LF Guild [A]- Willing to xfer -Frost DK - Returning player looking to obtain CE for the first time!

TLDR: I’am trying to get Cutting Edge in Shadowlands and am willing to work for it

I’am a returning player who is looking to join a guild with the goal of obtaining Cutting Edge. This is a feat that I have personally never achieved, but would very much like to. I acknowledge the time and effort needed for this achievement and am willing to commit to it.

I’am looking to play a dk mainly as Frost and am willing to have an Unholy and Blood set to be utilized on an as need by basis.

Relevant Raiding Experience
The height of my raiding experience has been WOTLK where I went from being a brand new wow player at the beginning of the expansion to being in the servers 3rd best raiding guild (Insurgency On Bladefist) . I was able to clear up to 10 man heroic Sindragosa within the raids release patch (3.3).

My most recent mythic raiding endeavor was mythic Nighthold with a guild formerly known as Pirates on Emerald Dream. The guild’s aim was not CE, but to see how far we could get while maintaining a casual effort. We made it to grand magestrix before calling it. Here are my logs as an Elemental Shaman.
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Philosophy Towards Gear
Obtaining gear and witnessing character progression is one of the hall mark joys of any mmo, and my current personal philosophy towards gear is utilitarian (relevant to the goal of Cutting Edge). Gear should go to whomever it is needed by for the raid team to achieve the goal of Cutting Edge. I also think its important for a guild trying to obtain CE to facilitate non raid activities to gear their members (Mythic + and world bosses for example).

Raid Times
I can do Mon-Thurs any time between 8:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. CST up to 12 hours a week. I strive to achieve a minimum of 90% raid attendance.

I acknowledge my raiding experience isnt the most noteworthy. I’am currently striving towards obtaining 110 gear via the pre patch event and possibly getting some decent mythic+ logs. Feed back on what I can do to make myself a better prospect for guilds is appreciated.

Btag if you would like to get in touch: Sike#1925

Link to characters:
Current main (played casually):


Shadowlands Main (currently gearing):

Classic main (resto shaman logs):
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Hello Salcon,

We are still trying to find a tank and a few dps for our 10m core group in SL. We just recently broke off from a previous guild so we could actually do progression. We are very active in discord and are ET zone based. If you’d like more information, feel free to message me on discord or on battlenet.

Battlenet: Holyhow#1277

Hi! I didn’t see a Btag to add you unfortunately so I’ll just leave mine here for you to add ^.^. Kenfacto#1722. Hope to hear from you soon!

I added you! (: I apologize that the information didn’t pop up. Looking forward to speaking with you.

Updated to include btag.

Not an alliance guild but I know we check all your boxes.