Unoffical Playable Ethereal Discussion Thread

This thread is dedicated to discussing the possibility of playable Ethereal, as well as Ethereal in general, and all the things they might come with if they are to be playable. Such as customization and new lore.

Ethereal Lore
Ethereal Culture
Which faction?
Emotes and Voice-Lines
The Dance Emote
Racial Banner and Tabard
Racial Leader
Racial Capital
Potential Classes
The Female Model
Customization options
Ethereal Heritage Armor and Mount
Ethereal and Shadowlands
My personal interest in Ethereal

  1. Ethereal Lore - What we know so far.

Ethereals are native to the planet K’aresh, which was assaulted by the Void Lord Dimensius. In an attempt to defend themselves, one of the mortal races on the planet partially succeeded in constructing magical barriers around their cities. Arcane energies brought onto the planet during the assault made it through the barriers, and tore away the mortals’ corporeal shells and infusing their souls with enough energy so that they could barely subsist without a body. They came to call themselves ethereals, and bound themselves with enchanted strips of cloth to provide their souls with enough structure to survive. This became a blessing, as it enhanced their minds and magical abilities. The ethereals would fight back against Dimensius, but due to his power growing over time the ethereals fled K’aresh.

Ethereal society would fracture into several factions overtime: First was the Ethereum, holding the ruling council of Nexus-Princes, which became dark and twisting in their obsession for vengeance. A Nexus-Prince that left the Ethereum would go on to form the Protectorate, the duty of which was to stop the Ethereum in their destructive path. Lastly is the Consortium, another offshoot group made of smugglers, traders, and thieves, that aid the Protectorate in their endeavors.

We first come into contact with the ethereals in The Burning Crusade, as both friend and foe. They are found throughout Outland, and we encounter all three groups. The main objective of the Ethereum on Outland was to use the manaforged of Netherstorm to become Void, but their efforts were thwarted by the Protectorate. We also help out the Consortium which came to Outland to benefit from its riches.

In Wrath of the Lich king we see the ethereals again. The Ethereum negotiated an accord with Malygos and the blue dragonflight during the Nexus War. This connection was used in a second attempt to become Void years later.

In Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, groups of ethereals came to offer many of their new technologies and services.

In Legion, the accord with Malygos is revealed. He promised the Ethereum access to his dragonflight’s treasures. The Ethereum, in their quest to become Void, were using the surge needles in Coldarra to call up Void energies from the Twisting Nether. With the help of the blue dragon Azuregos, we defeat the Ethereum leader. We later discover a group of Void ethereal called the Shadowguard, a group of Ethereum that succeeded in their quest, and their objective was to call the Void to Mac’Aree. Additionally, after the creation of the Void elves at the hands of the Netherguard Void ethereal group, we see that some ethereals join the Void elves in Telogrus Rift. A Void ethereal takes interest in us during the Trial of Style as well.

Lastly we come to Battle for Azeroth, where members of the Consortium provide portals to Shattrath City and continue teaching the void elves. Additionally, a Void ethereal sends another Void ethereal to the Brawler’s Guild to study us.

  1. Ethereal Culture

Ethereals are loosely based on pre-Islamic Arabia. They also have a resemblance to mummies found in Egypt, an Arab nation.

The ethereals are driven by trade and economics, and accordingly, their political structures are centered around trade princes and political “companies”.

They are similar to goblins, in the way their political systems work, and like the goblins, the ethereals will support anyone who would further their profits, and oppose anyone who dares interfere with their plans. They also share in the goblins’ propensity for technology, though their technology appears to be far more powerful and otherworldly.

Ethereals are known to be collectors and traders of arcane items and artifacts. They are liars and scoundrels who will stop at nothing to pursue their mysterious aims.

  1. Which faction?

There is likely to be much disagreement on this, especially considering how sought after this race is to play. Regardless of backlash, and with much debate, I have reached the conclusion that ethereals would be an Alliance race. However, there is still a very slim chance the race could be neutral.

So. Why the Alliance?
We are all well aware that the Horde and Alliance both have relatively equal interaction with the ethereals throughout the game. In recent encounters however, this interaction has been more and more focused on by the Alliance. With the addition of void elves, that creates a direct link into the ethereals joining. Additionally, the Horde already have a money and technology loving race with the goblins so giving ethereals to the Alliance would balance the scale.

