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Thanks for clicking. I am an older retired military gamer who has been playing since launch off and on. I have many toons spread accross about 6 servers. I have dabbled in RP, and about half are on MG and ED. I play usually between 5-11pm est, so usually pick est/cst servers. Most experience is in Spriest, DH, Mage, And DK. I have tried joinimg a couple guilds recently on different servers, but when I get there, I find them very dead. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a server or guild that a dedicated guild member might look at?

Hey Prittania!

Guild hunting right now is so darn rough because of the Shadowlands delay, so I can’t imagine how frustrating this is. If you’re interested, we’ve got several folks who dabble on and off throughout the day and evenings and we talk most of the day in Discord about…well, pretty much everything! I’ll drop our blurb below, but feel free to reach out if you like and we can connect.

Hoping if even if we aren’t the right fit, that someone out there can give you the environment you are looking for!!! :slight_smile:

[A][US][Duskwood] [Shadow Company] Social, Fun Loving Guild running Raids/Mythics/Everything Else, 21+ Preferred.

Looking for a new home that encourages social activity, delving into new and older content, AND progressing? Want a place you can thrive and get help during Shadowlands?

Well look no further than Shadow Company! We’re located on Duskwood (EST server) and are a group of folks who have run large scale guilds in the past, and returned to open a space that welcomes new and older players alike! We’re game for pretty much anything, and would love to join you on your journey in Azeroth. No drama or elitism here, just good old fun and gaming with a crew of cool cats.

We share recipes, we tell puns, we have “coffee time” in the mornings on Discord, we drop memes, and we have a seat at the dinner table waiting for YOU!

There’s a short application (so we can all get to know each other better!) and stuff happens most nights, including Mythic Keys, Visions, and other events to get ourselves ready for the jump into the spoooooopy rivers of doom that lurk in Azeroth’s afterlife!

Interested in raiding? Schedule is Thursday/Saturday nights 8 - 11 PM server time. We pride ourselves on a “Fun But Focused” atmosphere that gets things done but takes wipes and learning in stride. No yelling or shaming - just having a good time and killing bosses.

Have questions? Feel free to comment, PM me, or hit me up on Bnet at FatalCake#1544 - I’ll be your GM (and subsequent host of ridiculous nonsense and stupid noises in Discord).


We here in Allumination have a very active current and retired military group of friends among many other friends that have gamed together for the past 15 years between Wow retail , Rift & Wow Classic. Throw an alt in with us if you like and check us out and see what we are all about :star_struck: Allumination ~ Stormrage

If you’re open to joining the Horde, we here at The Dignified on Blade’s Edge/Thunderhorn (and like, 5 other realms that I’m still trying to memorize) would love to have you. Ever since the merger, our realm cluster has been very active and there are rarely times when our guild quiet. Whether you want to prog raid, push M+, or just casually hang out, we likely have a group of players you’ll find common ground with. Our realm cluster is within the US-Central time zone, which should mesh pretty well with your schedule and real-life obligations.

On a more personal note, I thank you for your service to your country. We have several retired military people in our ranks (and within the previous guilds I’ve found myself in), and they’ve all been some of the best people I’ve had the opportunity to play with. As for the RP aspect, we are not an RP realm cluster, however there would likely be people interested if you happened to ask. Personally, while I haven’t dabbled in RP per se, I have been working on a series of short stories to better flush out this character I’m currently replying with.

If you’d like to join, or would like more information, just let me know either in this thread or feel free to reach out to me in discord (dreadcorgi#3409)

Whichever path fate decides to take you, I wish you all the best.

I usually did rp servers because I found them most helpful. I have a couple Horde toons to transfer, 1 DH and 1 Arcane mage. Alliance I have likely 3, spriest, dh, dk. Thanks for replying, I hope to contact you tonight.

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Hey there! I think we might be a good fit for you and if you want to talk you can add my discord : Neil#4199

Understood. Yeah, most servers have populations that are generally toxic to people not in their guild or clique, with some of the highest population realms being the worst offenders (in my experience, it’s been Illidan, Tich, and Zul’jin players who have been incredibly toxic). We pulled a mage pug from Wyrmrest Accord a few weeks back and they were so nice and such a sweetheart that I wished I could send them some hot cocoa and cookies IRL.

Look forward to hearing from you!


I would be interested in speaking with you if you are still looking for a guild!

Quick info

AOTC+ guild: Corrupted Cannoli

Faction: Horde

Server: Area-52

Raid times: Friday/Saturday 8-11 EST

Progression: 6/12 M

Blizz ID
Kenoshis1451 Floor tank
InTheShadows#1278 Raid Leader

Hope to chat soon!

I’d suggest coming to Area 52, it’s a high population horde server and it’s on the est time zone. Plenty of guilds to look at, so if one doesn’t suit you, there’s plenty of others you could try.

There’s also the recruitment discord, where you can browse guilds from all the servers with they raid schedules and progress listed.

Thanks for your service.