Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

This, I would sex change this character to male so fast if they got some of the customizations that Dracthyr Blood Elf males have, legit. :fire: :fire: :fire:

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I’m really hoping that Dracthyr have set a new standard of customization robustness for the devs going forward, and that every race gets a comparable level of customization selections as the Dracthyr have.


They betrayed nothing.

Blood Elves betrayed what made them High Elves, made unholy demonic packs, drank tainted magic, and hunted down any High Elves that refused to do the same.

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this is all headcanon lol.


Gross /10char

Been a long time since I posted this and its been quiet here for awhile so I’m just gonna throw this up again.

Some of it needs updating given some things that have come to pass but I think most is still valid.

Blood Elf Customization List

Still a work in progress…

Eyes, Hair and Faces
A great deal of options remain unexplored in regards to hair, eyes and faces and should be added to give Blood Elves a greater amount of options. Eye colors especially could be expanded for not only several new shades but also for greater player options.
Hair for Blood Elves should be expanded to show not only the prim and proper high elf styles but also to represent the militaristic Blood Knights, the wayfinding Farstriders and the cultural spread of Horde styles found among the orcs, trolls and tauren.
And honestly… just more face options…

  • New Eye Colors including, Amber, Orange, Red, Pink and Black. Colors that also sit between green and gold, green and blue and green and purple to represent blood elf eyes shifting from green to either blue or gold.
  • Phoenix Eyes
  • Heterochromia Eye Options using all available eye colors for either left or right eye.
  • Blind eye options for both left or right eyes with options for every color available.
  • New Hair options including shorter medievial military hairstyles, Curly hairstyles, Farstrider braided and dreadlock hairstyles and Horde based hairstyles.
  • New Hair Colors including more shades of the hair colors we already have as well as pink and proper black.
  • Eyebrow options including short, medium and long.
  • Beard options including long full beards and different separated mustache, sideburn and chin options.
  • Additional Faces.

By Somand

Warpaint, Tattoos and Scars
Options for warpaint, tattoos and scars should be added to Blood Elves a race that has been fighting for survive for years and struggled to get back to where they are now. Damage is expected.

  • Farstrider Warpaint.
  • Rommath Style Magical Rune Tattoos.
  • Henna Style Tattoos.
  • Phoenix Fire Tattoos.
  • Light Tattoos.
  • Scar options for the head.
  • Scar options for the body.
  • Damaged ear options.
  • Arcane Arm/Leg Prosthetics.

By Somand

By Ramavatarama

By Izzabelle

By Lancelot

By Lancelot

By Lancelot

By Aceline

More options that don’t fit as easily into a category.

  • More shades of skin tones.
  • Jewelry being opened up to both male and female models.
  • Body Jewelry (Beads/chains) readded to the model and available for both genders.
  • Jewelry colors being expanded.
  • Ear Armor options.
  • Jewelry in Hair decoupled and affected by jewelry color options.
  • Underwear Color Options (Maybe tied to jewelry color).
  • Body Type options.
  • Makeup options.

By WoW Devs

There are a few Sub-race options that could easily be applied to Blood Elves including Darkfallen, San’layn and Felblood Elves.
Though the Darkfallen now also include Dark Rangers/San’layn as the same thing the differences between them compel me to place them seprately.

  • Dark Ranger Options.
  • San’layn Options.
  • Felblood Options.

Heritage Armor
Several additions could be added to the Heritage armor or changed to make it feel a little better overall.
This includes a better Boot option that is more in line with the gauntlet, a Lor’themar style coat for the hips and legs and additional color options.

By Somand

Paladin Mounts
While the Thalassian Charger is wonderful and emplematic of Blood Knights, its getting along in years now and could use an updated model.
Alternatively a new model using either a Courser or a Hawkstrider would be a wonderful addition to update the model and bring it more in line with the newer chargers added since its creation.

