Void Elf Customization Thread (For The Void Aspect)

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This thread is for those who want to talk about the Void aspect of Void Elves and the customizations they’d like to see with them.

I know, high elves and all that, while some of these options in my list below are possibly going to apply to high elf customization, they are still on the list for their application to the void theme of Void Elves.

On the topic of High Elves congratulations to all those who wanted high elves to be available through Void Elves. With the recently added natural hair colors and the previously added natural skin tones much of that request has now been completed!

Please note that I do not expect all or even any of these to come to fruition. They are desires and wants, that I’ve mostly pulled from the community, nothing more.

Feel free to tell us what customizations you too would like to see!

For those interested in the main High Elf thread at this time, I’ll link it here: (This thread may be coming back alive. Keeping an eye on it.)

Those with an interest for Blood Elves I’ll link their main thread here:

And Drede has put together a wonderful thread for customizations for all races!

This thread will be divided into a few parts:

  • The Most Likely Options - The options most likely to become reality.

  • The Less Likely Options - These options are still amazing but are regrettably less likely to become reality.

  • Entropic Embrace Options - Requests for Entropic Embrace.

  • Void Elf Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts.

  • Telogrus Rift and the Void Elf Story - My hopes and dreams for the Void Elf race and its home upon the Telogrus Rift.

  • The Archive - Imgur Albums of the options separated by general concepts.

  • Allied Race and Customization Threads - In alphabetical order and author notated.

The Most Likely Options
In this section I’d like to go over some of the Most Likely options that have been requested. These are common and low impact to the model and form of the Void Elf but are still well within the realm of the void aspect. Some of these may or may not be useful for High Elf folk as well.

In particular I’d like to call attention to an entire Album made by Fiercelord from the EU forums. His contribution has by and large collected the majority of common requests in this field. Most if not all of these fall within the likely options.

Fiercelords Imgur Album:

Album by Fiercelord (Lyraseth)

Hair options are immensely common requests for Void Elves, whether its because of the widows peak, a desire for more hair styles in general or a greater amount of options for those hairstyles almost everyone tends to want something in that regard. The tentacle toggle should be taken into account for every new hairstyle and concept that we receive.

We’ll start with Luoren’s wonderful hairstyle mock ups. These also have the benefit of showing how the fully realized tentacle toggle should work with new hairstyles.

By Luoren

Faebelina has also provided a mock up of hairstyles for void elves where the tentacles are wrapped within the hair itself. The tentacle toggle in this case should simply replace the tentacle with hair.

By Faebelina

Another common request is starcursed hair, shown here by Ramavatarama. This is normally in the form of our hair colors fading into it however, a full hair color of this is also desired. Rama also included alternative color options.

By Ramavatarama

Hair colors being added is also a common request, these in particular, from Ramavatarama, are quite nice though not the only color requests.

By Ramavatarama

Adding tentacle options to the remaining 4 female and 6 male hairstyles we started with that never had tentacles to begin with. Thus giving us the fully realized tentacle toggle.

By Fiercelord (Lyraseth)

And finally tentacles alone making up a hairstyle is also sought. Here is one made by Somand to demonstrate but one option for this. Tentacles to emulate dreadlocks or cornrows would be especially impressive.

By Somand

Skin Tones
More skin tones are often requested. Void Elves have a nice run of skin tones at this point especially with the addition of the natural colorations to represent high elves, which is easily applicable to void elf characters running as high elf wayfarers or blood elf scholars, however more shades along the void theme would be welcome. Silverleaf made a wonderful mockup showing a great spread of options in that regard.
Other skin tones we could use are more shades of the purples and blues as well as darker shades of our skin tones.

By Silverleaf

These skin tones show the void encroaching on the body representing newer initiates of the void elves starting their path to becoming a void elf.

By Ramavatarama

It should also be mentioned that some would like a skin tone using the Entropic Embrace coloration. More on that in the Entropic Embrace section of this thread.

Tattoos are a common request for void elves, often based on Alleria’s tattoos.

Tattoos for Void Elves based on Alleria’s tattoos but in Naaru and Dark Naaru shapes mocked up by Ramavatarama. (Only the bottom middle one is Alleria’s Farstrider Tattoo specifically.)

