Unofficial Playable Broken Discussion Thread

Welcome to the Unofficial Playable Broken Discussion Thread

The goal of this thread is for the discussion about the broken as playable race but also about the broken in general: lore, cities, mounts, heritage, class choices, customization, etc

Allied Race or Core race? It doesn’t matter. I only want to see them added to the game as playable race.

Feel free to share your opinion here or what you think about this or just to say a little “hello”: everyone is welcomed here.

Please keep in mind this thread is a work in progress. I will try to update this post when I can with new information, artworks or other things.

This thread is in several sections.



  • Who are the Broken?
  • Broken Tribes
  • Which Faction?
  • Racial Leaders
  • Racial Capital
  • Racial Mount
  • Racial Crest and Tabard
  • Heritage Armor
  • Recruitment Quest Ideas
  • Class Choices
  • Hunter Pet Possibility
  • The Model
  • Customization Options Overview
  • Racials
  • Language
  • Dances
  • Do female Broken exist?
  • Other thing
  • Other threads

Who are the Broken?

The Broken are a devolved sub-race of draenei who live in Outland. Before becoming the Broken, these draenei narrowly survived a horrific genocide by the orcish Horde. Blinded by rage, the Horde slaughtered most of the draenei race and forced the survivors into hiding.

After being exposed to the fel energies wielded by orc warlocks, many draenei were mutated into physically deteriorated forms known as the the “Broken”. Although the Broken in Outland (the shattered remnants of Draenor) were thought by many to have been completely wiped out by the orcs’ genocide and the world’s cataclysm, some survived and have formed various tribes. Many of them still fought for survival from the Burning Legion, who had claimed Outland with the aid of their fel orcs.

Later, Illidan and his forces discovered a surviving Broken village in Outland during their flight from Azeroth. The village’s inhabitants, ruled by Akama, swore allegiance to Illidan in return for him liberating them from orcish and demonic oppression. Many tribes have joined or become enslaved by the Illidari.

When the Dark Portal reopened, several of them tried to get to it and escape Outland. When the Alliance invaded Outland, many draenei sought to reconnect with and redeem their Broken kin. Some of these Broken they reached out to included the Kurenai in the Orebor Harborage and the Feralfen Lost Ones in the Boha’mu Ruins. While the Feralfen refused to re-assimilate with draenei society, the Kurenai were more receptive to reconciliation.

Having been corrupted by demonic influences, they lost some of their former draenei abilities, and their already Broken forms were further altered, causing them to become the sub-species known as the Broken draenei. While they are referred to as “Broken”, even by themselves, many, including Akama himself, still consider themselves draenei.


Broken Tribes

The Broken survivors have formed many tribes in Outland. They lost ability to use the Light, leading them to practice the shamanism.

Some draenei such as Velen, work to reintegrate Broken into draenei society. The fact there are so many Broken draenei working in and on the Exodar is a testament to Velen’s unending compassion for his people.

Kurenai: The Kurenai, Draenei for “redeemed”, are a group of Broken who have escaped the grasp of their various slavers in Outland. They recently took possession of Telaar, a town in the far south of Nagrand. They also maintain a small presence at Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh.

Unlike many other Broken, the Kurenai are trying their best to overcome their demonic taint. Nevertheless, despite their noble intent, the Kurenai are cautious toward all outsiders, who sometimes mistake the Kurenai for their wretched brethren.

The most imminent danger to the Kurenai, though, comes from ogres. In Zangarmarsh, the Ango’rosh ogres are moving in from the west, while in Nagrand, ogres from the Boulderfist and Warmaul clans are a constant threat to the safety of Telaar. Infighting between the ogre clans has displaced some of the big brutes from their mounds, sending them out searching for food in regions that had previously been spared the ogres’ insatiable appetite.

Another problem the Kurenai face in Nagrand is being caused by a different group of Broken: the Murkblood tribe. These savage Broken sacked the Mag’har settlement of Sunspring Post, slaying many orcs and destroying any chance of peaceful coexistence between Kurenai and Mag’har in the near future. To make matters worse, the Murkblood tribe seems to be planning to use their newfound strength against the people of Telaar.

