[H][Thrall][AOTC] <LAN Party> | LF Ranged DPS & Healer

About Us
LAN Party is a semi-hardcore guild that focuses on environment above everything else. We are a performance driven guild who still knows how to have fun. Outside of raid, we aim to build up our M+ and PVP community. We are building a core base of players who are looking to push keys daily to farm gear and IO as well as boost their CR.

Recruitment Needs
We are building up to a 20-man roster with quality players. Our core group is AOTC and ready to jump into Mythic Nathria; however, we plan to re-clear heroic until we can get to a stable 20-man roster. While our goal is to push into Mythic Nathria as far as we can, we are also aiming to build a core roster for 9.1. Current guild needs are for ranged DPS (Mage, Warlock, Boomkin) and Holy/Disc Priest. Even if not a preferred class/role, we are accepting all talented players.

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 8:15 PM - 11:15 PM EST
Thursday: 8:15 PM - 11:15 PM EST

Raid Expectations:
Bring all consumables (flask, armor kit, food, oils).
Fully enchanted and gemmed gear.
Add-ons: DBM or Bigwigs, WeakAuras, Exorsus Raid Tools, RC Loot Council.
Pre-watch boss fight videos ahead of raid night (ReadyCheckPull, FatbossTV, StankieGaming).
100% attendance is expected. Post in raid-attendance on the rare occasion an attendance issue arises.
Come on time. Invites at 8:00, first pull at 8:15.
Comms should be clear unless related to raid strategy.
A minimum of one Mythic 14+, and 3 Mythic +10 dungeons completed a week by raid members.
Be respectful to all guild mates during raid.
Have FUN!!

Mythic+ Keys:
We have dedicated members of the guild who will help anyone and everyone get their keys done for the week. If you love pushing keys/IO and/or are looking to find a new push group, then tag the keys channel and let’s get a run in!

BattleNet Contact Info:
Fizzy#11565 (GM)
HPDeskjet#1221 (Officer)

Discord Contact Info:
Fizzy#9309 (GM)
HPDeskjet#0240 (Officer)

