The Unofficial Stonemaul Ogre Playable Race Discussion Megathread!

Welcome to the Unofficial Stonemaul Ogre Playable Race Discussion Megathread!

Note: The image here was used with Glyph of Disguise with an Elixir of Giant Growth. It is not a size I expect playable Ogres to be. I just think it looks pretty awesome at this size.

Update 4/29/24: Added a few new megathreads to the megathreads lists at the end of this post.

The purpose of this thread is to collect ideas and suggestions of playable Horde Ogres from the Stonemaul Clan while having ongoing discussions on the subject.

If by some Winter’s Veil miracle Blizzard decides to make playable Horde Ogres, they are more than welcome to use any ideas I have presented.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not asking for Ogres before any other race. In particular, we are not competing with Mok’nathol fans. We at the Stonemaul Ogre megathread believe that Mok’nathol can be added in alongside playable Ogres and vice versa. As such, we welcome our Mok’nathol friends to this thread and support them in their wanting Mok’nathol playable in some fashion. My personal belief is to respect and support others for the races they want playable.

This megathread is a work in progress. I’ll be adding to it as well as revamping current sections as time goes on.


Of all the races within the Horde, one of the most notable races that have yet to become fully playable are Ogres. They’ve been a staple of the Horde ever since the old Warcraft RTS days and often one of the most requested playable Horde races by players. However, we have not seen Ogres become playable at all, and have not seen much in the way of Horde Ogre activity. I felt that something needed to be done in order to show off support for playable Horde Ogres, as well as offer a place for people to share ideas and have discussions on the subject matter.

Why the Stonemaul Clan in particular?

The Stonemaul Clan has actually been a part of the Horde ever since Warcraft III. They played an integral role in helping the Horde invade Theramore. They’ve been a part of the Horde since then and have been happy and proud to be a part of it. They are the best choice for the playable Horde Ogre faction as a result.

Are there any other Ogre clans that are part of the Horde?

Technically, there are two other clans: The Dunemaul and the alternate universe Stonemaul Clan from Draenor.

The Dunemaul “joined” the Horde because of Megs Dreadshredder in a Tanaris questline during Cataclysm. However, we have not seen either the Dunemaul or Megs since then. Likely, they’re being employed by Megs to do things for her, since she transports them elsewhere, but where they went to is currently unknown. I personally support them still being part of the Horde and even like the idea of there being multiple clans of Ogres that make up the playable Horde Ogre faction, in which the Stonemaul and Dunemaul would need to be a part of it.

As for the AU Stonemaul Clan, which use to be part of the Gorian Empire in the AU Draenor, they came with the AU Mag’har Orcs during their recruitment scenario. The Stonemaul that came with the Mag’har Orcs were actually loyal to them and fought on their side during an Ogre civil war within the clan. However, they have not been seen or mentioned since the recruitment scenario. There is little reason to believe that they left to be on their own and not join the Horde, and thus the easiest solution to them would be to send them to join our universe’s Stonemaul Clan. It’s an easy loose end to tie up and even offers some fun role-playing opportunities.

Brief History of the Stonemaul Clan

The Stonemaul Clan was originally a much bigger clan, which for some reason split into two. The Stonemaul that we know sailed away from the Eastern Kingdoms, eventually landing in Dustwallow Marsh. Fun fact: Ogres make excellent shipwrights and their ship designs are used by the Orcs in the Horde!

The Stonemaul Clan was run by Kor’gall, who wielded a powerful and ancient orcish axe named Serathil. He, however, was not very popular, and was viewed as leading the clan to ruin. Not liking the cut of his jib and with the Ogres preferring to actually live more fulfilling lives, at least by Ogre standards, one Ogre, named Crol’ka according to Wowpedia, ran away to seek help from Kor’gall’s tyranny.

The Horde came across him and was asked for help in getting rid of their cruel overlord. Rexxar agreed to help, and so he approached the clan and asked to join the Stonemaul Clan. Kor’gall allowed him to, but only if he passed the Trial of Strength by getting through the Gauntlet. Rexxar succeeded, join the Stonemaul Clan, and attempted to get the clan to aid the Horde against the Theramore soldiers causing problems.

Kor’Gall, being a stick in the mud, refused, causing Rexxar to exercise his right to challenge him for leadership through the Trial of Blood. Kor’Gall’s tenure was then cut short due to a mild case of vengeance, allowing Rexxar to become the new leader of the Stonemaul. The Stonemaul Ogres were all cheering for Rexxar as a result.