The Kurenai were more receptive to reconciliation with the draenei sought to reconnect with their Broken kin. Because the Kurenai are trying to mend their ties to their draenei brethren, they are supporting the draenei’s decision to join the Alliance by allowing all Alliance members to enter Telaar unharmed. Those who seek out Telaar will find that the Kurenai, although wary of strangers at first, are good people who greatly honor the friendship of their proven allies. The Alliance would later solidify diplomatic relations with the Kurenai in Nagrand after helping them secure their home of Telaar from various threats.

While the Kurenai were content to help the Lost Ones who sought them out, they didn’t pursue them and those who went too far were immediately put down. Some of the draenei, on the other hand, were intent on ‘redeeming’ them all.

The Kurenai were also not fond of the Horde due to the orcs’ role in the genocide of the draenei people.

Broken exiles: An unnamed small group of Broken exiles reside in the Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows. They fend off the Lost Ones, their more corrupt brethren.

Currently, the newly introduced and healthy draenei have arrived to aid their brethren. The Horde is also willing to lend a hand, though the Broken exiles are somewhat cautious.

In the wake of the Cataclysm and the establishment of an Alliance outpost in the Swamps of Sorrows, the Broken exiles have abandoned their neutrality in order to join them.

Murkblood tribe: The Murkblood tribe is a tribe of hostile Broken draenei located in the Underbog and Nagrand. They are enemies of the Mag’har and the Kurenai.

They are led by Swamplord Musel’ek who rules from the Underbog in Coilfang Reservoir. Under Musel’ek’s general, Ortor, the Murkblood sacked the Mag’har post of Sunspring, killing a thousand Mag’har, much of whom were civillians. The Murkblood then framed the Kurenai for the destruction of Sunspring. Their Murkblood Putrifiers have also subjugated air spirits in Nagrand which drew the ire of the Earthen Ring.

The Murkbloods within Netherwing Ledge have been enslaved by the Dragonmaw Clan (Outland) and are mining in the mines on Netherwing Ledge. Theses Murkblood have secretly allied with Netherwing in an attempt to drive away the Dragonmaw.

Ashtongue tribe: The Ashtongue is the faction of Broken in the service of Illidan Stormrage. The Ashtongue tribe, also known later as the Ashtongue Brotherhood, is a tribe of Broken draenei feared among all Broken. It consists of the most vicious and bloodthirsty individuals, handpicked by Akama himself.

A group of Ashtongue were summoned to Mardum during the events of The Burning Crusade to help Illidan’s elite demon hunters. They were never made aware of Akama’s rebellion and remain loyal to the Illidari aboard The Fel Hammer. Akama himself later rejoins the Illidari.

During Mists of Pandaria, Ashtongue workers can be seen working on the broken siege engines in the large courtyard that once housed Supremus. They are working to restor the Black Temple from the destruction of Magtheridon and Illida but it will take many years.

Dreghood tribe: This tribe of Broken has been almost completely enslaved by the naga in Zangarmarsh and the Illidari demons. The part of the tribe in the Ruins of Sha’naar are used as labor force to look for an Ata’mal crystal and some of the Dreghoods were sent to Zangarmarsh to do manual labor for Illidan’s Naga.

They were led by four elders (Naladu the Keeper of Earth, Akoru the Firecaller, Morod the Windstirrer, Aylaan the Waterwaker) until Naladu betrayed the tribe for promises of power, and helped the Illidari to enslave his brothers. A few have managed to escape to the Temple of Telhamat and at least one has managed to escape to Cenarion Post.

The Dreghoods in the Temple of Telhamat are now led by the Omenai. Some of the free Dreghood are trying to relearn the old ways of the Light from the uncorrupted draenei. Their capital was Sha’naar in Hellfire Peninsula before they were enslaved.

Wrekt: This tribe of hostile Broken were partially enslaved by the naga in Zangarmarsh. They are being enslaved by the Bloodscale naga, a faction within Illidan’s forces, and are used to lumber mushrooms.

Those that remained free have allied themselves with the Firewing blood elves and Lost Ones of Tuurem. Ironically, the ones that went free allied themselves with the same master that enslaved their brethren, as both Vashj and Kael’thas are supposed to serve Illidan (though Kael’thas serves the Burning Legion now).

The Firewing are using the Wrekt of Tuurem as smuggling go-betweens for the creation of the Mana Bombs.

Greyheart tribe: The Greyheart are a tribe of Broken draenei loyal to Illidan Stormrage. They inhabit Serpentshrine Cavern in Coilfang Reservoir and fight alongside the Coilfang naga.