By Ramavatarama

Another Request has been glowing tattoos like we see when Alleria goes into their void form.
Now I expect that if we get tattoos ours will glow as well when we’re in EE however an option in general for the tattoo glow would be welcome.
Here Somand has provided a mock up of the Alleria style tattoos with and without the glow.

By Somand

This next tattoo option is based on runes found during N’zoths attacks on Uldum and the Vale.

By Somand

Izzabelle came up with this wonderful spider tattoo design as well.

By Izzabelle

Requests for new eye colors and designs are fairly common for void elves. These range from new forms of purple and blue eyes to old god inspired eye colors. Silverleaf created a good spread of eye options and Somand and Lancelot were kind enough to make some for me as well.

Here we see several shades of pink and purple eyes, completely black and several options of old god eyes based on the recent N’zoth and Aszhara colorations.

By Silverleaf

Here we see some modified colors to represent Yogg’saron and C’thun as well as two options for Starcursed Eyes.

By Somand and Lancelot (Somand made the Top two, Lancelot made the bottom two and middle.)

Tentacle Options
Many players often request new colorations and effects for their tentacles to vary the look of them. There is also a request to fill in the holes caused by the removal of tentacles from hairstyles.

By Ramavatarama

Other Common Requests
Other Common Requests include scars, expanded void colored hair, The black hair our NPCs have available and new jewelry with expanded colors.

The Less Likely Options
In this section I’d like to highlight Less Common and More Model Affecting customizations that have been requested.
Option in this section will include Sha modifications, Ethereally wrapped Void Elves, The Ever Loved Voidberg, Starcursed Effects on the skin, Extra Eyes, Body spikes, Body tentacles and Extra mouths in places they shouldn’t be.

Void Mutations
Void Mutations is a variable option grouping consisting of several minor common requests such as spikes in place of hair, third eyes, double eyes, spikes on the shoulders or eyebrows, extra tentacles on the back and other such concepts. Silverleaf made a nice mock up of some of these.

By Silverleaf

Voidberg is an amalgamation of some early void requests such as; claws on the hands and feet (his feet claws are covered right now), tentacle mouth, third eye, stomach mouth.

By Lancelot

Void Ethereal Wrappings for void elves representing some void elves who were changed a little more than others during the trap used on them in the recruitment scenario.

By Somand

Sha/Void Corruption to represent Y’shaarj and the void in general.

By Silithid-Pies

While many of these options are perhaps unlikely and some are major changes to the model, they are all amazing regardless and Blizzard should consider options like these going forward for inspiration.

Entropic Embrace Options

Entropic Embrace is a passive void elf racial that gives a chance to empower you with the void. It increases damage and healing by 5% for 12 sec. And has 33% proc chance with 60 seconds of cooldown.

While Entropic Embrace may not be customization based, many have requested extra types of Entropic Embrace ranging from new customizable shades, full on skin tones, and options for the Hair and any tattoos to glow during EE. Some have shown interest in other types of particle effects as well.
Its also been brought to my attention from more than one person at this point that the effect of EE can also cause discomfort to some people. Shade options for the effect itself can greatly alleviate this issue.
Honestly any one or many of these would be wonderful additions to Void Elves. Below are some examples.

Entropic Embrace Color Change and Skin Tones Option
Many have requested the option to change the color of Entropic Embrace and, as I’ve recently discovered EE is in its current form able to cause strain on some folks eyes, I’m going to tackle that part of this section first.
Below is a mock up Somand did that shows EE with a different tinting and overall effect more like you’d find on a shadow priest, as well with what we currently see in game. (Also includes the hair color change we see with Alleria’s hair and the tattoo glow.)

By Somand

Changes like this can help those who may have issues with the current EE causing discomfort.

Other color changes are less about discomfort and just aesthetic. Here are some optional colorations for EE provided by Ramavatarama.

By Ramavatarama

All of these are also requested to be actual skin tones so we can be always voidified.

Entropic Embrace Hair and Tattoo Glow
As Alleria’s tattoos and hair have actual changes in color it is a request many have put forth to see something similar with void elves proper (once we get tattoos in the case of those) allowing us another level of customization.
While I suspect that this would only occur with Entropic Embrace active there are requests for these options to be available as standard customization.

Tattoos and hair without the glow to glowing in EE by Somand.

Hair color in EE by Somand. (Also a skin tone for EE.)

There have also been several requests for an Entropic Embrace that utilizes the Starry look of the Starcursed Hawkstrider, or our heritage wings such as this one by Somand.

