475 Fury warrior Looking for CE guild willing to transfer

475 Fury Warrior Looking for guild. IRL has happened and my schedule has changed so i can no longer make the raid times of my current guild Faith of the Fallen. My exp. is 7/8M EP/ 11/12M Nyl.

What im looking for in a guild is more than just a guild it has to have a community feel. I’m searching for the buddies that have fun busting each others ba lls and just out to have a good time but also downing bosses in the mean time. I barely miss raid with that I had some expcetions where my child broke his wrist and I had to go to the hospital so that was an emergency. But, I’m joining a guild to raid not to miss raid.

Date Posted: 08/08/2020

Class/Spec: Fury Warrior

Faction: Alliance / Horde

Cleared: 11/12 M

Link: raider . io /characters / us/stormrage /D%C3%AAmi

Logs: warcraft logs. com/character /us/s tormrage/d%c3%aami

Armory: world o f warcraft .co m /en-us/cha racter/us/ stormrage/d%C3%AAmi

Availability: message me for info!

If interested heres my info:
Discord - bbrown512#7923
Bnet - bbrown512#1371

Hey Demi, while our progression is much lower than what you are used to, our guild is huge on community and therefore I think our guild might fit your needs. Here is our information:

THE DEADMEN [Blackwater Raiders] - 4/12 Mythic, 12/12 Heroic


Progression Mythic Team: Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-11:00pm EST. These nights are mandatory for all our mythic team raiders, unless proper notice is given ahead of time.

Junior/Alt Heroic Team: Sunday 8:00-11:00pm EST. This is for alts and other guild members looking to gear up and learn the heroic fights. Anyone is welcome for a chill and fun evening! Not required but encouraged.


We are currently recruiting all classes and specs for permanent raid spots and backup positions. We require our core raid team to have ilvl 470 gear, rank 15 cloak, rank 3 essences, and a working mic. Raid team members must be able to commit to the Tues/Thurs raid times. If you are interested in raiding with us but your character does not meet our criteria, our guild is committed to helping you gear up and get better so that you can be on the team.


THE DEADMEN is the largest and most active guild on our server. In addition to our three raid nights, we hold Glory Raid Achievement runs every Saturday, and Hide & Seek nights every couple weeks. We run Mythic+ keystones daily and we are also very helpful when it comes to gearing alts and new players, with many members willing to run keys and Normal/Heroic Nyalotha to help gear up new characters.

We have a very social and friendly community. Most evenings have approximately 50 members online playing. Our discord server is very active, with many of our guild members and raid team using it to socialize and hang out. However, all of our social events are optional.

Please message me on discord or battle tag if you are interested in joining our team.

Discord: Avare#2045

Battle Tag: Avare#11639

Dropping our spam below! Please reach out if you have any questions. Hopefully we seem a good fit and make something happen!

Smooth Brain is a new guild on Bleeding Hollow. The guild is compromised of returning top 100 US players who have played together for nearly a decade. We’d love to add some awesome new faces to this roster to progress in Shadowlands with us. Since forming in June we’ve focused on building a roster of experience and energetic people who will mesh well with the roster. With many of us having raided in higher end environments the target will be US 100-200 for our first tier together. As a result we’re taking our time with recruitment to meet these goals.

We’re not just a WoW raiding guild but a gaming community as well. Our members routinely play other games with each other in the discord and are very welcoming to new faces, but if you wish to stick exclusively to WoW that is okay as well!

Recruitment needs:
Melee DPS - Rogue, DH, Warrior
Ranged DPS - Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest
Healers - Priest, Shaman

With the new expansion around the corner we are very flexible to what class you aim to play. We prefer to bring the player and not the class.

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - 8:30-11:30 EST
Currently raiding casually on Tuesdays and Thursdays for heroic and first few mythic while we build out our roster.

Apply at smoothbrain.info

If you have any questions or would like additional info please feel free to reach out to either
James (GM): James#1657 (Btag) ZunnyD#9491 (Discord)
Luke (Raid Lead): BHO#11601 (Btag) Luke#5204 (Discord)

Good luck in your search!

still looking! contacting some of the guilds above :smiley:

You are exactly the kind of person that is Dojo material. Getting CE in SL is our main focus.

Hi Demi,

We’re looking for players with some prior mythic experience who want to step into a well-organized raid environment going into the expansion. Based on your post above, most of our raid are a stage of life similar to yours, and would be more than understanding of circumstances like that for missing raid.

We raid a fairly casual schedule and try to take advantage of our limited hours by coming to raid well prepared and highly organized. As an example, we use PTR testing footage and logs to create strats we’ll use during week 1. There’s an example from Ny’alotha in our recruitment information, and we also already have a guide posted for Hungering Destroyer in Castle Nathria.

Our primary organizational focus is on maintaining a positive and productive raid culture. We’re willing to make short term sacrifices like investing in a player who shows potential and needs some gear and some practice or removing a player who might be highly skilled individually but isn’t on board with playing as a team and keeping the raid culture positive.

If those practices and values speak to you, have a look at our recruitment post and drop us an application if you like what you see, or add me on bnet at Klik#1399 if you’d like to speak further before deciding to apply.