Wastewalker tribe: The Wastewalker tribe is a tribe of Broken who are enslaved within the Slave Pens of Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh. Who their leader or leaders were is unclear, but it is clear that they were sold out to the Illidari (Lady Vashj) by Mennu the Betrayer and a group of his close supporters.

Which Faction?


Broken that traveled with the draenei in the Exodar, are already part of the Alliance and many train draenei in the art of shamanism.

Kurenai a tribe of broken draenei in Nagrand are already loyal to the Alliance.

Broken exiles reside in the Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows are a part of the Alliance since Cataclysm. The settlement was refurbished with draenei architecture and now serves as an Alliance-only town with a flight path.

Racial Leaders

Farseer Nobundo

Farseer Nobundo is a Broken shaman farseer. He was formerly a draenei vindicator but lost the ability to call upon the Light during the fall of Shattrath City and was deformed by the fel energies released.

Shunned by his people, Nobundo took up the calling of the shaman while wandering the wilds of Outland, and introduced it to his people with the blessing of the wise Prophet Velen. He would accompany his people to Azeroth onboard the Exodar, and guide new draenei shaman as they began on their path.

Nobundo is one of the most famous Broken with Akama. We can see him in several expensions with a medium role sometimes as a part of the Alliance:

  • tBC => a level 70 shaman trainer located in the Crystal Hall in the draenei capital city of the Exodar

  • The Shattering: Prelude to Cataclysm => Velen sent him to represent the draenei at Magni Bronzebeard’s memorial

  • MoP => Nobundo represented the draenei of the Alliance in the Shrine of Seven Stars summit, where the Alliance dignitaries and allies discuss the pros and cons of using Sha power

  • He is also part of the Alliance version of Children’s Week)

He has, at least, 2 students too: Velaada and Dornaa (the Draenei Orphan of Children’s Week)

“With Velen’s support and encouragement, Noubundo met up with him at Telredor in Zangarmarsh and introduced the shaman’s path to the draenei, teaching all who were willing to listen. The shaman would eventually accompany Velen in the raid to retake the Exodar, and survived the crash on Azeroth. He remains there today, ready to share his knowledge with aspiring shamans in the service of the draenei — and now the Alliance.” - Unbroken, short story by Micky Neilson

Racial Capital

Exodar or a Broken camp close to Exodar

(Example of a Broken camp in Exodar - by Arthur Lorenz)

Racial Mount



Racial Crest and Tabard

(Racial Crest - by Arthur Lorenz)

I don’t have ideas for a tabard so if you have an idea for that, let me know.

Heritage Armor

(Heritage Armor - by Arthur Lorenz)

Recruitment Quest Ideas

After the opening of the Dark Portal, several Broken tribes flocked in droves in Azeroth with hopes of escaping this land (Outland). After defeating the Burning Legion for good (at least its most powerful leaders and soldiers) in the Legion expansion, we will see how the Broken acclimated to their new live in Azeroth with their Draenei sisters/brothers and with the Alliance.

Class Choices

  • Warrior

  • Hunter

(Hunter example - by Arthur Lorenz)

  • Rogue (Akama / Ashtongue Deathsworn)

(Ashtongue Rogue from the TCG - by Daarken)

  • Priest (Murkblood Healer)

  • Shaman (Farseer Nobundo / Broken Shaman) => they can manipulate the elemental spirits of fire, water, wind and earth

(Shaman example - by Arthur Lorenz)

(Shaman totem - by Arthur Lorenz)

  • Mage

(Mage example - by Arthur Lorenz)

  • Warlock (Fel-Caller Guloto)

  • Death Knight

  • Monk

Hunter Pet Possibility



The Model

Use the Krokul model from Argus


(Broken, female and male models - by Naitsade)

Customization Options Overview

  • Skin colors
  • Eyes colors
  • Face forms
  • Face tentacles
  • Hair tentacles
  • Feet forms
  • Tail forms

(ideas from Hipnos allied race concept and Arthur Lorenz allied race concept)

(Example of a broken female customizations - by Naitsade)

(Examples of broken female customizations - Hearthstone)


  • Shadow Stalker: 5 minutes cd, duration 4 secondes. Blend with the shadows around you, becoming invisible and purge root effects

  • Unbroken Will: Immune to one stun effect every 2 minutes

  • Outland Teachings: Inscription skill increased by 15

  • Swampy Skin: Increases your mana regeneration by 2% and the effect of mana restoring items by 20%

  • Legion Survivor: Reduces fel damage revieved by 2%

(ideas from Hipnos allied race concept)


  • Common
  • Draenei


Female dance:

(Dance from 0:26 to 0:51)

Male dance:

(Dance from 0:46 to 1:40)

(Original song just for fun)

Do female Broken exist?