The Stonemaul Clan officially joined Thrall’s Horde, and assisting them in attacking Theramore. They were a huge help, in more ways than one, and were instrumental to the Horde’s success there. Shortly thereafter, Rexxar left to be on his own, putting Mok’Morokk in charge of the clan during his absence…unfortunately, Mok’Morokk came down with a serious case of corruption.

During World of Warcraft, a Horde adventurer (That’s you!) comes upon the Stonemaul Clan in Brackenwall Village. Apparently, the Black Dragonflight took exception to the Stonemaul Ogres and being the jerks that they are, proceeded to attack their home, chasing the poor Ogres out. Mok’Morokk, as the trusted leader, then decides to bravely…do nothing to help the situation while demanding the Stonemaul serve him. The other Stonemaul Ogres, tired of having tyrannical leaders, again ask for help. You as the Horde adventurer proceed to beat up the Black Dragonflight, do various quests for the Stonemaul Ogres, then proceed to challenge Mok’Morokk! In a fierce battle, Mok’Morokk calls out a foul and runs away, hiding somewhere doing…something not mentioned at all since Cataclysm.

The Stonemaul Ogres, grateful for all you have done, then proceed to…not take back their home. It’s implied they were going to, but nothing is shown in-game, and the Black Dragonflight still stand around the old home, likely sipping tea and discussing the stock market or something. It was also suggested that Tharg, a Stonemaul Ogre member, was considered to become the new Stonemaul Clan leader, though his age did cause some concern. It is unclear what the Stonemaul did in Dustwallow Marsh, as it has not been mentioned or shown if they took back their old home.

The Stonemaul Clan did, however, send some members to Feralas. They went to help fight against the Gordunni Ogres in the area while potentially helping to take over Dire Maul for the Horde. They help beat up and chase off Cho’gall in the end of a questline, and celebrate by having a pretty awesome victory dance celebration. They then…went back to their base and stood guard I guess. It’s again unclear if they did anything else or even help took over Dire Maul for the Horde, despite Dire Maul being empty for a period of time during the duration of the Traveler book series.

The last known in-game activity of the Stonemaul Ogres was sending an emissary to Pandaria during MoP, named Or’Dac, to help the spread the Horde’s influence on the continent. The only thing he really ended up doing was being a jobber for an Alliance daily quest, sadly.

And that is the last known activity of the Stonemaul Ogres. To my knowledge, we have not heard or seen anything from them since then. It’s unclear whether they took back their home in Dustwallow Marsh, made Tharg leader, or accomplished anything else for the Horde. They appear to have missed the entirety of the war in Battle for Azeroth, which is mind-boggling given how useful Ogres would’ve been during the war.

As such, I bring this megathread in hopes of showing off support for the Stonemaul Ogres, both to know what it is they’re up to and also to be the playable Horde Ogre faction. I can think of no better clan than them, and with any luck, we’ll see them fighting for the Horde again someday!

Who would be the leader of the Stonemaul Clan?

There are two possibilities I can think of.

One of the Ogres in the Stonemaul Clan, named Tharg, was hinted to become the leader after Mok’Morokk was kicked out.

A concern was his age and injuries, but despite that, he was still supported by Draz’Zilb, a very smart two-headed Ogre Mage who is part of the clan, to make a great leader.

Tharg seems like a good Ogre, having disdain for Mok’Morokk caring more about power than the Stonemaul Clan. I don’t see him ever becoming corrupted, and with a little editing to give him a unique appearance, he would work very well as the new Stonemaul Clan leader.

The other possible leader could be Crol’ka.

You’re probably wondering who this Ogre is, and I don’t blame you. He is the wounded two headed Ogre in Warcraft 3 that ran to the Horde in order to get help in getting rid of Kor’gall, who was more in the business for himself at the expense of the MU Stonemaul Clan as a whole.

He actually is not in WoW at all to my knowledge, and he only got his name when Warcraft 3 Reforged came out. Where has he been? Maybe he has been there the whole time and in the background. Or maybe he won the lottery and went on a much needed vacation or something. He can always appear again, in which he should. Especially considering he was kinda important for setting events for the Stonemaul Clan to join the Horde in the first place.