  1. Emotes and Voice-Lines

Many people may be unaware, but ethereals have both male AND female voice lines. Due to ethereals being as old as they are, there are several expansions worth of voice-lines available.

While the race has very few emotes, they do still have a foundation to build from for their old and new models alike.

  1. The Dance Emote

This took me a while to figure out, and I by no means consider this to be a final draft decision.

I think the best choice of dance would be using a pop-culture reference rather than a cultural dance. While researching some options, most of the cultural dances used partners and the primary one that didn’t (belly dancing) I could not logically tie to ethereals.

In conclusion, I believe their dances should be a copy of the StarCraft 2 Zealot/Adept/High Templar dances. Males and Females can have the same dance, or pick 2 out of the 3.

  1. Ethereal Racial Banner and Tabard

The most likely faction of ethereals that would become playable would be the Consortium. An updated model is all that would be necessary, as well as changing the red background to be purple to match their partnership with the void elves.

  1. Racial Leader

There are quite a few candidates for this position.

Primary Candidate: Nexus-Prince Haramad
He is the last living Nexus-Prince and therefore the heir to becoming Nexus-King.

Another option is either Locus-Walker or Shadreen as they are the ones allied with the void elves. However, the process for “unlocking” ethereals could involve either of them locating Nexus-Prince Haramad and appointing him Nexus-King.

  1. Racial Capital

This one is quite simple really. The Consortium resides in the Stormspire located in Netherstorm. As this is their base of operations, it can remain as their racial capital.

  1. Potential Classes

The available classes for ethereals is very much already clear and set in stone.

Tinker - If this were ever added.

  1. The Female Model

We already know that both sexes do in fact exist, and there are a handful of NPCs and voice-lines to prove it. However, the sexual dimorphism is a bit lacking. This isn’t an issue though. One simple solution that Blizzard has already sided with is adding breasts to their chest pieces like other races already do. While that piece is un-equipped, their bandages and energy would slightly bulge outwards where their breasts would be.

Here is an example done in Hearthstone:

Androgyny is not a bad thing! An androgynous race could fit well for players that are non binary, prefer an androgynous look, and much more! Besides, the argument of needing clear differences went out the window with Vulpera.

  1. Customization Options

All of what I’ll be listing is what we currently have available through NPCs.

Cloth Colors:

  • White
  • Silver
  • Dark Purple
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Grey
  • Pale Green

Soul Color:

  • Void
  • Light Red
  • Magenta
  • Blue-Purple
  • White
  • Dark Magenta
  • Pale Green
  • Pale Blue

Wrap Style:
Various ethereal NPCs have different ways that they are wrapped in cloth.

For example, some have a single strand cross their face diagonally, some leave that section completely exposed, and some completely covered.

As another example, some ethereals have the chest wrapped in various ways, and some leave most of their chest exposed.

My last example I’ll list goes back to faces. If the face is completely covered, a glowing pair of eyes the same color selected for their soul could bleed though. It would essentially be the same effect Demon Hunters have access to for one of their blindfolds. A Hearthstone character has this option, and an image is shown below.

While there are almost no accessories, one that some ethereal players may like the option to have depending on their preference for old vs new ethereals is claws.

The new ethereals have metallic claws attached to the tips of their fingers. This can be made as a toggle in their customization.

  1. Racials

Drawing from what we know once again, here are my suggestions:

Translocator - An ability similar to the Vulpera Camp racials.
Allows for them to save a location, and using the ability again teleports them back to it.

Phase Shift - Passive. Takes less damage while moving.
If anyone has ever seen ethereals while they move, they leave behind fake copies of themselves that quickly blink out of existence. Them moving would cause the enemy to strike at false targets and therefore explain taking less damage. It would by no means by significant, just a 1% reduction for flavor.

Negotiator - Passive 5% price reduction on buying vendor good. As well as potentially a 5% increase on selling goods.

Bottomless Storage - Passively increases your bag space by 10.

  1. Ethereal Heritage Armor and Racial Mount

Anything from the new ethereal models would work well.
Here is a good option from Hearthstone:

As for their racial mount, I suggest this from Hearthstone

  • 13.5. Armor

Here are some examples as to how armor would appear on an Ethereal player. These images are of NPCs which doesn’t equip armor the same way as the player model, but this is simply to provide viewers with an idea as to how it looks.


