218 Holy Pally 2/10M LF Late Night Prog Guild

Hello i am looking a guild for late night progress from 22pm central time or later

I can OS Ret/Prot , or even have a required alt if e guild needs it. I am an active player who likes to push Mythic + and Raiding .

I am looking for a guild with similar or same progress even an aotc guild who wills to jump to mythic soon.

I am currently 1350 Raider iO and log myself ecerytime to improve .

I speak and undertsand english and spanish so that will not be an issue.

Willing to server transfer and faction swap if it’s needed :slight_smile:

Hello, Vynzahar here. I’m the recruitment officer for Collateral Damage on Proudmoore [A]. We are only 1/10 mythic but I’m putting together quite the team from peoples guilds disbanding. We raid Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 pm to 12 am pst (12am to 3am est). Friday is optional and Saturday and Sunday are our progression day. If its something you would like to know more about let me know. Hope you find a guild! (us)

Discord: Danny#4983

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Hey [I’m squishy and I know it] is 3/10M looking for dps and/or flex dps/healer players, raid 10pm - 1am CST Wednesday and Thursday nights (tonight and tomorrow night) we would love to trial you, if you are interested feel free to add my btag tubesocks#1806

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Hello I’m the gm of phury we raid tues/weds/sun 10pm-1am est and we are 1/10m and 10/10h hit me up if ur interested tang#1917

…ill give two post one for guild with a video the other for the community
Go to this forum post take the spaces out of discord link given in post then join server go to lfg roles and follow the simple instructions.

Realm: Area52

Faction: Horde

Current Progression: 10/10H, 3/10M

Raid days: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Raid times: 12pm - 3am EST (9pm - 12am PST)

Contact: Seal#11917 (Battle Tag), Seal#1286 (Discord)

Recruiting: healers (hpal, priest), ranged dps

Hey there! I think Malignity might be the fit for you.

Guild: Malignity

Faction: Horde

Realm/ Realm Time: Area-52 (US) EST (Eastern)

Guild Type: Semi-Hardcore Raiding/M+

Raid Times: Friday/Saturday/Sunday 11pm-2am EST

Needs: DPS (Warriors, DKs, RDPS) Healers (HPally, Resto Shaman)

Progression: 10/10 H, 3/10 M

About: Malignity is a newly formed guild, previously known as Buhbye, in which formed back in Nyalotha. We have a strong foundation of people of which are all CE players; with an amazing raid leader who is currently 8/10 mythic who also has 10+ years of experience raid leading. We are a CE focused guild looking to build a strong core who have that same mindset. We are building a strong community of people that will last and in which we will consider family. We are also very active in the M+ community and are looking to push keys and IO as the tier goes on. There are also plenty of members who are very active in the RBG community as well; so if raiding isn’t your thing we have more to offer. If you would like to join just shoot me a message on discord! :slight_smile:
Discord: Censor#1359
Btag: Censor#11254

Would love to chat. You could be a difference maker for us! Got an immediate opening for solid dps!

4/10M. 11% Innerva tonight!

Raid Schedule: 2 Days – 6 Hours

Tuesday: 10pm-1am (EST)
Wednesday: 10pm-1am (EST)

Optional Frdaiy: 8ish EST - beer raid.

About Us:

We are a new guild for Shadowlands with a goal of achieving CE and top 500 US for the first tier of Shadowlands.

We are a group of longtime WoW players looking to raid at a high level on a limited (fixed) schedule. Our experience is ranges from Retail to Classic with some top 50 world kills.

We run a lot of keys with most raiders being over 1.6k IO and RBG/PVP as well.

Member Requirements:

• Mythic raiding experience

• Preparation – watch videos, understand fight mechanics, have consumables, be online 15 minutes before raid.

• Deep understanding of your class and spec and ability to review your logs to find opportunities for improvement.

• Willingness to ask for help to improve and/or take input from others to help you improve.

• 90% raid attendance


We do not require an application but would rather get to know you through an interview or spending some time with you in game. A m+, some BGs or even a heroic nathria run are great places for us to get a sense of who you are and vice versa.

If you’re interested in talking to us about how you could fit please reach out to either of our recruitment officers. Having logs available to share won’t hurt your case.

Regardless if we raid with you we wish you luck in your search for a new home!

Tryg Matthew#1470 (btag) TRYG#0854 (discord)
Blitz Blitz#12128 (btag) Blitz#6105 (discord)

Hello Krouh,
After Nightfall is running two Mythic groups and looking for more as we push towards CE.

Our raid times are Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30pm PST - 12:00am PST
(11:30pm CST - 2:00am CST). We also run a Skip raid on Sundays as
an optional day.

If this sounds interesting to you please check out our forum post
[H][US][Tichondrius] LF Adult Casual/Semi-Hardcore Raiders for Mythic - 3/10M or apply at https://guildsofwow.com/after-nightfall

Thanks for your consideration and good luck to you in your adventures