(H) LF Shadowlands CE M-W Guild

Hello, I am in search of a 2 night CE guild that plays mon-wed. I am looking to play DK>WW>Enh>Hunter.

I have been playing since beta of vanilla on and off of course with each expansion. My glory days were in WOTLK where I got server first in almost every uldir hardmode achievement. I have raided CE in legion and BFA and am looking for a guild to continue that style of progression.

I am a mature player 30+ looking for a mature guild.

Any other questions feel free to ask below.

Current Recruitment Needs
-Minimal melee positions opened
-Minimal ranged positions opened
-1 healer position opened

Raid Days/Times
We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 7pm-10pm PST(10pm-1am EST)
Optional raid night for heroic mode Fridays 7pm-10pm PST

**If you don’t see your class/spec listed here, do not let that discourage you from applying. We are always looking for great players of any class.

Guild Information
Current progression is 10/12M

Sublime is a well established end game raiding guild with a long history of Horde first accomplishments on Lightninghoof since 2006. We are a group of people that have been raiding together since vanilla performing at top raid progression on the server. Our raid sizes have varied over the history of the game, but we have always continued to raid. We have gained new long term guild members, see other members move on, and see old faces return. In all that time our guild has continued on. Our guild has now moved to the server Hyjal in order to be part of a larger and more active community. With new energy we look forward to where the end of BFA is going to take us and moving forward into Shadowlands.

Raiding Expectations

Players are expected to attend all raids per week and message an officer or post in discord if they will miss a raid. We understand that real life issues happen and we are happy to accommodate you, as long as notice is given.

All applicants should be near or at their ideal setup to directly contribute to our current content.

Raiders should always live up to their mistakes and learn from them.

We provide funds for repairs as well as flasks and consumables for progression content. Along with free enchants/gems for main spec gear.

We do not recruit for the bench, however we will make the most optimal group based on who is online for the raid.

Contacts for more info or to inquire on trialing

Hi Peototype! We are looking to round off our roster with CE focused raiders for SL. I have linked the recruitment page below, let me know if you have any questions.

We may be good times the days fit at least.