Kul'tiran Love & Customization Thread

Gather up my bothers and sisters, let’s show our appreciation for the island nation that stood on its own these past 8 years.

So drop anchor, pull up a chair and take a drink. Share a tale or two, sing a sea shanty, or just show your support!

This thread is for those who wish to show their love and appreciation for the Kul’Tiran allied race as well as a place to discuss desired customizations to be added to them!

Please note that I do not expect all or even any of these to come to fruition. They are desires and wants, that I’ve mostly pulled from the community, nothing more.

Drede has put together a wonderful thread for customizations for all races!

Feel free to tell us what customizations you too would like to see!

By Unknown

This thread will be divided into a few parts:

  • The Most Likely Options - The options most likely to become reality.

  • The Less Likely Options - These options are still amazing but are regrettably less likely to become reality.

  • Kul’tiran Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts. - Additional heritage concepts, weapons and mounts.

  • Kul’Tiras and the Seafaring Nations Story - My hopes and dreams for the Kul’tiran people and their story.

  • Allied Race and Customization Threads - In alphabetical order and author notated.

The Most Likely Options
In this section I’d like to go over some of the Most Likely options that have been requested. These are common and low impact to the model and form of the Kul’Tiran but are still well within the realm of possibility.

Hair, Hair Colors, Faces, Eye Colors, Eye Shapes and Jewelry
Hair, face, eye and jewelry are all simple and common requests to better the allotment of customizations for Kul’tirans. More hairstyles, more hair colors, more facial hair, more faces, eye colors, heterochromia options, eye shapes and jewelry really would go a long ways to helping ensure that Kul’tirans can actually look unique.

Additional Faces and Modifications:

By Big Mama

Tattoos and Scars
Seemingly the most baffling of omitted options for the seaworthy people of Kul’tiras are their tattoos and scars. Something that I’d have expected from a nation of navy soldiers, pirates, hardy mountain men and monster hunters. Indeed the concept of the Kul’tiran seems intently designed to be a good place to find these things.
Nautical tattoos are among the most requested however, many also request tattoos to represent the drust, tidesages and simpler things like the Alliance symbol.

Its important that the Scars and Tattoos are separated from each other, and further that the face and body tattoos/Scars are also separate from each other. If Blizzard wants to add in warpaint too that would be a plus.

(Pictures to come)

Thin and Normal Models
Among the most common requests is access to more than the hulking Kul’tiran model. Since we see the thin and normal stormwind human body type shown in Kul’tiras it would be nice to have access to both thin and regular models. Its understood that blizzard wanted to diversify the race and the Alliance playing board with the hulk model however for lore reasons that just seems odd.
Its highly doubtful that the only Kul’tiran adventurers turned out to all be the hulking soldiers common to the island nation.

By Blizzard

Additional Options
Here we’ll discuss some of the additional options that are likely but don’t fit anywhere else.

Druid Flight Form colorations that are locked should be provided finally!

By Blizzard
It would also be awesome to get this option for those druids who completed the Mage Tower.

By Timawa

The Less Likely Options
In this section I’d like to highlight Less Common and More Model Affecting customizations that have been requested.

Pirate Modifications
The most common but unlikely options requested are the Pirate themed ones. Peg legs, hook hands, false eyes! The list could go on and on for pirate themed limbs and accoutrements.

Drust Options
Many players request Drust styled effects that could be applied. These include concepts like a Drust construct arm or leg or hand or other modification or Drust tattoos seething with drust magic. Glowing Drust colored eyes as well.

Tidesage Options
In a similar vein to the Drust options above many want to see some options to better represent the Tidesages. Namely similar tattoos glow effects and glowing eyes, but lets imagine even more and think of arms modified by the recent attempt of their leader to make them into the K’thir. Tentacles for an arm and hand?

Inquisitor Options
And of course we can’t forget the Inquisitors! Similar to above where the tattoos radiate some sort of fiery power and the eyes glowing an ember fiery color to match. Possibly adding in some sort of body modifications as well.

Other Options
This covers options that are unlikely and don’t fit anywhere else.

Belly model toggle to lessen or change the belly so its more muscled and less pronounced.

By Big Mama

Kul’tiran Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts

By WoWHead

Heritage Armor

By Blizzard

Here we see the Tidesage concept (that would later become Lord Stormsong) and the generalized armor of the Inquisitors.
Our heritage armor is great and aside from desiring some more colors for it, perhaps using the existing houses of Proudmoore, Waycrest, Stormsong and even Ashvane; I’d like to see additional sets for these two aspects of the Kul’tirans.
Ideally these would be new heritage sets alongside their own couple of tints however for the Inquisitor side I could see a recolor of the main heritage set to get that done.

Heritage Weapons Added

By Blizzard

Here we see a early concept art for Kul’tiran monster hunters and much of it was already pulled through for heritage itself, however, the potential Fist weapon is one of the heritage type weapons I’d like to see tied into a later heritage questline. Its so unique and kul’tiran at the same time that I just can’t not think of it whenever I try to visit this topic.
However a fist weapon only helps so many classes and I’d hope to see properly matched swords, daggers, maces, staves and even a gun and crossbow added to match our looks. And as above I’d like to see either recolors or a slightly different set to represent the Tidesages and the Inquisitors.