By Somand

Starcursed skin tones have also been suggested could show their starry effect when EE activates.

Void Elf Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts

By Elizanel

While we have an amazing set of heritage armor many among us feel that some improvements and alternative options could be added to better facilitate all types of void elf characters.
This ranges from simple changes to the armor to make it more friendly with a greater amount of mogs, adding weapons that match, giving additional tints similar to the Mag’har’s several armors and even including more heritage mounts for void elves.

Heritage Armor and Changes
First among the changes that have some up for void elves heritage armor has to do with the void wings attached to the chest of the armor. For many these wings are really amazing and they’d like to see different options that would allow a wider range of mogs to work with them.
The armor being part of the chest mog means that anyone who wants to use them have to bear their chests at least mostly to the world which for some classes or mog designs doesn’t always look very good.
There are a few ways to see this rectified, like removing the wings from the chest and placing them with the cape mog or shoulder mog. Or they could be attached to the cloak mog spot separate from the cloak itself. Another option is making them a customization option at the barber instead.
Somand made this mock up showing first the Void Wings being separate from the chest, then as a customization at the barber and finally unattached at all.

By Somand

Beyond just changing the wings on the heritage armor to either a different location or as a barber option, many have requested either a robe or an armored chest option. Both would be welcome options available to void elves should Blizzard see fit to give them to us.
In a similar vein to that, Somand made up this mock up of the Eagletalon armor set with void elf hertiage colorations, gems and void wings.

by Somand

We have two robe options here, one by Faebelina and one by Ramavatarama. Both would be welcome additions and could honestly be the female/male variants of the same armor.

By Faebelina

By Ramavatarama

I personally would love to see all of these options become a reality.

Heritage Weapons Added

By Sir Pigeonz

Many also desire Heritage Weapons and this is not a request unique to Void Elves. Every race deserves their own Heritage weapons to match the wondrous heritage sets Blizzard has already provided. In fact for many races they already have them in the files, like we see below with void elves. Though they should not stop with 1 off hand a sword and shield.
I’d like to imagine we’d get a smattering of weapons, though maybe not every kind, to fill out any potential roles and concepts players may want to play.
At the very least I would like to see, along with the sword, shield and off hand, a bow, greatsword, staff, dagger and, as I quite like Sir Pigeonz’s design above, a 1 handed hammer. But any number of hertiage weapons would be welcome.

By World of Warcraft Developers

Heritage tints

By Fiercelord (Lyraseth)

Many also desire differing tints of armor coloration for Void Elf heritage armor and weapons if they’re added. (though this can be applied to all heritage armor) This would further make it easier for us to mog our Void Elves to our desires and needs and would be a welcome addition.
In particular a purple and silver coloration, blue and gold coloration, blue and silver coloration and a green and gold coloration would all be appreciated.

Heritage Mounts
Many would like to see more Starcursed mounts added to the game. Specifically a flying mount for Void Elves (Though heritage based flying mounts for all is a wondrous idea.) suggestions have come up for Starcursed Dragonhawks, Starcursed Phoenix, Starcursed Lynx, Starcursed Void Wyrm and Starcursed Hippogryphs. All are wonderful concepts and potential additions down the line.

By Aavari??? (Best I’ve been able to track down is a single forum user who claimed it was their work. If you know who made this please let me know!)

By Lance

By Lyraseth

By Lyraseth

Telogrus Rift and the Void Elf Story

By WoW Developers

The Telogrus Rift is a collection of floating rocks deep in the Twisting Nether tied directly to the powers of the Void. Likely the site of the world that Sargeras destroyed to prevent the Void from corrupting a World Soul it is immeasurably steeped in the Void. It is here that the Void Elves study and entreat with the void to further their research and power. So far it has been underutilized, really only being a collection of rocks with a few tents to house the population of Void Elves. This should change.

I see what it could be. Great darkened spires of silver, void crystals humming at their tops. Lodging for our people and storage for our food from Stormwind City. Anchors erected around void portals linking each island and Stormwind. One island dedicated to training Wayfarers and Scholars as they embark upon the path. Another island dedicated to our warriors, rogues and rangers training to protect and defend us on the battlefield. A third island for our magisters and priests to further study the void and advance our cause. At the center island surrounding the void storm, now contained, an edifice to give our recruits the infusion of the void they need to take their final step into a new life.