Him becoming leader could come from two factors. The first being the mention of Tharg’s age and wounds, especially if that somehow leads to him sacrificing himself for the clan in some way (letting him join with his wife in the afterlife), granted I would prefer he just retire in peace. The other is the bravery Crol’ka had to reach the Horde in his wounded state while having pride and love for his clan.

Seems like a potential fit for a back-up if Tharg isn’t able to take up the reigns for whatever reason. It would be a good tie-in to Warcraft 3 also. Whatever the case, we do have two good candidate for the leader of the MU Stonemaul Clan at least.

How loyal are the Stonemaul to the Horde?

Very much so. Considering what the Horde has done for them, they owe the Horde quite a bit. They’re also really happy to be a part of the Horde, as evident from them shouting “FOR DA HORDE!” when attacking Cho’Gall in Feralas. In fact, Orhan Ogreblade, an Orc NPC leading the Stonemaul Ogres in Feralas, says this when you ask her about the Stonemaul Ogres being part of the Horde:

“The Stonemaul clan serves the Horde!

During the founding of Orgrimmar, when Kalimdor was being tamed as our people’s homeland, the hero Rexxar defeated the chief of the Stonemaul ogre clan.

They have served the Horde ever since, and I’ve called them in here to do the heavy lifting against the Gordunni clan.”

As a result, they are loyal and totally willing to fight for the Horde.

Core or Allied Race?

With Shadowlands, the new character creation screen puts both core and allied races on the same screen, which plenty of room for more playable races. It’s possible that playable races are now just playable races, with some differences such as starting level and some needing to be unlocked.

In my opinion, Ogres work best as a core race of sorts, but possibly with their own racial hub, much like how allied races have their own small starting area.

The best thing to do with them would be to have some events involving the Stonemaul Ogre in-game, where you help to finally take back their own home for good and also help take over Dire Maul for the Horde, and then they become unlocked for everyone at a certain date. This is similar to the Cataclysm having some events that lead the Darkspear and the Gnomes to retake their older homes. New Ogre Players could start in their reclaimed home, similar to an allied race, and then go out in the world to do stuff for the Horde as they level in different places.

Whether they start at level 1 or whatever level allied races start at, the important thing would be to finally have playable Horde Ogres!

Possible Stonemaul Allied Race Banner and Tabard Design

There is a quest in Dustwallow Marsh where you have to retrieve a Stonemaul banner, which looks like this:

This design isn’t unique to the Stonemaul, as the same banner is used in other places, usually where other Ogre clans reside. It’s also used in the Worgen starting area for a quest, and is completely unrelated to the Stonemaul.

Regardless, it is still a possible design that could just be edited slightly, either the design or the colors, to make it more unique. It also could be added to a post to make an allied race banner in the Horde embassy if Ogres were to go the allied race route.

I suppose you could say that it’s a general design of most Ogres that came from somewhere that the other Ogre clans just copied since they weren’t creative enough to think of their own. Either the origins would be unknown or you could just say the Stonemaul, back when they were in Eastern Kingdoms, made it first. Makes for a fun story and world building flavor.

Do female Ogres exist?

They do! One official image is from the WoW Traveler book series of a female Ogre NPC:

Another one shows off an unnamed Ogre girl:

In-game, there is a female Ogre mask you can wear:

Lastly, there is an island named “Ogrezonia” that is mentioned in a quest. It is stated that female Ogres inhabit the island:

As of the time of this post, we have not come across any actual female Ogres in-game, but they do exist!

Class Choices

Given that Blizzard is moving towards all races being able to be almost all classes, just about every class is now a potential option for Ogres with one exception.

Before, class options of a playable race would be something very limited based on a variety of factors, such as lore and culture, and you’d have to play the role of Simon Cowell in determining whether a race/class combination makes sense or if it is too ridiculous and gets thrown out. However, since classes have been opening up for almost all playable races, with Dracthyr likely getting more class options at some point, a change is needed for class selection for playable race requests.

Now, it becomes a matter of looking at each playable class and seeing how it could fit instead of if it can fit. As such, I’ve gone over every current playable class and gone over how it could fit Ogres, with the exception of one class of course. Click a class below to read out my thoughts on Ogres being them.

Death Knight

Despite the events in Shadowlands, much as I try to forget them, I don’t see Death Knights never being an option for future playable races.

