Looking for Guild

Hello, I’m new to wow and looking for a guild willing to teach a new player the ropes. While I am new to wow, I am a fast learner and would hope to benefit from some in game guidance.

Just looking to get the most out of the game and find a group of enjoyable folks to game with.

Any suggestions welcome.

Thank you

Hey Davosi,

[Designated Killers]
We are a new guild formed by six in-game friends from Baelgun and Doomhammer, social by nature while focusing on progression. Were always running mythic+/raids and would love to have you.

We are currently forming our core raid group: regardless of your experience come learn with us and get prepared for SL.

What to expect:
-Casual, mature, friendly, respectful environment
-Weekend raids (Saturday/Sunday)
-Daily M+
-Always someone willing to help
-always looking to improve/open to suggestions

Feel free to message me or any of our officers with any and all questions/concerns:

  • Zion#1600 or “Genetic” in-game

Hey, we have a guild on bleeding hollow that you might be interested in.
Add me Jagorman#1954 on Battle.net
Or Neil#4199 on discord and we can chat

Thank you, I will look into this.

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Nagana Happen (H) Illidan Looking for players rolling into shadowlands. High content driven guild!

Raiding = Mythic experienced, PVP = Multi Glad experienced. RBGs = high warlord experienced.

All players and skill levels will be welcome. Friendly and helpful atmosphere…

Check us out on Area 52 if you’d like a high population server! We’re social and like to have fun, but we also have a static raiding team we’re working on as well. Let me know if you have any questions. =]


If you decide to join, make sure you reach out to me in-game and let me know your “Davosl from the forums!”

We would be willing to teach you. Add me on bnet.