Are blood elves cool?

Don’t mind me, just enjoying my hair and skin colours on my void elf.


Just waiting to be able to change the colour on my tendies next. Shadowfel would look sick on my lock with the natural skin colours, and orange hair~

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I’d be fine with Blizz manning up and deleting the word Void and just putting High in place of it. They know they Fd up on it, and it’s caused nothing but the elf crowd to cry about it since BFA/Legion.

most punchable race


They’re so cool and in demand that people play them on both factions!

Elves by definition are considered Cool.

They have Fancy Monk Clothing and the Clothing of Nobility unless they are Wood Elves upon which they start wearing Ranger Clothing(and no Night Elves aren’t Wood Elves).

They also have Pointy Ears.

That said the Draenei(and Khalai Protoss) resemble the Warhammer 40K Elves: the Eldar with the Legion(and Taldarim) resembling the Dark Eldar.

Not sure I count as the “you people” here, but I have a big ole thread about things for the void elves (void aspect wise). Much of which still works out well for helf folk as well.

Was gonna say Nightborne > Belf/Velf

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I think bloodelves are considered cringe. Female orc is the way to go


Lmao and? You gonna go tell Dwarf or Troll players that they aren’t actually Sand Trolls or Wildhammer Dwarves just bc those customization options don’t change their starting zone/name? Despite the fact the Devs gave us those options and said it was to play those sub races?

You can cry all you want, we were given High Elf options that were specically called that :smiley:

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Are you intentionally being obtuse or…? I said “90% of the ones you see in game” clearly referring to subjective EXPERIENCE IN GAME lmao which you clearly know but are just trying to argue semantics

But you know deep down it’s true and I just know it bothers you how many “Velfs” are running around as Helfs on Alliance now with these new options :heart: It’s ok I’m sure you will get over it in a few years <33

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Cry more about it :joy:

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I’m not. I just disagree with thrown around statistics. I also don’t think your statistic is very accurate. I’d say it’s more like half of the Void Elves I’ve seen have High elf customizations from my own observations. Subjective statistics with no evidence don’t carry a lot of weight in debates. But there’s really no reason to be as rude as you were in your response.

Semantics are important in debates. I guess it’s the research student in me coming out.

You are being incredibly rude and condescending, and making many assumptions about me. I don’t recall us ever speaking prior to this.


Depends on the class, really.

Nice void elf


But your race says void elf. Do Elf players not know how to read?


I don’t think it matters much, given the options now available, for someone to say they’re playing a high elf…

What one rps is what they rp.


Blood Elves are the heart and soul of the Horde.

not really wasn’t it because of the alliance being racist to them or something that made them come to horde? the way we got NB was dumb and that was because they went to you guys first then you rejected them so they came to us instead. NB were pretty much neutral lore wise though.

They’re alright, I guess. I know one who wears a bunch of fragrances on account of he’s got a glandular problem, and that just makes him stinkier. We call him “Stinky”. He gets mad at us, so we don’t call him that all that much anymore. His mom makes real good cookies, and his dad shows us neat toys.

They are like those edgy kids in high school that middle schoolers think are cool but then go one of two ways.

Either they wise up and become well rounded people (high elves, some void elves, and some modern blood elves)

Or fall deeper into the pit of edge until there is no escape (fel bloods, san’layn, dark rangers, some modern blood elves, some void elves, wretched, and thistle heads)