Kul'tiran Love & Customization Thread

Gather up my bothers and sisters, let’s show our appreciation for the island nation that stood on its own these past 8 years.

So drop anchor, pull up a chair and take a drink. Share a tale or two, sing a sea shanty, or just show your support!

For Kul’tiras! :anchor:

While we’re here lets get a list together of customizations my brothers and sisters of the sea want for our race!

We’ll start with the easy things:

  • Scars separated by head and body and more of em.

  • Tattoos, obviously nautically themed, separated into body and face.

  • Not to mention blind eye options for both sides and with all eye colors. Also heterochromia options for all eye colors.

  • Drust and Tidesage tattoos as well.

  • More hair styles, hair colors, eye colors and beard and stache options.

  • Thin model and regular human model toggle. (We do see Kul’tirans of all three sizes regularly so why not?)

  • Unlock the rest of our druids flight form colorations!

Now lets move on to some less likely things:

  • Drust body modifications, scars showing some drust like magic seepin through.

  • Glowing eyes for Drust magic and Tidesage magic. Give us some interesting water glow affect for the Tidesages maybe?

  • Perhaps a model toggle for less belly since some folk seem to think that makes us stronger somehow.

  • Peg legs, Hook hands and so on.

Lets get some nice things for the Kul’tirans in a serious and helpful manner for all sorts.

Athair watch over you and Tidemother guide you.

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I just finished my Kul Tiran rep!

I’m cominnnn


I have no love for the female model. But this might also be, because I do not love my own current RL model which is quite alike.

The male model however.



Every one of my new toons have been KT, they are awesome. Love their racial as well.


Racial has been a life-saver in many dungeons. Tank loses aggro, attacks me or healer, I knock it back towards the tank. Usually doesnt take long for tank to take the hint.


To think, if you guys hadn’t decided to randomly set sail one day, you could have stayed and become awesome werewolves like we did!


Working on a Kul Tiran fury warrior.


Yea, we’re good without being susceptible to fleas and squeaky steak shaped chew toys.


Can’t wait for the female 120 to chime in!


KT, DI, and HM are the only ARs I don’t have yet and this month is the time! I’ll finally roll the big, beautiful, dreamy hunk that I deserve

Edit: also mechgnomes, but I won’t be going for them


The KT Druid forms are fantastic. Super jelly of those.


I agree, except for the front side of the boomkin. -shivers- luckily, while playing one, you don’t see it so that’s how I managed to get to 110. XD

I love both the male and female KT models.


Error: Inferior allied race detected. Initiating Laughter.exe.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Look alive there, ye scallywag!


Male or female love em both!

(This is my first character on the American region after playing Australian for a year. Nice to meet you in your home turf. :slight_smile:)


You mechagnomes get it bad. Come on now, you don’t have to give it back.

I like your mog by the way.

I’m so happy to see the overwhelming love! I was honestly a bit afraid to make this post.


Is there a race with a more skewed M/F ratio than KT? Regardless of popularity it’s got to be 10 to 1 if not worse.

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Kul’tiran horses are freaks of nature. They look like they could eat Stormwind Human horses.