythic plus
187 frost mage lf mythic raiding guild
[H] 184 Mage lf raiding guild
179 Mage LF CE Mythic Raid Team
193 ilvl frost mage LF Guild any server any day and any time
{10/10 N} mage LF guild
196 Fire mage LF Guild
210 9/10H Fire Mage LF EST or CST Mythic Raiding Guild
Mage LF guild
Mage LF M Prog Guild
C/e Fire mage Returning for SL ( last ce was mythic Nzoth)
212 Fire Mage LF raiding guild
203 Fire Mage 5/10H LF M Guild
[H] 197 Frost Mage / Affli Lock (leveling) LF Guild
[h] 212 hunter lf 2-3+ night/week ce raiding
No longer looking
205 MM hunter LF late night CE guild
[H] Ilvl 196 illidan mage LF Heroic/Mythic Raiding team
Healer seeking two week night 9 PM PST AOTC focused team
200 ilvl Resto Shaman LF CE guild
203 Resto Shaman (3 alts at 180 +) LF Raiding Guild or reliable M+ squad
200 Ilvl Resto Shaman LF mythic guild
205 hpally LF guild
[H] [Tichondrius] Fire Mage 10/10 N looking for Hardcore Mythic+ / Raiding guild
(A) Resto Shaman LF Raid 2/10H
210 ilvl Resto shaman 7/10H EXP LF GUILD
Resto Shaman LF CE Focused Raiding Guild
200 R shaman lf raid team
Shaman LF New Home
195 Mage 202 Rogue LF Raiding Guild 10/10 N
198 Resto Shaman 5/10H LF Raiding Guild
203 Resto shaman 10/10N 5/10H LF guild
185 HPALLY LF Heroic Guild
197 Resto Shaman lf guild
[H] 205 7/10H R Sham LF Guild
198 Rsham LF H/M Guild
197 RSham 8/10H LF Guild to get CE
[H] 197 Rsham & 185 Fire Mage LF guild
Resto shammie LF progression weekday guild
[H] 211 Guardian Druid LF Heroic Prog Guild
203 Fire Mage 5/10H LF M Guild
C/E Fire Mage LF guild =)
Mage looking for Late Night PST Raiding guild
197 Resto Sham LF chill raid group
205 Resto LF Mythic guild
[A] 202 Fire Mage LF H/M Raiding guild
No longer looking, thank you
208 Resto Shaman 8/10H LF Raiding guild
199 Holy Priest LF Late Night raid guild (11pm ST+)
[H] 207 ilvl Holy Paladin (1/10M, 10/10H CN)
206 Hpal LFG 5/10h CN
Rsham LF guild that raids 11Est or later
206 mm hunter lf late night pst guild
206 Marksman Hunter LF raid group
212 ilvl Holy Paladin (10/10H) LF Mythic Raid Team (Cata/Legion Mythic Raider)
Warlock looking for new guild (ilevel201, 4/10H experience)
218 DH - 215 Sub rogue
[H] 213 Rogue + 210 Windwalker/Boomkin friend LF Late night Raiding guild
214 Boomkin AotC LF raiding guild
210 CE WW Monk LF CE Guild
210 Shadow Priest LF Mythic Raiding Guild A/H
2 DPS LF Late Night Raiding Guild
[A/H] 212 Fire Mage 10/10H
215 AOTC 3/10M AFF Lock
LF a Mythic Raiding Guild - Diamond in the Rough
[h] 211 mm hunter 1/10 m aotc, lf ce guild
210 BM Hunter LF Raiding/M+ Guild
212 Multi-heal LF Mythic Raiding A/H
212 ilvl 2/10m Ele Shaman LF mythic guild
210 Fire Mage Looking for Mythic Raiding!
(H) 216 MM Hunter 7/10 H LF Mythic Raiding
212 Fire mage looking for Mythic Guild
(H) WW Monk LF Mythic / Mythic+ Guild
210 Windwalker LF 2 day Mythic guild (Horde/Any server)
214 hunter 2/10M LF guild
Balance/Resto Druid LF raiding guild
217 Mage Looking for guild
215 UHDK LF Mythic Progression Guld
LF Guild. WW monk and AF lock
217 Disc Priest LF Guild
Returning 214 SPriest 9/10 H LF Semi HC Mythic Guild