It has been discussed in here that there are ways that Death Knights could still raise others fully, and not as random ghouls or skeletons. Especially since raising undead in general is still a thing, so it wouldn’t be too out of the question for new Deaths to be created for a very good reason.

All that really needs to be done is to edit the Allied Race/Pandaren DK starting area to have Lich King Bolvar removed, add new race NPC’s when applicable, and quest text changed to be more expansion neutral. Letting WotLK/Cata races also start there would also be a good thing if that hasn’t already been done.

As for Ogres, it makes perfect sense. They’ve been on Azeroth during Arthas’ reign as the Lich King, so it is very likely that some could’ve been been strongly offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to join the Scourge, crappy health benefits and all.

While Ogres could fit in the original Death Knight starting area, I would guess that they would start in the newer area. It would be less work to start them there as opposed to making sure they work in all phases of the original starting area.

Demon Hunter

While I do see Demon Hunters opening up to other races, a lot is really going to depend on what exactly is done with that story-wise and to what extent.

I know there are races other than Blood Elves and Night Elves that are Demon Hunters, so it isn’t out of the question to see more races become them. I know a new starting area would have to be created like with Death Knights, though preferably expansion-neutral so future playable races could get added to it.

However, would all existing playable races get that as an option or would it just be a few races initially, with more being added overtime? This is the uncertainty that makes it a bit tricky to speculate. Ideally, all races could become them eventually, and it could be likely with Blizzard’s new philosophy on race/class combos, but it’s something to keep an open mind on.

As for Ogres, I don’t see why they would be excluded if Demon Hunters open up for more races. Maybe some have beef with demons since they messed up their home world or perhaps during Legion, some clans like the Dunemaul Clan wanted to hunt them after they attacked their territories. Definitely some good storylines could be made for Ogre Demon Hunters.


Likely one of the last classes we would see open up to all races in the future.

One of the tasks needed to be done with new Druid races is that each form would have to be made for every playable race. It would take a long of designing and planning, but not impossible. My hope is that each playable race would get to have unique animal forms as opposed to a generic model being applied to all future Druid races, which would be very disappointing.

For Ogre Druids, there are some complications. A lot will depend on whether we get two-head customization options and if so, would we see Druid forms with one and two heads depending on what the Ogre Druid has? Or would Druid forms have just have one head regardless? Hard to say what would realistically happen with Ogre Druids.

Speaking of forms, there has been some discussion on what Druid forms Ogres should have. A general agreement is that they should mostly come from Draenor, which makes a lot of sense. At a future date, I’ll gather up the suggestions and edit them into here.

As for why Ogres would want to be Druids, maybe some could appreciate the importance of nature when it comes to ecosystems. Or maybe some prefer places like woodlands over rocky or sandy areas. A lot could also depend on any storylines that are made for when Druids open up to all races.

Not entirely impossible for an Ogre to feel a strong connection to nature.


This is the on class exception I mentioned. Evokers currently are locked to Dracthyr, with no plans of opening it up to other races in the near future.

So for now, I don’t expect Ogres to suddenly fly and belch fireballs unless they experimented a bit too much on making spicy Ogre chili. If Evokers open up to other races in the future, I’ll be sure to edit this section then.


Pretty much a given for any new playable race going forward, really.

We’ve seen Ogres tame pets in-game and they likely go hunting with them. So there is precedent for them being able to be Hunters.

For starting pets, I would guess a Draenor boar, likely brought with the AU Stonemaul Clan when they came back with us in BfA. Otherwise, I could see the MU Stonemaul Clan potentially use crocolisks, since they are in a swamp, or the nearby thunder lizards in the barrens.

As for starting weapons, it seems fitting to me for Ogre Hunters to have guns instead of bows, so I could see them start with that. Big loud guns just really fits the image of an Ogre Hunter to me.


Mages have been opened up to all current playable races, aside from Dracthyr at the time of this text being typed, so I see future races being able to be them as well.

Ogre Mages are already a thing in-game, so I see no reason why they would be an exception. With the MU Stonemaul Clan, some could have been trained by Tabetha in Dustwallow Marsh, since she has trained a few members of the Horde as mages as mentioned in the Horde quest “Seek out Tabetha.” I’m sure she would have trained some of the Ogres as well.


With all current races being able to be Monks, I would guess that future playable races would also be able to be them. Even ones with models built from the ground up.