Yes, female Broken draenei are confirmed in lore:

  • Unbroken (a short story by Micky Neilson)

  • “Deadly Predators” quest (… Unfortunately for our confused brothers and sisters coming from the south, the rock flayers that inhabit… - Scout Vanura)

  • World of Warcraft: Illidan, chapter 3 (World of Warcraft novel by William King)

But, for now, World of Warcraft does not currently have any female Broken draenei model in-game.

It’s possible that the female draenei of the Kurenai are meant to be Broken, but use the draenei model for lack of the alternative (similar to the female taunka who use a standard tauren model).

In Shadow Wing, a female Broken is visible in the crowd. She simply looks like a female draenei with Broken facial features.

(Female Broken in Shadow Wing)

In Hearthstone, female Broken have appeared on numerous occasions.

(Ashtongue Slayer - by Ivan Fomin)

(Baduu - Eric Kenji Aoyagi)

(Female Broken concept art for Hearthstone)

Other thing

This thread model is based about the Fenelon, Zitga and Bagzak threads. Thanks to them for this.

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Murloc or bust


I’d honestly like to see an option for Eredar (red skinned Draenei) but this is cool too. Nice work!

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I 1000000000000% hope for this to happen. :heart_eyes:

I’ve been wanting this since BC, make it happen Blizz. :grin:

Great post!!!



I am so here for this!

Broken for the Alliance! Krokul for the Alliance!


Ugly draenei let’s go!


Upvoted for support, for the great choice of fan art (I love Arthur’s work!) and for the great song! Ra-Ra-Rasputin!

As much as I like the void elves, I still think void infused broken would have been cooler, and made a lot more sense. I mean, they were the people we gained rep with!


Impressive. Blizzard could implement a huge number of new races and have no faction restrictions. I’m sure there are many well thought out ideas in the community.

Warcraft could become about faction Warfare instead of race wars.


I didn’t read your thread but I want Broken as playable on the Horde side and that’s all that matters.

Yes to Broken Draenei!

Excellent work, OP! I’d make a Broken rogue and/or mage in a heartbeat, those examples you’ve provided are rad.

I’d love it if Blizzard reorganized the races in this game. They should a category of each base race (Draenei in this case), and then allow the player to choose a Variant of that race if they which (Broken, Lightforged, or Eredar).

By choosing a Variant for a core race, the player would then have a plethora of customizations options unique to that Variant, and you could even go so far as to allow the player to choose a racial ability or two as well. This could also make it easier on Blizzard as well, as they can simply focus on designing more Variants and options, without changing the core races with each update.

This would make the game far more interesting and accessible.

This is an amazing :heart_eyes: thread.

What I like about the Broken is they look almost exactly like Protoss.

Well done on this post. Make another one about the Fel Orks and we’ve got ourselves an expac!

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Can’t believe I missed this thread. Been pushing for playable Broken for years. They’d make a great Alliance race.

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i would trade broken for a lazy soulless clone of blood elves in an instant

Broken have a cool story and I would like to continue this story now. I would like to see more stuffs with Nobundo and the Broken in the Alliance and with the Draenei too.

I’m really interested about the Draenei / Eredar stuffs so Broken are great for that. :smiley:

Having them as playable race for the Alliance could be great. I’m pretty sure it could be a fine addition to the Alliance. Other race like Furbolg or Jinyu could be great too.

We could add some of them with their new model in Stormwind like the Dark Iron Dwarves.

I would certainly make a Broken rogue or hunter but I don’t know for now. :grin:


Speaking of, I wish Nobundo had had a part to play on Argus.

All of this. When I saw the new Krokul models I thought for sure we’d get broken.

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If they added Broken, I’d finally make an Alliance shaman. They’re just too iconic.

I would love for some reason for them to he horde.

I’m fine with the Alliance getting them so long as the Horde gets Eredar. They get the elderly Draenei and we get the ones who traded their souls for sick demon powers.

Sounds interesting, I like it.