210 Warlock LF Mythic Guild
[H] 212 Disc Priest 10/10H LF Mythic Prog
217 Unholy DK LF Guild
216 AOTC ELE LFG for PvP and Raiding
[H]210 Holy priest
Spriest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
210 10/10h hpriest lf guild
218 resto sham 10/10H 1/10M
9/10H Shadow priest LF mythic Raiding guild and M+ 1200 IO
[H] 210 Resto or Ele Shaman LF Heroic/Mythic guild
[H] 210 Hpally (9/10H) LF Semi-Hardcore Guild
212 Fire mage looking for Mythic Guild
224 rank1 pvper hpal 8/10H formerly 10/12M lf guild
Postponed because of IRL
2/10M Lock LF Guild
No longer looking
210 Warlock LF Mythic Guild
[H][Area 52] 210 Mage LF PVP/Raiding Guild
216 10/10h Dps DK
[A] 220 iLvl Holy Priest LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Returning Ele/Resto shammy LF Late raid guild
216 Fury Warrior / 213 Resto Shaman 3/10M
216 2/10M MM Hunter LF guild
Will repost if still considering this evening
218 KSM Resto Sham 10/10H 1/10 M LF CE progression daytime or late night guild PST
Guild Found
214 SPriest Looking for CE Guild
213 mm hunter LF guild that raids late or early morning
Group of 3 seeking Mythic Progression - RSham, HPal, Mage
211 Frost Mage 9/10 H LF Mythic Guild
214 ELE Shaman LF Mythic Guild
217 UhDk lk mythic progression guild
211 Fire Mage LF Late Night Raid Guild
(Deleted Post)
214 Disc Priest LF mythic Guild
214 Disc Priest LF mythic Guild
218 Sp lf guild, want CE focused guild
Resto Shaman LF raiding guild
10/10 H 1k io Disc Priest and Resto/Ele Shaman Looking For Mythic Raiding Guild
213 Fire Mage LF Mythic Raiding Guild
2/10 M Resto LF CE Guild
210 WW Monk 9/10H 10/10N LFG
214 10/10h 1/10m MM hunter LF mythic late night guild
I'm Looking for late night raiding
[A] 3 Friends LF Raid Guild c:
[H] 218 WW Monk, 213 Boomy LF CE guild
Too many guilds not enough active players
210 9/10 H Lock LF H/M raiding guild
214 MM hunter LF mythic
Affliction Warlock LF guild
9/10H 216 ilvl aff lock LF guild
219 R sham & 220 Mage (3/10M) LF CE oriented guild
2/10M ''MM hunter'' LF mythic raiding guild
Multiclasser LF AOTC Guild
216 Fury Warrior / 213 Resto Shaman 3/10M
Group looking for a raid team. AOTC preferred
2/10M MM Hunter / MAGE LF CE GUILD
223 3/10m Fire mage LFG
211 aff lock lf mythic progression
216 Fire Mage, 1150io, 9/10H, LF Horde Guild
212 AFF lock LF mythic guild
3/10M 219 ilvl Hpal LFG
(H) 217 Boomkin LF Raid 2/10 M
Ilvl 217 RShammy LF Raid Guild
Ilvl 217 RShammy LF Raid Guild
222 DPS Warrior looking for new home. 3/10M, CE in Nyalotha. Ally or Horde
Guild found!
214 AOTC fire mage LF Heroic or better guild
3/10M 214 Boomkin/Resto Druid LF CE guild
[H]221 4/10 Aff Lock LF Late Night Raiding Guild
218 resto druid LF Mythic guild 2/10M
(A) Priest healer,220ilvl 3/10M looking for a new raiding guild
Previous CE 218 4/10 Mythic Rogue LF Raid Team
Resto Shaman/MW LF PVP Guild
217WW/213MW monk LF guild
Fire / Frost Mage
Resto druid LF Guild
216 2/10M Balance Druid LF late night mythic guild
215 4/10 M 1200io Frost Mage LF Horde Mythic Guild
213 dps warrior lf new guild to raid in
212 AFF lock LF mythic guild