Some time has passed since MoP, so it is possible Pandaren visited Dustwallow Marsh and helped to train some of the Ogres there. I could see Ogres making really great Brewmaster Monks as well.

A bit weird to imagine Ogres doing flying kicks, but not entirely impossible. Maybe some animations could be more sumo-like to fit the image better. A lot depends on the playable Ogre models.


Speculation is that Paladin will be the next class to open up for all races.

We’ve seen Paladins of races that can’t normally be them on the playable side, granted some might cause some debate. We’ve also seen some Paladins get liberties taken to give them an interesting spin, like with Zandalari Paladins.

With Ogres, either they would have something like Zandalari Paladins or maybe some from the AU Stonemaul Clan escaped from the Lightbound and went to teach others how to utilize that power.

As for Paladin mounts, maybe a more regal looking Draenor Boar would be fitting. That would be my best guess.


Another class that was opened up for all current playable races.

Ogre Priests have been a thing in-game, so it isn’t something that would come out of nowhere. Maybe some would be more inclined to use the light and heal others. I can also see some becoming Shadow Priests as well very easily.

Not the weirdest combination to think about for Ogres. Especially since other races like Orcs can be Priests now.


And yet another class opened up to all current playable races.

Ogre Rogues are one of the weirdest combinations to think about, but there is some precedent in-game. Dagg from WoD is an Ogre Rogue, even if he operates a bit differently.

Perhaps some Ogres would want to sneak up on enemies to bonk them on the head as opposed to trying to take them head-on. Sure makes it easier to beat them up and such. So a weird combination, but there is some precedent for them in-game.


This is another class that is speculated to open up to other races. I would guess all races eventually, with each one hopefully having their own racial totems and some having their own spirit form.

Ogre Shamans are very much fitting and are already in-game. I assume their totems would be Ogre themed in some way, and maybe they would utilize a ghost warg or boar for their spirit wolf form. Something for me to think more on in the future.


Since Warlocks have been opened up to all current playable races, I would say that would carry over to future playable races.

Ogre Warlocks are already in-game, so I fully expect them to be an option for playable Ogres.


Ogre likes ta fight. Ogre get big club. Ogre smash tings.

If any class defined Ogres, Warriors would be it. Need I say more?


The male Ogre already has a dance they can use, shown here:

For female Ogres, the following are some suggestions as potential dances:

“Purple People Eater” by Sheb Wooley

“Maneater” by Nelly Furtado

More suggestions will be added in the future!

Potential Mount

The only mount I’ve seen Ogres in general have would be on Draenor boars:

If anyone else has any ideas, please feel free to make a suggestion!

Potential Issues with Playable Ogres

There are a few issues to mention with regards to playable Ogres that I feel need to be addressed. They are all workable, of course, but it’s best to look at them and see just how much of a problem they can be.

Size matters not!..or does it?

One argument I see about playable Ogres is their size. Most people imagine Ogres to be giant, much like the welcome image I have in the beginning of the megathread.

To begin, I don’t expect Ogres to be extremely huge. In fact, the ideal height, in my opinion, would be slightly above Tauren size. We see Ogres come in different sizes in the game, from the size of Tauren to about twice the size of Tauren. In some cases, official lore has Tauren bigger than Ogres.

Doorways shouldn’t be a problem if Ogres are slightly above Tauren size. Even then, it may somewhat clip into the door frame at worst. If anything, implementing ducking in the game, while it would be annoying at times, would also be humorous and give them personality. It’s what Ogres did in Everquest 1, and I don’t see why it would be an issue in WoW if we had to duck to enter some doors, in my opinion. Then again, I don’t expect them to be big enough to require ducking to begin with.

Size is important to Ogres, and balancing the right size would be a pretty important part to them. I honestly don’t see it being too huge of an issue to make a decent size for them, however.

Two heads are better than one!..but twice the pain to design!

One of the iconic things about Warcraft Ogres is that they’re capable of having two heads. As a playable race, I can imagine just how annoying this would be to design from a developer point-of-view. Despite that, if it can be done, it would be best to be able to have two-headed Ogres as a customization option.

If Ogres ever become playable, it’s going to be big news (pun not intended but I’ma roll with it). People will be wanting to know two things: What female Ogres look like and if Ogres can have two-head customization options.