Resto Druid Looking for Guild
Discipline LF Guild - 1750 IO and 2/10M
3/10M innerva sub 5% fire mage LF guild
``~~~~close this forum~~~````````
Returning hunter LF CE mythic raiding 4/10m
[A] 3/10 222 Shadow Priest LF 9-12EST CE Guild
[a}(stormrage) 5/10m frost mage LFGuild
214 Fire Mage LF late night noob friendly Guild 10/10
Delete pls
[A] 215 Outlaw Rogue 4/10H 10/10N Ghostlands LFG
215 Ret Pally LF Mythic Prog Guild
Ex Top 100 raider LFG Home
224 KSM 5/10M Resto shaman Looking for guild
5x 2/10M Raiders LFG [ALLIANCE OR HORDE]
10/10m Mage Looking for Guild
(A)220 Fist weaver (2/10m) looking for new guild. (not against going H)
[A] 210 fire mage LFG
223 UH DK or 218 Brew Monk LF Mythic Guild
210 furry war and 204 rshammy Lf casual raiding guild
7/10M Fire Mage LF Guild
217 WW/BM Monk LF Raiding Guild
217 Shadow priest LF mythic prog
(a) or (h) mage LF new home, Exp 5/10m , 10/10 h, late night after 10 PM EST
213 warlock lf heroic/mythic raid guild - bleedinghollow
223 MM Hunter LF Raiding/M+ Guild
DH Ilvl 216 and BM Ilvl 212 looking for guild on Area52
214 Boomi 1/10 M LFG
216 10/10H 1/10 M BrM Monk LFG
Affliction Warlock 220 ILEVEL 2/10M
219 Fire Mage Lf mythic raiding
219 Rshaman and 216 MM Hunter LF Mythic Guild [H]
Unholy DK ilvl 204 LF Guild
221 Shadow priest lf mythic raiding guild
4/10M Balance Druid looking for home!
2/10m 216 War looking for mythic guild
219 [H] Hunter LF semi casual Mythic Progression Guild
220 ilvl shadow priest lf m raiding guild
219 AoTC Havoc DH
218 ww lfg 3/10 M
220 Shadow Priest /218 Resto Sham LF mythic Guild
219 Aff Lock + Friends, Kil'Jaeden US
[a] 3/10 222 shadow priest lf 9-12est ce guild
Remove please
217 Rogue looking for Guild for Mythic Keys 15+ and AOTC Raids
210 Boomy LF active guild
5/10M Resto/Ele Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild
5/10M Spriest lf guild
2/10M 222 Resto Shaman LF Mythic Guild
[H] Aff Lock and Hpal LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Delete please
5/10M 222 Resto Shaman or 218 Disc Priest LFG
[H]Warlock, H pally, DK LF CE mythic guild <Area 52>
[H] Prot Warrior LFG
[H] Looking for guild
[H or A] 221 2/10M Rdruid LF Home
(H) Illidanp 215 MM hunter, 208 Prot/Ret/holy Paladin LF Guild
[H] 212 Warlock looking for Heroic Raiding Guild/New Home
[H] 210 MM hunter + 204 RDruid LF casual raiding + M+ / Aegwynn cluster
Delete post
5/10M Rogue/Warrior Looking for Raiding Guild
5/10M resto druid
220 Hunter 3/10M Hunter LFG
222 Havoc DH <A52> AOTC
Looking for a home
213 UH/BD DK looking for a new guild
[H] Zul'jin 2/10M Boomkin LF Raiding Guild
220 10/10H Brewmaster lf guild
221 Arms warrior 2/10M LF raiding guild!
<H>10/10 heroic Hpal LFG
220 Retribution/Protection Paladin
219 3/10m Resto Druid LF Mythic Raiding Guild
10/10 h 3/10 m 224 rshammy
223 Havoc DH 1/10 M <Area52>
[US][H][5/10M] 221 MM Hunter + 220 Fire Mage LF Raiding Guild
LF Sire kill tonight
[US-H-Thrall] 216 R sham 10/10 H
8/10M Fire Mage lf guild
2/10 M Afflic Warlock looking for new home
223 Enhance Sham Looking for raiding and M+ guild
220 Havoc DH 4/10 Mythic CN
(H) Ilvl 225 6/10M Warlock LF CE/M+ Guild
223 Spriest [A] LF Mythic Day raiding guild
223 Spriest [A] LF Mythic Day raiding guild
220 Warrior ARMS CE
...... closed
Disc Priest - Former Mythic Raider LF Solid Raiding Guild
Monk/Lock/Priest LF Casual Mythic Guild
Multiclasser LF AOTC Guild
[H] 3/10M RShaman LF CE Guild
[H-A52]217 Ele Shaman 10/10 Heroic 1/10 Mythic
226 warlock or 225 dk dps LF C.E guild... 7/10 M exp multiple cutting edges achieved on 2 day schedule
217 fire mage LF guild
225ilvl havoc dh 4/10m lfg
216 Hunter LF Mythic Progression Guild
(Area-52) R-Sham LF guild
6/10M 233 weapon 226 quantum Death Knight
