Please Add A Entropic Embrace Toggle

No. I said there is no “representation.” Saying they shouldn’t have gotten the skin tones was an entirely separate sentence that had nothing to do with “representation” and everything to do with retconning the lore. If you can’t understand what someone says, ask first, instead of trying to push some false agenda.

And again… has absolutely not a damn thing to do with a racial proc.

If it fits in elven lore then it’s fine for the race. I do not know enough about all the elven lore to say they should or should not have darker skin options. What I will say is that adding features for ‘representation’ that do not make sense or fit with the story would be a poor choice.

Well, yes, technically, they did have to retcon the lore a little bit to add dark-skinned Blood Elves, but it’s not a huge retcon. A bigger retcon would be adding those skins to the default Orcs, since a big part of their lore is their skin becoming green due to demonic corruption. Mag’har already have those skin colors.

Male Blood Elves literally got so shafted on the customization pass, it actually just hurts. Hopefully, we get more.


We love High Elves, yes, but we shouldn’t completely destroy what’s left of Void Elf identity

Ask for proper High Elves instead

Void Elves go deeper into the Void

Blood Elves embraces the Light more than ever

High Elves, on their search for a new identity, accepts new combat styles (Shamanism, Druidism)


My thread has a whole section about EE.


Everyone’s account data is publicly available as long as you have the “share data” toggle activated in the Blizzard account options. This also includes the country you’re from, which game language you use and your characters. Deactivate it if you don’t want people to find out about you. The switch takes up to 30 days until active. allows external developers to build applications and experiences for our players using game data. Unless you turn this share off, some information associated with your account, such as gameplay data and your BattleTag, may be shared with external developers. Your name, email address, physical address, telephone number, and other similar information will not be shared without your specific consent. Disabling this feature may take up to 30 days to process.

It’s not stalking. The user in question has likely used a pvp site or browser add-on which lists all your characters a bot has crawled up. Just deactivate the sharing data option and you will be fine.

And here I wanted my monk to keep EE on all the time. I think it looks cool much like shadow priests

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Take a shot for everytime who has to remind you that you’re a void elf. :beer:

Actually, don’t. :neutral_face:

But as long the option also comes with the option to turn it on full time, sure. :slight_smile:

Imagine getting void options :weary:


So was Blood Elves if were being honest. I mean why give the high elf options like blue eyes for Blood Elves then if were going to retain identity of the races?..

Well, ask for both then. It’s not a zero sum game. Plus, what makes you think all the chances are gone?.. I mean it’s not like Blizzard is going to be like “Alright, no more void elf options” atfer they give us the options, because the last time they said “no more customization options”, kind of bit them in the bum… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I mean if anything going by their history of saying “we won’t do this”, would actually kind of confirm it later down the line, doesn’t it?..

So why you said this then?.. :point_down:

…That’s seems pretty spiteful and hypocritical to say “Void elves don’t deserve high elf options, only blood elves does, because identity!”…

Why you guys are so focused on trying to control people’s wants?.. I mean do nobody think to themselves “Maybe Blizzard didn’t add any void options because we are being pretty spiteful towards the void elf players who are happy with their high elf players and also making the high elf customization options a more popular thing then those who love the options ever can…”? :confused:

Some people want to play with their Void elf as a High Elf, and they shouldn’t be shunned or shamed for liking something like that. Their just as fine as people who play Void elves, want more void elf options. And i pretty much fall into both camps. I do like the Helf options, but i also wanted more Velf options.

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Helfer entitlement intensifies


You will get Void options in the near future, however, the High Elf situation was way more urgent for very, very obvious reasons and it has been granted now.

It’s literally not stalking in the slightest, because our Characters are public on the internet, since that’s the decision Blizzard went with…

…Honestly… not really. Especially since their models and animations were pretty gosh darn similar to being the exact same. I can’t really say they were ever unique to begin with, aside from the hairstyles and skin color, which those get covered up by the armor anyways.

Even Nightborne has different animations and a slightly different model that immediately set them apart from Night Elves, even if you take the Horde and Alliance away.

If you have a race with a dark shade of color for their skin, it would be likely they might possibly have a darker variation of them. Because that’s how Skin pigments work and other science stuff. (i’l admit i don’t know a lot about this, so if anybody knows, let me know. )

Yes, yes, i know, fantasy, but it still sort of applies since they are going by this rule. I mean if you have a Green Orc, it’s likely to have a light Green Orc and a Dark Green Orc. Or a light pink night elf to a dark pink night elf. A light stone colored Dwarf to a dark stone colored dwarf, A Dark grey Tauren to a jet Black Tauren, and on and on.

I think having both this and the option to be visually Entropic Embraced full time would be good.


Agreed, there’s nothing wrong with having both. :slight_smile:

Plus, it will kickstart into making more Voidy options, won’t it? :smiley:

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I realize this post will almost immediately be attacked or bashed. But I would like to request one more feature for Void Elves, and that is to add in an NPC in Telogrus Rift, that will allow us to KEEP the Entropic Embrace cosmetic effect ON outside of combat. (fixed).

We are Void Elves, Entropic Embrace is essential to our identity and distinction from other Elves in this game. Also, please refer to the Void Elf Customization Thread, as we want actual Void Elf customizations, not High Elf requests obfuscated as ‘Void Elf requests’.


It would require a racial rework which is why the players will likely only get a recolor option.

Not really? At least not from what i’ve seen with other races and such?

If so, i guess what i would be asking then is more on the lines of glowing tats or veins or something like that keeps it being separate from Entropic Embrace. Or even Add to it, by making it glow even more when it happens. Like i imagine picking an option for glowing viens, that subtly pulsate though the skin, then when it procs, the effect is now magnified, as the skin changes. As well customizating the Entropic embrace to show whenever you want it: Full time, combat only, normal (procs in combat) or Off. (While giving a full screen effect or just having it be an active buff to activate)

Is it?.. Because i honestly barely notice it from time to time. Asking it to be full time to no time would give us more control over it, wouldn’t it?.. I mean if were saying it’s essnetial to the identity.

Is that why you made your Void Elf look like a High Elf then?.. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hopefully so. But, I’m in full support of all races getting as many customization options as reasonably possible as well. So, I’m not exactly going to say no without some fairly major walls being up in the first place. In this particular case, I can look at it as simply-

  • A High Elf of the Alliance that is or isn’t possibly seeking to become a Void Elf (Entropic Embrace toggled off)
  • A High Elf or Void Elf that has started/has been wielding the powers of the Void (Normal Toggle of Entropic Embrace.)
  • A Void Elf that has delved deeper into the power of the Void (Entropic Embrace turned on full time.)
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