If Blizzard can get two-headed Ogres working, it would be a big deal and an exciting technical marvel to the game. Being able to customize both heads and possibly transmogging helms separately would be amazing. A lot depends, however, if it would be possible on the programming side of things.

My opinion is that it should be looked into. If it is possible, then putting it in at launch is best. Otherwise, I could understand if a quest came out later that explained how two-headed Ogres are created and unlocks it as a customization option, much like how Night Elves have a Night Warrior quest that unlocks that customization.

If it can be done, it’ll make playable Horde Ogres that much more exiting.

How You Can Help!

Playable Horde Ogres aren’t a guarantee, but there are things you can do to help support the idea into possibly becoming a reality!

First, posting here is a great start. Share ideas, things like artwork and screenshots, and engage in discussions.

Second is to send in-game feedback. I made a list of how to do that here.

Third is to keep an eye out for any in-game events announced and attend them! I’ll provide details in posts here, so always check for the latest posts for news!

I’ll be thinking of more ways for people to help out, so check back occasionally!

Closing thoughts

Sumday…me hopes ta be part of Da Horde an see da world…

Playable Horde Ogres are long overdue and are a key missing race that would make the Horde feel more complete. I hope that we see the Stonemaul Ogres in action again soon, and that it leads to them becoming officially playable on the Horde someday. With luck, we’ll see the Horde remember they have Ogres within their ranks and welcome them back into the fold. I’ve been wanting playable Horde Ogres since I first starting playing WoW during Burning Crusade, and I’ll keep on marching my support for them as best as I can.

As always, dream big Ogre fans! :japanese_ogre:

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As such, it is important that our voices get heard somehow, and many of us have created megathreads here in order to advocate for these features to get added, have one place to have discussions, and to constantly share ideas on each megathread’s subject. It is not an easy feat to create a megathread, let alone maintain it, and it can often be all for naught since nothing is guaranteed.

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Ogres would be a great addition to the Horde that is, in my opinion, long overdue.

100% support this.


they look cool , i want small ogre


i wantgnome ogre


Sure I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Judging by the reaction to Kul Tiran, there won’t be anymore chonks anytime soon.


The more race options we have, the better.
I’d totally create an Ogre hunter.


There’s definitely different audiences out there. I enjoy the Kul’tirans, and I easily see ogres being more popular than really big humans.

It boggles my mind that the Horde didn’t employ their best shipwrights in a naval expansion.


I’ve been wanting the big bois since WoD, funnily enough. The Gorian empire was something that really fleshed them out in my opinion, instead of just making them “the orcs’ dumb friends” as I had previously seen them before.

Of course, characters like Dagg or Lunk really helped me like them a bit more.


Fantastic post!

I would hope that, should Ogres be implemented, they’d come with a goblin shrink ray as a racial, to facilitate indoor activities.

Being that their hitbox is so large, I think some kind of durability racial should be implemented as well. (Play a tauren in BGs and you’ll see why this is recommended).




The least played race for horde. It’ll be our version of the fat guys on the alliance


No point in putting in. 100s of hours of work for an oversized ugly race no one will play


Ogres for the Horde!

Fully support this and long looong overdue.



Hahahaha. Farts.


I wouldn’t expect Blood Elf numbers in terms of Ogre Players, but my own personal opinion is that it wouldn’t be particularly low. I do think a decent among of players would make Ogre characters long term, as being the big and dumb race is appealing and not especially represented in the playable race department, unless you want to RP your Orc to be a peon. It fills a niche that may attract some people who like that type of character.

With playable Ogres though, comes a lot of marketing potential. As I mentioned before, people will want to know what female Ogres will look like (for better or worse) and also if they made two-headed Ogres and how it works if it did. WoW would be getting a lot of buzz on the internet from such an announcement, as well as potential in-game events that would increase some hype.

All my personal opinion, of course.

Dream big, Ogre fans! :japanese_ogre:


Looks awesome! Fully support you and well done on the thread :slight_smile: Hope you get what you want.


Great work on the thread! You have my support for playable Horde Ogres!

Id also like to add that i think the Blood Troll Warmother skeleton, or something similar to it, could work quite well for a playable female Ogre model. In fact, when i saw one for the first time i mistook it for an Ogre lol.


Yeah, I love this idea. More things to pick from the better.


This is an amazing idea! I’d love to be able to play that model!


Same here. Id love to have my own chonky Ogre girl.