Void Ethereal:

  1. Ethereals and Shadowlands

There’s no question at this point that there is some link between the Ethereals and Brokers. Their societies are very similar, as well as their design. It’s possible Brokers are what happens when an ethereal dies and enters the Shadowlands. That, or brokers are what business focused races become when sent to a merchant style afterlife realm.

  1. My personal interest in Ethereal

I first started playing WoW at the tail end of The Burning Crusade, and it was when I first encountered them in Outland where my love for them began.

I have the Ethereal Soul-Trader, and have farmed the armor set on all of my characters throughout the years. Unfortunately, because the armor is white quality it can’t be used for transmog.

Please consider submitting an in game suggestion for Ethereal. This can be done by: In Game Menu → Support - > Submit feedback or bug report.

  • I’ve finally decided to create a Discord server for this small community. If you’re interested in joining, the invite link is:

  • Please respect the rules and if you see something I need to improve on I kindly ask that I’m notified.

  • Since there is downtime in terms of new races, and information is few and far between, I’ve included an arcade section with a few games to provide members with things to pass the time.

If you made it this far and haven’t yet seen my Arakkoa and Saberon posts, please feel free to take a look here:


While I believe that Ethereals are the best race addition we can get, I do have plans to make a similar thread on Arakkoa in the very near future.


Additionally I’ll be doing the same for Saberon. It’s just a matter of picking which of the two to do first.


Just wanted to say I’m flattered you used my Sethrak post to help set up the template for this thread.

Happy to know mine is well written!

I wish you luck! :snake:


Happy to see another race megathread pop up. Ethereals have been a requested race for many years, and I know it would make a lot of people happy.

I’d also like to see a new Arakkoa megathread. It was a shame the OP of the last one was unable to continue it. :bird:

And if you get that Saberon megathread up, I’ll happily support it also. I actually would like Saberon to become playable! :tiger:

I wish you luck with this megathread. Much love from the Saurok and Stonemaul Ogre megathreads! :crocodile: :japanese_ogre:


Very nicely made thread! Ethereals are very cool, they’d make a great addition to the game, along with more rich lore.


Good post my friend. While I do like how you worked in the Void Elf connection for getting them to Alliance, I feel like having them neutral like Pandaran would be more ideal to how they are, not taking sides and negotiating with everyone. But if the give us Horde something awesome like Ogres to balance it I’d be okay with it




Good commentary Graff. You made some compelling points, but i think i’m gonna have to disagree with your reasoning.


Sounds good.

Ethereals would be an interesting AR. Why not.

Just to throw it out there,

What if they were “neutral” but not really.

In this sense you get Void based Ethereals joining the Alliance with the Void Elf Connection, and the Arcane type joining up with the Horde?


It’s a unique idea, but if they were to be made neutral I think it’d be best to have them completely neutral. Splitting them up like that would likely limit their class availability a little further and also limit their available customization.

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I wanted ethereal to be a race since the first time I saw their dashing animation… when they run they have these neat shadow copies of themselves trailing behind and it’s such a smooth run, almost like they are gliding towards their target. As a huge fan of the rogue class, this was an animation I dreamed of being able to use.


I like the idea of ethereals. Would loved to see them be a race. Maybe they could be a race in a heavy void centric expansion.


I would make an ethereal rogue in a heartbeat.

I agree, especially if the expansion were to take place on K’aresh.

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Given how it’s fairly likely that the next expansion will be Light & Void themed, that would make for a great opportunity to have it take place on K’aresh.

For anyone interested in RPing as an ethereal, if you are a rogue, or has a rogue friend, that has

You can locate an enemy ethereal you fancy and pickpocket it. Once you or your friend has the disguise, hearth. You’ll then need several

Simply swap appearances twice each time you want to refresh the disguise. The only downside is that you will always need a second person to help you. Myself and many others that RP as unique races have a trial account always following us in stealth.

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Conclusion: both are amazing and we need them playable.


Also don’t forget that if you don’t want to go through the hassle of using: rogues, multiple reflecting prism’s, and a second account or friend, you can always borrow an Ethereal Soul-Trader from someone or purchase one on the AH. The process for getting all the armor pieces doesn’t take as long as it may seem.


Fully support and the addition of Void Elves makes them even easier to introduce for the Alliance.