Ilvl 217 RShammy LF Raid Guild
[H] 215 AOTC Resto Shaman LF PST Raid Times!
211 Fire Mage LF Late Night Raid Guild
Blood DK/Spriest/WW/Rdruid LF Guild
Affliction Warlock LF guild
219 Aff Lock 2/10 M - Looking for Guild
216 Fire Mage, 1150io, 9/10H, LF Horde Guild
218 DH - 215 Sub rogue
223 3/10m Fire mage LFG
2/10M 220 Balance Druid LF M/CE Guild
[H] Group of four (3 RDPS, 1 MDPS) LFG with CE goals
217 2/10m Resto Shaman LF Mythic Prog guild
LF family style guild
(H) 200ilvl Resto Shaman LF Mythic plus guild
1.1k IO/214 Outlaw Rogue LF Mythic Key Group (Alliance-Sargeras)
[Horde] Looking for guild. (read)
213 2/10 Havoc dh lf late night guild
2/10M ''MM hunter'' LF mythic raiding guild
216 mm/bm hunter looking for mythic guild
5/12M - 221 ivl Resto Druid LF CE Focused 2-3 day guild
220 Rsham LF guild 3/10M so far
211 aff lock lf mythic progression
222 Fire Mage LF Mythic Raiding Team
[H] 4/10M - 221 ELE Shaman LF Mythic Guild
[H] 210 Fire mage LFG
218 ilvl 3/10M Fire Mage looking for CE-minded guild
218 resto druid LF Mythic guild Area 52
1/10M 10/10H 219 MM hunter/218Rsham w/ previous high end mythic raiding xp
[A] 215 MM Hunter LF Friendly & Inclusive CE Progression Guild
Fire / Frost Mage
214 AOTC fire mage LF Heroic or better guild
222 DPS Warrior looking for new home. 3/10M, CE in Nyalotha. Ally or Horde
2/10M MM Hunter / MAGE LF CE GUILD
218 Resto Sham LF Guild
[H]206 Boomkin LF Raiding Guild
4/10M exp 215 equipped Outlaw Rogue LF guild
214 MM hunter LF mythic
216ivl Rsham 10/10H 1/10M exp
212 MM Hunter looking Mythic raiding
Hunter LF AOTC/Mythic Guild
209 Resto Druid Looking For Raiding Guild
211 Experienced Feral 9/10H 2/10M Looking for semi serious mythic guild
Rshaman LF mythic raiding
216 Fury Warrior / 213 Resto Shaman 3/10M
[H][A52] 9/10H 208 SPriest LFG
214 AOTC Unholy DK (Alliance) LF mythic guild
[H] Enh Shaman 2 mythic
Previous CE 218 4/10 Mythic Rogue LF Raid Team
217IL fury warrior 2/10M 10/10H LF guild
218 F. Mage LF mythic raiding guild
Previously 9/12M Nya 214 Fire Mage LF Heroic/Mythic
219 Fire Mage Lf mythic
Multiclass LF Guild
[H] WW/BM Monk Looking for Guild
3/10M DPS Shaman LFG
Arcane mage 210, LF AOTC guild
[H] 2/10M BrM w/prior CE xp looking for raid guild
[H] Dalaran | LF Guild to level alts
221 Warrior - LF Guild
214 destro lock (10/12m last tier) LF mythic guild
206 Resto Druiid LF Mythic+ group and late night raid group
Exodar 206 MM Hunter Looking for new guild
206 WW Monk
213 war lf horde guild
210 9/10 H Lock LF H/M raiding guild
9/10H 216 ilvl aff lock LF guild
Too many guilds not enough active players
210 WW Monk 9/10H 10/10N LFG
H 6/10 Hpriest 10/10 BM Hunter 6/10 Havoc LF New Home
[H] 215 mm hunter 1/10M 10/10H Looking For Guild
217 Outlaw rouge/200 windwalker 10/10 H looking for mythic guild
LF a new home! 10/10N 10/10H 1/10M hunter
215 AOTC / 1k IO Resto/Ele shaman looking for Mythic progression!
220 MM Hunter LF Mythic Guild
207 Boomy LF guild
[H] Looking for a CE guild, 221 mage
[H] 212 Havoc DH looking for heroic/mythic raid
WW MONK - (A) Saurfang
(A) 210 Shadow LF H/M raid team
215 unholy DK looking for M+ team
[H]219 WW Monk AOTC looking for Mythic Raiding Guild
10/10 heroic 2/10 m 215 mm hunter LF Guild
6 Horde Players looking for Mythic Raid Team
[h] na 216 dk
[H] 220 Guardian/Boomy LF Mythic Guild
216 Enh shaman looking for Mythic raid
2/10M Aff Lock and Hpal LF Mythic Raiding Guild
[H][Tichondrius] 215 MM Hunter w 205 Fire Mage looking for guild
[H] 213 ilvl Arms / Fury Warrior LF Mythic Raiding Guild
218 Warlock, 221 Mage, 221 WW Monk LF Mythic Guild
219 MM Hunter Looking for Guild
[H] 219 WW Monk, 1.3K.io LF Mythic Guild w/ Key Pumpers
1/10 M 218 Aff Lock looking for raid team
