Returning player LFG late night

Hi all like a lot of people I am coming back for SL. Looking for a guild that is active 9 pst and later.

About me: Im older with kids and that limits my playtime. WoW is where i spend my free time. Hoping to find a guild that I can play with throughout the entire expansion.

I was a former hardcore raider vanilla through Cata. Just dont have that time anymore, kids and being “a responsible adult” really get in the way of gaming. Ideally a guild would be semi-hardcore and have 2 raid nights that start after 9 pst with members who come ready to raid and push through but on a limited timeframe. Will likely reroll to start things fresh and experience the new leveling out. Still a bit up on the air on class, but probably dps.

I also enjoy pvp, mog runs, events whatever else social you can think of. Will bring a dedicated member who hates drama and wants to have fun and gets things done when on.

Please reach out if you have a fit! Really missing a good home to round out my game time.

Our times fit so lets talk.

Sounds good sent a friend request

We will talk soon then.