477 Disc/HPriest LF Mythic Guild

Howdy, ive recently returned to retail after swapping to classic at the start of BoD. Im looking to hopefully join a guild to complete mythic content with and move into SL with. Ive played at a top 100 us level for the past 3 xpacs between 3 different healers. (MW/Rsham/Priest) Im currently 6/12M xp and willing to faction swap for the right guild.

Available: Mon-Sat 6pm-1am PST
Logs: (Current) /character/us/dethecus/edgymeme
Before Quiting: /character/us/zuljin/xiaoedgexing#zone=19&partition=2

Btag: PureEvil#1263
Discord: SomethingSomething#0095

Posted on the wrong character

ALL ABOARD!!! “ Choo Choo Train Brigade ” is a Semi-Hardcore weekend raid team on Thrall that is looking to expand.

We are made up of dedicated, hard working, consistent players that have played together for a few years and like to have a good time. 18+ is preferred due to adult language and humor. We are looking for players that are very aware of their surroundings, have a good knowledge of their class and role to round out our team, and move towards a greater goal. We are 10/12M. We are looking for team players with a positive attitude that are able to take criticism and improve off of it. We also take friends and family of raiders and casuals.
We Want to get CE this tier and hit the ground running in shadowlands.

Fri: 12AM - 3AM EST
Sat: 12AM - 3AM EST


If availability has 1hr wiggle room, potential heal spot open on weekends

Formerly [A] on Lightbringer, we are now on [H] on the Illidan Server. TC 11/12M was founded on May 2005 and have been a top guild from inception, obtaining most cutting edges. We are getting most of the core guild members back so you can expect a guild with seasoned leadership, a relaxed and fun raid environment full of skillful individuals.

We are currently raiding Tues & Weds 9:30-12:30am EST. We have an optional run on Sundays at the same time . This is usually reserved for Sales, Achievements, or Norm/Heroic Clears during Mythic Prog.

Currently Recruiting:
Demon Hunter
Healing priest

Even if we are not looking for your class we always accept any exceptional applicants. Feel free to review our logs and see if you can compete or do better as well as being a great culture fit.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to anyone in leadership

Officer Ghostyy BTag Ghosty#1481 Discord Ghosty#0330
Officer Llunai Btag Lunana#1345 Discord Luna#8650
GM Xellos BTag Xellos#1969 Discord Xellos#3150

Go to our WowProgress or forms.gle/o5QPELxet1d1GQWR6

A][US][Sargeras] < Abstract >

About Us

We’ve been raiding for years, but really started being serious when we founded Abstract in November of 2019. Since then, we’ve welcomed an impressive group of talented and dedicated raiders and are focusing on becoming a Cutting Edge guild. We’re mainly a raiding guild, with a passion for pushing keys.

Raid Times

Mythic Raid; Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm to 9:30pm CST(server time)


10/12 Mythic Ny’alotha

12/12 Heroic Ny’alotha

Tanks - 1 any class
Ranged dps - shadow priest, ele shaman, warlocks.
Healers - Disc priest / Resto shaman

Voice: Discord


Discord: Hobbsey#1034

Battle.net: Hobbsey#1249

Hello Edgytide, if you are looking for a new home for Shadowlands and want to push for CE we may be the guild for you! -Eternal Rise- is a new guild on Area 52 lead by multiple CE experienced players and we are looking to fill our roster
for Shadowlands, our raid times will be Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm Est, in the mean time we are clearing Heroic Nyalotha weekly and Mythic+ while we build our community. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me,
thank you! :slight_smile:

Contact Info: Bnet Grace#1550

We will be getting CE in Shadowlands.