LF KSM Group
Resto Druid Looking for Guild
[A] Ret Paladin + Holy Priest 9/10 H 1/10 M
Multi-CE Raider looking for mythic raiding guild
[H] 10/10 H 2/10 M Resto/Boomy Druid ilvl 218
217 Fire Mage LF CE 2 Day Mythic Guild. Willing to XFER/Faction Change
227 H/V Dh Looking for raiding guild
[H] 220 Spriest LF CE Pushing Team (Wkend/Early Evening)
Looking for Guild
[H] Resto Shaman LFG for Mythic prog
224 4/10m Fire Mage LFG
210 Spriest looking for new home
[H] 212 AOTC with multiple tiers of CE XP Boomy LF CE Focused Guild
212 disc priest thrall
Multiple CE Hunter LF Raid Team
Ilvl 222 6/10M xp Fire mage looking for mythic raiding guild
[H] 219 Rogue LF mythic guild. 2/10 M 1200 IO
218 3/10M 1431io Hpal lf CE guild A or H
Past Mythic Exp. Healer/RSham LF Guild
216 mm Hunter 1075 io looking for a group to progress in mythic plus and push high keys
[H] 225 UH DK LF CE Guild
219 Warlock 3/10M LFG
220 MM Hunter/215 Balance Druid LF Mythic Guild
Fury Warr LF CE Mythic Guild
[A] Holy Pally LF guild
LF raiding guild rogue or warlock
[A] AOTC 1/10M Survival Hunter LF M CN Prog Guild
Former Raider LF Casual Dungeon Guild (Healer)
[H]214 MM hunter - LF wed/thurs heroic
222 SV Hunter LF Mythic Guild
3/10M exp multi classer LF guild
217 frost mage lf mythic raid guild
215 AFF Lock 10/10H 970io
ProtPally/Warlock, WW, and Ele Shaman 220ilvl 3/10M. LF for Guild
211 MM hunter lf for 10EST9CST/8MT/7PST raiding guild
Delete post
224 WW Monk LF Weekend Mythic Raiding Guild
[H] US 211 ilvl 3/10M Resto Shaman
[H] 215 Holy Paladin 2/10M LF guild
[H] 216. 2/10 m resto shaman Looking to raid
TANK - ex top 30 US raider lf raiding guild
2/10M bear tank looking for guild
195 and climbing Hpally(returning player)
[H] 221 Blood/UH DK LF Mythic Guild
221 ilvl 1500 io mm Hunter LF CE minded guild
218 Fury Warrior and 216 Resto Shaman looking for mythic guild
219 Hpal and 216 DPS War LF Mythic Home
6/10 M Spriest, experienced multiclasser, LFG
220 RSham w/ 216 Disc Priest alt LF CE guild
216 Disc priest looking for Mythic team
206 Fire Mage LF GUILD
217 R-Sham LF raiding guild
222 [Area 52] [H] 3/10M // 1.5k IO Fury Warrior LF New M Guild
216 Shadow Priest LF CE Guild - Sargeras (A)
219 10/10H 3/10 M Havoc DH LF Mythic/M+ Guild
Closed - found a home
7/10 M Holy Priest Looking for guild
[LFG][H][US][Area52] 1575io Resto Shaman looking for active M+ guild
Rogue and shaman looknig for a mythic guild
Rogue and shaman looking for a mythic guild
[US][H][AREA-52] 3/10 Rogue Looking for home
Returning Raider LF Guild - Thrall Preferred - Holy/Disc Priest
Rogue and shaman looking for a mythic guild
211 ilvl Destro Lock LF chill EST adult H guild
219 MM Hunter LF Mythic Guild 10/10H
LF Raiding Guild
6/10M Aff Lock/Multi Classer LFG
220 Hunter LF CE Push Guild
216 Havoc DH 7/10H, LF> M+ guild (Bonechewer)
220 AoTC Havoc DH
Resto Shaman 2/10M
Returning Player-RSham(H)
[H][Area 52] 215 Rogue LFG
2/10m ‚ÄĚ221 afflic warlock‚ÄĚ lf mythic raiding guild
[H] LFG 3/10M Holy MS Disc OS Priest
Rogue LF raiding/mythic+ guild
Mage LF Raiding guild
Warlock LF raid guild
217 Enhance Shaman LF Guild
[H] Barthilas 222 Guardian LF Mythic Raiding
220 BrM/WW Monk LF Raiding/Mythic+ Guild
223 UH DK 6/10m LF raiding guild
6/10m ret pally LF guild
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
207 Fire Mage [H]or[A] - 10/10 [H] LFG
[a] holy priest lf raiding guild
218 havoc DH LF Guild (with good ppl)
We found a home
208 Ret LF AOTC Focused Guild
216-217 Ele/Resto shammy LF Heroic/Mythic Raid Team
Husband & Wife LFG
212 Outlaw Rogue LF Heroic Raiding/M+ Guild
210 (H) Enhancement Shaman LFG
iLvl 218 Holy/Disc Priest (9/10 H w/ sub 5% Sire & 1/10M) LF Progression Raiding Guild. Chill, reliable and friendly player!