By Somand

New Classes
Some new classes have been suggested for Blood Elves, specifically Druid and Shaman. Depending on how the classes were done both could be good additions to Farstrider ranks.
Though the druid could be done as a arcane Botanist bending nature to their will.

  • Druid
    Between the Botanists of the Botanica the closeness of Tauren and troll druids and the Farstriders closeness with nature alone Druids make a good potential class for Blood Elves.

By Kagesatsuki

By Riotfury

  • Shaman
    Though only one individual there is already at least one thalassian studying the elements. This could easily be expanded out. (I suspect the Farstriders wouldn’t mind the help of shaman.)

Feel free to toss suggestions at me to add.

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Blood Elf Shaman and Druids could easily be a whole cool questline where Talanji helps mediate treaties between the Belves and Amani in order to include the Amani into the Horde

and then Halazzi (Lynx Loa/Wild God) and Jan’alai (Dragonhawk Loa/Wild Good) are happy and help the Belves since they’ve always been so good to their children (Lynxes and Dragonhawks) so teach them Druidry and Shamanism with the Amani

Belf forms could be:

  • Boomkin = using the upright Arakkoa model with Phoenix motifs
  • Bear = Bear
  • Cat = Lynx
  • Flight form = Dragonhawk or Phoenix-y Eagle
  • Travel Form = Thalassian charger

I agree. It would be rather easy to get both the Shaman and druid class for blood elves.

Flight form definitely dragonhawk.

Travel I’d do the Hawkstriders.


Hey, at least we go fight for Azeroth when ever necessary.
That makes us the useful High Elves.

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Still waiting for more worthwhile customizations for blood elves blizzard!

Dracthyr really set a bar.


was it just humans that got the pink / purple hair this patch or the one incoming shortly rather?

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Only thing I wouldn’t mind seeing added to Blood Elves is the fel customization options from BC, think it was Sunwell.

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Humans get the fun colors in the upcoming patch, I’m hoping we will eventually get them as well since I’ve been asking for pink, purple and well fun colors in general for Blood Elves for years and years now.


Why is a race with a magical well, blood magic and fel crystals boring?

There should be so many ideas with the blood elves. We should bring back the convocation of Silvermoon with various elves such as blood elf, san’layn and fel blood.

Imagine being able to mix and match different parts from the different types of blood elves.

You could have an elf with demonic mutations such as red skin and horns. They could have banshee hair, vampire fangs and Sylvanas styled face markings.

This could really be comparable the dracthyr’s many options.


I know this isn’t part of the Blood Elf Thread but I wish the Blood Elven Thalassian Buildings was updated by now. I mean wouldn’t it be nice to see quel’thalas or the rest of Northern Lordaeron finally be updated with new HD Graphics.


It would be nice. I think they don’t because a revamp would require it to be unattached to the map of Outland. It’s not technically on the Eastern Kingdoms one. And they haven’t had any plans for enough content there to justify it. I’d also worry about a revamp because they might just destroy it further in some battle instance. And add bronze dragons there.

Someone pointed out in another thread that it would be very difficult to update northern Lordaeron. Because parts of the Ghostlands and Eastern Plaguelands overlap. For example, Deatholme is in the same geographical area as Stratholme is.
Also, Western Plaguelands is far above the sea level (while Ghostlands isn’t). So not only would they have to rework all of the Belf zones, but Western and Eastern Plaguelands as well. And possibly even Tirisfal Glades.

Not an insurmountable task by any means, but Blizzard has tried on 2 occassions (Cata and BFA) and failed. Or more likely decided it would take too much time to practially remake 4 zones from scratch.

This is probably the main reason the datamined Silvermoon Warfront was scrapped.

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;D you’re welcome

Thinking of these reminded me of some warpaint concepts. Currently working on making these 3D assets

Also! I have been working on a Core Race/Allied Race balancing project, by making AR share hairstyles with the closest AR, so in this case, Nightborne!


Ah thank you! BE dudes coming tomorrow!