Heritage Mounts
While our heritage mount is quite acceptable, I would like to direct this part of the discussion towards the potential paladin charger that we could see come from classes being expanded. A paladin mount for the Kul’tiran’s has a few areas it could thematically come from.
Those being the regular Light based paladin, a fire based Inquisitorial Paladin or a Water based Tidesage Paladin.

In the case of the Light based one I wouldn’t be surprised to see just another Kul’tiran horse with the regular light based barding one might expect.
With something like the Inquisitors I would like to see browns and steel being a main coloration with vials of quicksilver and alchemical fire hanging on the saddle ready to be used.
The Tidesages would obviously have their iconography and a watery blue steel feel to the aesthetic.

Whatever they go with I’m sure it will be awesome to behold!

Kul’Tiras and the Seafaring Nations Story

By Blizzard

The Story of the Kul’tiran people I have no doubts will continue and I’d like to see them not be subsumed by the Stormwind humans. Much like the Gilneans the Kul’Tirans are their own people and should not just be treated as human. I want to see them rebuilding their fleet, explore more of their drust druid magics and look even deeper into the reformation of the Storms Wake as it transitions into a regular Tidesage organization again.
With the war over I imagine Kul’Tiras is indeed working diligently to reestablish the homes damaged or lost during the war, rebuild their fleet and reestablish Drustvar’s mining and agriculture alongside rebuilding the Tidesages and their boat production and their own agricultural lands. Keeping in mind that the Ravencrest house and its people were devastated by the Drust Witches and the Storms Wake had to oust their own leader and many of their fallen brethren.
I imagine in both Drustvar and Stormsong Valley the Drust Cult and the K’thir are still active in some small groups and will need to be rooted out, towns rebuilt, people will need help.
Meanwhile Tiragarde sound faced a great deal of its own tribulations and much of its Industry formerly run by the Ashvane Company will need to be reconstructed and used to assist its people again.
I’d also love to see a greater amount of story to explore the couple of Wild Gods that exist on Kul’Tiras, such as Athair, Athainne and Greenstalker. It would also be neat to see if there are perhaps more such Wild Gods in or around Kul’Tiras and as a personal head canon of mine it would be neat to discover that the Tidemother is indeed a Wild God or Loa herself, likely a Kraken.

Kul’Tiras has a long ways to go to recover and I’d love to see Blizzard make note of and mention of this in game.

Paladin and Demon Hunter


By The Lost Codex and KeyboardTurner

Paladins, honestly, should have been a class available to the Kul’Tirans upon release. Much like the Zandalari should have had their Warlocks, it was only a matter of Blizzard foolishly feeling classes needed some odd balance that kept them out. Now that that is no longer a concern however, lets talk about what they could be.

First and foremost they could just be a group from the regular Church of the Holy Light. The Kul’tirans were there when the order was formed and could have easily submitted troops to be trained.
Second, they could be Tidesages who took up arms to defend their brothers and still follow the path of the spiritual Kul’Tiran faith. I imagine in this case we’d like to see a Tidesage Class Skin to really make this shine, with water versions of the regular paladin abilities.
Third, The Inquisitors could be used as the basis for the Kul’Tiran paladin. In this case, its not entirely needed for a class skin but one to replace some if not all of their abilities with things that better fit the Inquisitors would be amazing!

Demon hunter I think would most likely come in one of two flavors.
First, just some Kul’tirans being trained by the Illidari and following the same path otherwise.
Second, Witch Hunters of the Inquisitors as they expand their ranks. Some take it particularly far and here we’d also see a Class Skin being used to change some of the abilities.

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Other Allied Race and Customization Threads
Here I will post other Allied Race and Customization threads. If you’re interested in threads like this one and want to see more I implore you to seek out these other threads and their creators and support any and all that you like!

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Athair watch over you and Tidemother guide you.



I just finished my Kul Tiran rep!

I’m cominnnn


I have no love for the female model. But this might also be, because I do not love my own current RL model which is quite alike.

The male model however.



Every one of my new toons have been KT, they are awesome. Love their racial as well.


Racial has been a life-saver in many dungeons. Tank loses aggro, attacks me or healer, I knock it back towards the tank. Usually doesnt take long for tank to take the hint.


To think, if you guys hadn’t decided to randomly set sail one day, you could have stayed and become awesome werewolves like we did!


Working on a Kul Tiran fury warrior.


Yea, we’re good without being susceptible to fleas and squeaky steak shaped chew toys.


Can’t wait for the female 120 to chime in!


KT, DI, and HM are the only ARs I don’t have yet and this month is the time! I’ll finally roll the big, beautiful, dreamy hunk that I deserve

Edit: also mechgnomes, but I won’t be going for them


The KT Druid forms are fantastic. Super jelly of those.


I agree, except for the front side of the boomkin. -shivers- luckily, while playing one, you don’t see it so that’s how I managed to get to 110. XD

I love both the male and female KT models.


Error: Inferior allied race detected. Initiating Laughter.exe.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.


Look alive there, ye scallywag!


Male or female love em both!

(This is my first character on the American region after playing Australian for a year. Nice to meet you in your home turf. :slight_smile:)


You mechagnomes get it bad. Come on now, you don’t have to give it back.

I like your mog by the way.

I’m so happy to see the overwhelming love! I was honestly a bit afraid to make this post.


Is there a race with a more skewed M/F ratio than KT? Regardless of popularity it’s got to be 10 to 1 if not worse.

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Kul’tiran horses are freaks of nature. They look like they could eat Stormwind Human horses.