The doors are open to us. It is time we walked through them.

These things should be done to give us an actual home within the Rift and to further some lore for us. Things to make it clear how we make more Void Elves, showing the Wayfarers and Scholars not only learning in classes with Locus-Walker and other magisters but training their void powers in other areas as they master them. Finishing up with an NPC event showing recruits undergoing a ritual at the contained Void Storm to become full void elves, coming out of the process with a Randomized Assortment of Void Elf Customizations, running the whole gambit from Alleria to Umbric to any other options that are added to us.

Some have even shown the desire to have an embassy of sorts for Alliance High Elves within the Rift, if only to keep in contact. Alleria is the sister of Vereesa after all, and there are a few other scant groups of High Elves who may have concerns with this new group of growing elves.

In any case these changes and additions to the Telogrus Rift will help players easily be able to see how new void elves are made, how we live, what we do, and even still provide ample options for High Elf fans to take bits of story from the zone as well.

I’d also like to see examples of void elves struggling with the whispers of the void, coming close to or even fully falling, and being brought back to our priests to be encouraged to resist and shown how to better do so.

Meanwhile heading into the future I’d like to see the Void Elves push to establish small enclaves in void rich areas across Azeroth and beyond, or at least to be present in those places looking into the void there.

The Archive
This Section Is Still Under Construction.
The Archive is a collection of imgur albums I will be maintaining with every picture I’ve seen used to request, mock up, or explain concepts and desires for void elves.

This may seem like an odd thing to do given how much is in this thread already however, there are two things going on here that have led me to this design. First, it seems that the World of Warcraft Official Forums have a limit on the amount of pictures you can link into a thread before it begins to become unstable. Previews begin to fail and it ends up making the thread look not great.
Second, there is just so much that has been shown and showcased and talked about that it is impossible to coherently place them within this main post. Nothing that has been omitted from the main post and relegated to these Archives is considered less or greater than anything that made it into the main post. Its just a matter of space, time, and getting a good show of what we could be.

Imgur Albums will go here. Coming Soon!

Pictures in the Main Post

Skin and Body

Hair styles, hair colors and hair tentacles



Entropic Embrace

Heritage armor, weapons and mounts

Telogrus Rift and Misc

Coming Soon!

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Thank you for your time and interest!
:octopus: :purple_heart:

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Love that this is up with actual unique new Void customization ideas for Void Elves


I would like a void tentacle arm please and tank you.


Ummm can I have those eyes on my NE too? Kthanx

Also if I can go full Ethereal watch my VE never use anything else.


! I forgot to add that to the list from the other day!

I’ll get it added.

Honestly I just want tyrande’s Night Warrior eyes for nelfs… I’m not against those for nelfs either mind.

And yeah if they ever add the Ethereal Void Elf option I have a toon lined up already. Its among my favorite concepts.

Thanks to Somand for the Void Ethereal mock up by the way!


Oh the new ones from 9.1? Yes I would also accept that.


What’s ‘Customizatoin’?

Those are the ones! They’re very nice.

Also the ones she got just prior to SLs release. Minor small change but it made her eyes look really nice.

I kinda feel like the ones for player Night Elves are just… black grey orbs with little to no effort to em.

Well sir and or madam it is a misspelling of the word Customization. Because I’m an idiot. lol

EDIT: fixed it. Thank you. :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case, add a hair color that looks like the buckle on the heritage belt or the wings from the chestpiece.


Its up there. I called it Starcursed hair. You can kinda see a bit of that in the second to last picture as well.


I want my void elves to look as little like void elves as possible… because the entire concept of the race is absurd.


yall should play a good race


To each their own.

For me void elves were an amazing breath of fresh air that literally brought me back after 7 years away.

I love the void aspects to them and am excited to see where they’ll go from here.

I do.


u dont!!11

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Says a human, the most boring race in the game.
The only reason they get people to play humans is by giving them OP racials.


my good sir just bc humans exist in real life does not mean they r boring!!!1


This isn’t 1999 anymore, You’re not paying per letter, you don’t have to use chatspeak.


i dont understand!!

Look at me. I’m stunning.

So many doors are open to me now.

Meanwhile you’re stuck in classic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gods… I remember vaguely being concerned about that…


sir i will admit ur wow guy is ‘stunning;’ as u say bUT u must remember ur wow guy is also a just a reskin of a blood elf!!!1

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