Why the lack of Customization?

They’re cute af together as well. The pieces Blizzard has written for them have been great. I would love to see homegirl with Azure Dragonflight woman more as well. Even if it’s just a solid af friendship. That duo was great during the NB questchain.


Most of the Blood Elf players enjoyed the misery of the High Elf topics so much, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is the reason why Blizzard gave into the request.

Both sides are absolutely childish but this could have been all prevented by have the Alliance given the High Elves in Legion. You blame the wrong people here, it’s Blizzard’s fault in recognizing and denying the request for some random explanation a’la “the Horde is waiting for you”…

It’s definitely Ion Hazzikostas and the core people’s fault. They even didn’t realize how unpopular Mechagnomes are. Who in their right mind truly believed that an ugly race will bring the Horde players over to play them? Who exactly? The Kul Tiran are a fine race but are a human customization which didn’t require a race slot. The Horde got everything they asked for: The Zandalari Trolls, requested ever since MoP. The Mag’har Orcs and a straight back options, ever requested since the beginning. Vulpera, the hotly debated and fought for race. On top of that every important lore-race from Legion is also Horde.

The Alliance got nothing interesting. Why aren’t the Broken playable? The Lightforged could have been simply a regular Draenei customization. Where are the interesting Alliance-races? Alliance-players have been so much conditioned in liking human-races it is frightening. Even now they request the Kyrians as if they haven’t enough humans.


Thalyssra wasn’t getting any at Suramar and it shows.

Well, you get stuck in bubble for a few millennia and you start craving something different

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Anyway, in case Linxy or any other CM/dev is reading this, thank you very much for all the customizations so far developed. You’ve made a lot of people happy - the High Elf fanbase, 2/3rds of the Void Elf fanbase, Nightborne fans (myself included), as well as LF Draenei and HM Tauren fans. Although admittedly these last two I feel would need a bit more love.

If you could only just fix Nightborne male faces, their scowl/M-shaped mouth isn’t appealing at all :frowning:

Void Elves would need Void options too, please check Fen’s thread:

As well as Ellincia’s thread:

Or if any of you CMs would like to join the Void Elf Discord and check out our Customization Ideas channel, filled with straightforward visual examples of what we’re looking forward to, we’d be honored by your presence there!! Fen has covered most of it already anyway in his thread, though:


Thanks!! :hugs:


I couldn’t have said it better buddy. Perhaps they could give Ogres and Sethrak to Horde, and Ethereals and Saberon to Alliance? Either way the faction imbalance problem will be resolved through the means of cross-faction gameplay and not through a competition on who has the more appealing assets now, that ship sailed a long time ago and people tend to just play the more popular side and follow their friends regarding M+ and raiding.

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in real life no one colour codes their eyes to their outfit lol

But I would if I could!

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All this cosmic Alliance Ethereal pushing is usually paired up with giving the Horde a race who still uses spikes as decoration.

Could we go for a cosmic Horde race to maybe have a rivalry pair off with the Ethereals? Hell at this point I’m willing to settle for a bunch of slimy void walkers as a race :sob:

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Give me dwarves for the horde.

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No, people are accountable for their own actions. People who wanted to harass others with real life info over not getting the type of elves they wanted should be held accountable. Ion didn’t force them to act like that. If I don’t get every little thing I want in a game do I get to leak peoples real life info, stalk them, harass them, and otherwise act badly? No, no I don’t. Not even to the people who oppose my requests. Not to Ion, or any other employees. Trying to cause harm to people because you don’t get your way in a video game is not okay, full stop.

And not everyone wants high elf fans to be miserable, some just wanted the blood elves to remain unique. I’ve been in the anti discord a while now though, and I’ve never seen anyone in there express a desire to harm people, and especially not over a difference in opinion on elves in a game.

Not all high elf fans are bad, but there really should be more of them calling out bad behavior on their own side. I should have done so more when I wanted high elves as well, honestly.


Thalyssra is a femcel. Pass it on.

But like, what?

I think Mogu would work TBH.

I don’t think mogu would put us in the cosmic game, Mogu are pretty"bound" to Azeroth.

Something that could put us into the upcoming cosmic conflicts and that would require cosmic capabilities. Preferably(for me) it would be void based to build up rivalry between them and the Ethereals, which would add more of a reason for choosing sides.

Well, Liadrin is kinda crazy, so maybe she brings another light-crazy race that thinks like xe’ra.

The user in question who got harassed tried to do this with me as well. As you American say, the grass is always greener on the other side. Do you remember what the first topics were about? The bitterness from the Void Elf players and guess which people jumped right into the discussion to enjoy the misery of the others. Most players brought this upon themselves, with the Blood Elf players starting this trend and the Void Elf players escalating the situation. It’s a good thing that the person in question does not post anymore here, his attitude was very toxic and petty. But he is/was not the only one. Some still try to take a piss near a hydrate just to mark their territorial. The Blood Elf players were forced to accept the situation and the five stages of grief were on full display the past weeks.

But these are just some random marbles nobody will care about anymore after the update. The problem lies within Blizzard for enabling these deranged people on both sides in the first place. The Alliance had been neglected and caricatured the past years and this is truly the first special moment they can enjoy as a RP faction. This is their big “High Five moment” they have been waiting for after our faction dominate the whole game. The Blood Elves should have never stayed Horde but neutral due the complicated history on both sides. I do hope this was a lesson for the developers.

I can’t speak for the discord channels because all my relatives and myself find both groups childish. Both sides have a warrant claim for High Elf customization due the lore and most of the Blood Elf players don’t want to accept this. I’m glad this was finally solved for the sake of all the forum users. And do you know what the sad part is? Within the next six months nobody will give a damn about these changes anymore because everyone grew accustomed to the new situation.


Well the Shadowlands revealed that there is cosmic worship of Elune across the cosmos, so maybe that means Anshe worship is as well? So while I know you want Void, maybe a Light theme that isn’t Naaru/Human themed would be cool as they could have a direct connection to Anshe.

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Or those things that sell stuff in the shadowlands.

The Brokers are such a cool addition to the Warcraft universe hnnnng.

Ethereal vs. Broker would be a funny rivalry. Kind of like Gnomes vs Goblins


The main thing I want is something cosmic so the Light could work. Void just makes the Ethereals going Alliance make so much more sense. They could have a kinship with the Void Elves as victims of the Void but hate actual void entities.

At the end of the day aside from lore Blizz also has to come up with something that people should want to play as.

Sure why not. IDK if they could have any male-female distinction though.

Ethereals probably wouldn’t either though I think that’d be a misstep since Ethereals clearly look male-bodied, and there would be no reason for fem ethereals to not take female shapes.

Another option is the non-cursed Arakkoa.
They worship the sun/light and they ARE from another planet.