[H] 2/10M Multi-class/role Player LF Mythic Guild (CE Pref)
219 Aff Lock 2/10 M - Looking for Guild
216 mm/bm hunter looking for mythic guild
[A] 215 MM Hunter LF Friendly & Inclusive CE Progression Guild
218 ilvl 3/10M Fire Mage looking for CE-minded guild
1/10M 10/10H 219 MM hunter/218Rsham w/ previous high end mythic raiding xp
219 Aff Lock 2/10 M - Looking for Guild
2/10M ''MM hunter'' LF mythic raiding guild
219 10/10H Ele shaman looking for guild
221 mistweaver lf guild
[H] 220 Guardian/Boomy LF Mythic Guild
218 H Rogue LF Mythic and M+ (ex-cutting edge player)
224 MM hunter LF CE GUILD!
220 Spriest LF Late night Mythic Guild
1/10 M 218 Aff Lock looking for raid team
[H] 10/10 H 2/10 M Resto/Boomy Druid ilvl 218
[H] 10/10 H 2/10 M Resto/Boomy Druid ilvl 218
224 WW Monk LF Raiding Guild
216 Enh shaman looking for Mythic raid
223 3/10m Fire mage LFG
221 Hunter LF late night raiding guild
(H) 10/10 h 2/10m 220 UH DK
10/10 h 3/10 m 224 rshammy
3/10M MM Hunter / 5/10M experience LF CE previous raid leader
213 Resto/Boomy LF late (8pm pst) CE minded guild
3/10m 216 multiclass tank 1400io
217 Death Knight LF Semi-Hardcore Mythic Guild
(H) 227 Disc/Shadow / 223 Pally LF Mythic Plus Guild
NF Boomy LF ACTIVE progression/M+
218 aotc spriest lf late night guild
226 Ele Lf CE Guild 7-9PST START TIME
221 Holy/Disc LFG
Disc Priest - Former Mythic Raider LF Solid Raiding Guild
4/10m 220 Boomkin LF Mythic guild
221 hunter lf raiding / m+ guild
2/10 M Afflic Warlock looking for new home
224 4/10m Fire Mage LFG
222 Fire Mage LF Mythic Raiding Team
224 KSM 5/10M Resto shaman Looking for guild
Disc priest LF mythic prog raid guild 3/10 M
4/10M 222 WW Monk Main LF Mythic Guild
[H] 216. 2/10 m resto shaman Looking to raid
220 RSham w/ 216 Disc Priest alt LF CE guild
221 MM Hunter and 221 Resto/Ele Shaman LF Late Night 2-day
218 3/10M 1431io Hpal lf CE guild A or H
[H] Rogue and Hunter LF CE Prog Guild
218 Holy Pally 2/10M LF Late Night Prog Guild
219 Ele/Resto Shaman lf mythic raiding / m+ guild
Delete pls
4/10M 222 UH DK LF CE Focused Guild
[Horde] 221 unholy DK former CE raider LF guild
221 MM Hunter LF Horde Guild - W
**please delete**
Discipline LF Guild - 1750 IO and 2/10M
3/10M disc priest lf raiding guild. past top 30 us raiding exp
[A] 222 Ele Sham LFG Mythic, Late Night 2/10M
Aff Lock 6/10M
2 Multi-class CE players LFG
221 2/10M Warlock LF Mythic Guild
215 Ele Shaman, and 215 Fire\Frost Mage LF Horde Raiding
Delete Please!
Exp raider LF new home
9/12 [M] Hpal LF SL Raiding Guild

The Roof … The Roof… The Roof is on Fire!

We don’t need no water!!!

Let the MF Burn!

Burn MF’er Burn!!!

But what about the resto shammies?

We talk all kinds even the resto shamans.

im helping

Thank you for the help.

my 2 cents

All the cents are important.

Join us, we have cookies.

and pie - which is better than cake.

Cookies and Pie and don’t forget the punch. Can’t have pie without punch.

Here for the sweet sweet post bump

now what makes ur bump so sweet?

We have chefs

The best chefs

And a Resident Doctor!

The worst doctor though.