[H] 2/10M Multi-class/role Player LF Mythic Guild (CE Pref)

Hi, as the title says, I am a very flexible player looking for a new home after my current guild has fallen apart. While ideally im looking for a CE focused guild, the main reason i had been sticking with my current guild was the friendly atmosphere, and at this point, i care more about enjoying the time i spend raiding than i do progression. That said, i still want to kill most, if not all of the bosses in CN.

Currently my main is a 216 MM hunter however, i have a 207 fire mage, and several other alts, that given a few weeks could be raid ready. As it stands right now the specs i would be willing to play are MM/BM hunter, Fire/Frost Mage, Holy Paladin, or Resto Shaman.

My availability is currently Tues-Sat from 6pm-11pm CST.

Links to Logs/Raider.io available upon request

BNet: NWolfepack#1633
Discord: NWolfepack#2286

Please try to contact me through discord if possible, its the best way to get ahold of me

…Hello, I have two questions for you. First, are you looking for guild still? Second, if you are or not interested in this guild would you like to join a M+/PvP discord community that pushes high keys and rating in PVP?
Since M+/PvP is one of the best gearing systems right now organized M+/pvp is a must.
ill give two post one for guild with a video the other for the community
Go to this forum post take the spaces out of discord link given in post then join server go to lfg roles and follow the simple instructions. https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/dojo-mythic-plus-and-pvp-community/852587

SINFEST - Illidan (Horde)

Current Progression:
1/10 M
9/10 H

Guild Info:

We are a semi-hardcore guild with the goal of clearing all end-game content.
We started raiding 3 months after Ny’Alotha was released and we are currently 9/10 H progression .Looking to solidify our roster heading into mythic content.

We are looking for players that are dedicated to always improving their class/role for future raid tiers. We are currently looking for all roles and specs.

Please Note: All Raiders are expected to come prepared to Raid!! This means you need to have potions, food, & flasks.

Raid Times:

Saturday 7:00 - 10:00 Server (Central)
Sunday 7:00 - 10:00 Server (Central)

Raid Philosophy:

We plan to bring our best raiders for progression bosses since that is the main focus of the guild, but we will do our best to bring all guild members for farm content as long as your damage/healing is up to par in terms of Mythic difficulty. I have been trying to reach out and work with individuals on how to improve dps since that’s kind of my specialty. We plan to get the kills in Mythic to everyone in the guild that has an interest in raiding but you have to be patient. Our goal is to get ‘Cutting Edge’ for all our raid members.

Please reach out if you have additional questions or concerns. I do want to remind everyone if we ask you to sit for a boss please don’t take it personally.

Let’s have fun and kill some bosses!

Bnet: Dragonslayer#1768, Galso#11753
Discord: Dragoon#6738 Galso#5921