[H] [US] Experienced Warlock looking for AOTC Guild in SL

Hi there!

Who I am:
I am someone who has main a warlock and raided heroic from WotLK-MoP (when that was the highest mode) and from Antorus-BoD, including periods of time as a raid leader. I show up to raids prepared, was responsible for logging and explaining mechanics, and I can provide logs from the last time I raided if necessary. As a person, I am incredibly easy going and
helpful, and I miss getting to play this game with others (more on that below). I transferred to Tichondrius from another realm at the start of BFA, and as such I don’t know many people on the server. At this point I’m not looking to transfer off the server, but I’m hopeful that since I am not interested in CE raiding, that won’t be too much of an issue for folks.

What I am looking for
I moved to Europe during 8.1, putting me 5 hours ahead of EST and 8 hours ahead of PST. As such, I am looking for a guild that raids either during daytime hours (in the US), on weekends, starts fairly early on Eastern time (5pm), or starts late on Pacific time (10pm).

Ideally, I am looking for a guild that gets AOTC each patch, but as bare minimum I just would like a solid group with which to see new raid content. I’d be happier with a 12/12 N group that is chill and can have a laugh while raiding than an AOTC group that is at each other’s throats all the time.

If you feel like I might be a good fit in your guild, please add me over BNet so that we can chat. My battletag is Zuk#1116.

We are close to the times would this work?