9/10H 209ilvl [H] Fire Mage LFG
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
Havoc/Veng DH Looking for Raiding Guild
Hpal Ex top 500 healer LF mythic raiding
2/10M Resto Druid + Warlock LFG
1/10 M AOTC Arms/Fury Warrior LF Guild [H/A]
5/10M Experienced Mage LFG
[H] [Mal'Ganis] 210 Hpal LF Guild
214 ele Shaman LF Guild
219 Ele/Resto Shaman lf mythic raiding / m+ guild
Looking for guild 216 ele. 209 mm
224 Resto Shaman 6/10M LF guild
Warlock LF Raiding Guild
Group of friends looking for established, mature guild
[H] Spirestone enh shaman looking for guild
Multi CE Rogue 222 ilvl 6/10M LF CE raiding
6/10M 222 Rshaman top US 100xp looking for new home
7/10M MM Hunter LF same or higher prog guild
Area 52 Fury Warrior and BM hunter Looking for guild
H/A Returning to Wow LFG
218 MM Hunter LF raiding Guild
LF Guild (Horde)
216 MM Hunter looking for M+ Guild
LF guild that focuses on pushing keys
[H] 218 3/10M exp Fried Chicken looking for a new home
2 AOTC Horde players lf guild
Unholy DK (horde) looking for a home
Ret Paladin Horde (ilvl 215 / 1080io) LF Guild
Looking for Friendly Guild Interested In Raiding and Mythic +
Blood DK, Outlaw Rogue, Resto Sham, MM Hunt, Arcane/Fire/Frost Mage LF raid guild
7/10M H Pally and 4/10M Mage both with CE Experience. LF 2-Day Mythic Raiding Guild Willing to Xfer or Faction Change!
[H] Multi CE Raider LF New Home/Raid Team (5/10M current)
212 UH DK Lf Mythic guild
LF new guild (H) Thrall
Returning Player ( Zul'Jin ) LF Guild
4/10M 219ilvl Warlock LF CE guild
223 Enhance Sham Looking for raiding and M+ guild
Unh DK lf Mythic raiding guild
[A] 8/10H 211 Resto Druid LF Mythic raid team
[H] 215 Holy Paladin 2/10M LF guild
7/10M Spriest LF CE focused guild
3/10M 222 Shadow Priest - CE Experience LF Guild
4/10M 222 UH DK LF CE Focused Guild
[H] 220 Prot Pally 3/10M KSM LF Raiding Guild
222 Dh 5/10M looking for guild to get CE with
215 4/10 M 1200io Frost Mage LF Horde Mythic Guild
[H][Area52] Looking for Raiding/Mythic+ Guild
[H] Looking for guild. Tank/Mdps
219 ilvl Fire Mage Not currently Searching
218 aotc spriest lf late night guild
No longer looking
[A] 219 Shadow Priest LF Mythic raid group. 2/10M
LF Mythic Guild (H)
[H] 220 ilvl MM hunt lf M raids/M+ guild (Late night)
224 Havoc DH LF CE Guild
(H)Restro/Balance Druid LF Guild for Keys and possibly Raiding
[H or A] Experienced Raider - 218 Resto Shaman LFG
216 Resto/Ele Sham LF 2 night group pref late night PST
223 Fire Mage LF [A] 2-day (7-10:30 EST)
Position filled - cant delete
[H]Resto shaman returning. Lf raiding guild. 190 and climbing just rerolled
226 Ele Lf CE Guild 7-9PST START TIME
[h] 221 Resto shaman looking for new guild
Boomie 211 LF Raiding Guild
221 Aff lock [H] 2/10M & AOTC CN LF mythic raid team
Please delete
7/10 M R Shaman
[H] 218/217 AOTC Prot/Ret Pally LF Guild

bumping post

still looking for more!

I sent a request!

Hi Melinle, we’ll be online tomorrow AM to accept! Thanks for your interest!

Still looking for more!! Bring on the heals :slight_smile:

Bumping post

Bumping post

Whispered someone in your guild. Random whisper probably wasn’t the best choice lol.

I’m interested.

Hey man, feel free to whisper me and we can chat about joining!

BattleNet Contact Info:
Fizzy#11565 (GM)

Discord Contact Info:
Fizzy#9309 (GM)

Bumping post

still looking for more!

Bumping post

Still looking for more!

Bumping post

I’m currently looking to Push Mythic+ That’s something I’m really trying to focus on hate puggin I’m a resto shaman 214 ilvl 10/10 H 2/10 M reach me at Reg#11331

still looking for more!

bumping post!

Getting into mythic! Need a few more deeps!

This is a bump.