Unoffical Playable Sethrak Discussion Thread

This thread is dedicated to discussing the possibility of playable Sethrak, as well as Sethrak in general, and all the things they might come with if they are to be playable. Such as customization and new lore.


Why a new Sethrak thread, when there’s already another with over 6,000 replies?
Sethrak Lore
Sethrak Culture
Story throughout BfA
Which faction?
Emotes and Voice-Lines
The Dance Emote
Racial Banner and Tabard
Racial Leader
Racial Capital
Potential Classes
The Female Model
Customization options
Sethrak Heritage Armor
Sethrak and Shadowlands
My personal interest in Sethrak.


  1. Why the new thread, when there’s already one?
A few of us in the previous thread for Sethrak decided that the original thread was too one sided. The original thread was only intended for discussing the possibility of Sethrak on Alliance and vastly ignored The Horde or even a Neutral approach. Some of us believe that the original thread caused people who wanted them on Horde to avoid it entirely. I and others have felt it would be better to have an unbiased thread for both factions, so that those who want them on Horde would be more inclined to show their support, and so those who want them on Alliance could also show their support.

The original thread was made in September of 2018, and despite three edits, with the last one being as recent as October 2019, the original post is a bit outdated in terms of its story, and doesn’t mention the things Sethrak and Sethraliss have done since 8.0 and lacks much discussion of the Sethrak’s involvement outside of the foothold quests the Alliance participate in.

Here is a link from WoWhead that covers this early speculation. While some of this is still outdated, there is good information in this article.

In this new thread I intend to cover all Sethrak content, both canon and speculative. If there is anything I am forgetting, please let me know and I will make the appropriate edits!

I do not discredit the original megathread as it has seen over 6,000 replies and is on it’s 7th thread in total. You can see the course of the discussion and popularity here. Note: The first 6 threads will only be a link as they went to the old forums and those have since been nuked. Clicking on these links will only redirect you to the forum home page.

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And here is the active link:

  1. Sethrak Lore. What we know as of now.
The Sethrak are a race of bi-pedal serpentine people endemic to the desert region of Vol'dun on the continent Zandalar. Long ago, the Sethrak and Zandalari lived in harmony when Vol'dun was still a lush jungle. Together they worshipped the Loa Sethraliss.

Approximately 16,000 years ago an Old God minion was unleashed upon Voldun in the midst of the Aqir and Troll War. The creature sent to sow chaos and death was a C’thraxxi called Mythrax The Unraveler. Mythrax assaulted Vol’dun and massacred both Zandalari and Sethrak alike. To save her people, the Loa, Sethraliss confronted Mythrax and sacrificed her own life to defeat the Old God minion, but not before Mythrax was able to damage the seal of Atul’Aman. With Sethraliss’ death, the once beautiful jungle of Vol’dun, withered to a wasteland of sand. The Zandalari retreated, finding the new desert environment inhospitable.

Art: hipnosworld on DA

Upon witnessing Mythrax’s destruction and the sacrifice made to put a cease to it, the Sethrak deliberated on how to stop such chaos and despair from happening again. So Sulthis, with the help of Korthek and Vorrik decided to seal away Mythrax forever. The three of them channeled power into the heart of Atul’Aman and successfully forged three keys of power that sealed the C’Thraxxi Warbringer away. The three of them then became known as The Keepers. For a period, Korthek and Vorrik co-ruled their people and continued to teach their loa’s ways in her absence.

A time after Sethraliss’ death, the Keeper Korthek became restless and hungered for power and war. Here is an excerpt from some interactive ruins in Vol’dun. The text is written from Sulthis’ point of view.

“There is talk within the temple. Korthek is eager to attack the trolls. They are a formidable race that will not fall easily. We’ve lived in peace for so long… why would he now desire to start a fight he cannot win?”

Shortly after this, Sulthis hides his keystone, suspecting Korthek’s desire to resurrect Mythrax and betray them, and all their Loa had stood for. Correct in his intuition, Korthek murdered Sulthis, but was unable to acquire his key. With the betrayal, Korthek formed his own faction of like-minded Sethrak and slaughtered all that opposed him. They become known as The Faithless. The Sethrak that remained faithful to Sethraliss and refused to bow to Korthek either died at the hands of his ranks or fled their home and were forced into hiding, led by the Keeper Vorrik. Referred to as The Devoted, they hid away in dilapidated ruins of The Terrace of the Devoted, awaiting their Loa’s return.

The Keepers and what they stood for, found during a Horde quest that turns you into a snake are as follows.

Keeper Korthek

Korthek the Brave!

Tales of strength and strategic agility are passed through camps of young warriors, and they all speak his name. When the battle is bleakest, tales of Korthek ignite the flames of battle.

He is able to turn the tide single-handedly! He fights for his people with passion and ferocity!

He is a beloved brother.

For him, none will compare to the sethrak. We are the best. We are the wise. We are the mighty.

With him at our back, no outsiders shall harm our powerful nation!

Keeper Vorrik

Lawful, just, faithful, firm - these are the words that echo the name of Vorrik.

His service to Sethraliss is profound and unwavering. His wisdom and clarity of vision are without question.

There is nothing that will distract Vorrik from his duty as a Keeper.

With his honored brothers at his back, he will maintain his eyes on the horizon.

No enemy will ever get near enough to awaken our sleeping giant.

Keeper Sulthis

Sulthis is the most closely connected to Sethraliss. The love he bears for his loa, and for the desert, inspired him to adopt the cobra as his spirit guide.

He is often regarded as the first Keeper. While his power was immense, he knew it wouldn’t be enough to seal the tomb alone. He sought out others to share the responsibility. Vorrik and Korthek agreed, and thus the Keepers were formed.

Sethrak travel from far, and near, to place tokens of their affection at the feet of the statues of the Keepers. These tokens embody all that Sulthis represents.

The C’Thraxxi must never have another chance to destroy everything we hold dear.

  1. Sethraliss

Sethraliss is a massive snake Loa that lived in the once verdant jungle of Vol’dun. She was worshipped by Troll and Sethrak alike. She appears to be the Sethrak patron deity and has control over lightning.

There is evidence she may also hold domain over life, fertility and resurrection as Vol’dun withered to sand with her death and snakes generally symbolize these forces. There is also evidence she is a loa of mothers and motherhood.

As referred to in “Tales of De Loa”:

“In densest jungle of darkest green,
Rules mother of many, but rarely seen.
Warm and lush and full of life.
Iron will and without strife.
Her mind unfurls, envelops all.
Her faithful ever heed her call.
Across de ages her eyes do see,
Seeking de best for you and me.
Through darkest night, and brightest day,
She will ever find her way.
In her, ya haven will be found.
Her all for us, her care profound. Love unsurpassed will surely be,
When Sethraliss ya truly see.”

Another thing to note is she has a Sethrak Avatar form and is currently the only form we see Sethraliss in. Based on the massive snake skeleton in The Temple of Sethraliss, I believe her snake form would be somewhat akin to a viper or the cobras around Vol’dun. As of current we do not even have concept art of her serpent form.

There is something to note from the Children’s Week Horde Quest, where a Zandalari orphan is taken to meet Sethraliss.

“Vorrik says: Sethraliss! You must conserve your strength. I can handle this pilferer!”

This snippet from Vorrik implies Sethraliss was not reborn at full strength. No explanation has been given so far, but there are two possibilities that come to mind. 1. In her absence, the number of her followers and shrines had thinned greatly. A Loa’s power is tied to their followers. And or, with what we know about the events in Shadowlands, she was reborn from Ardenweald with less than ideal anima.

Either way this could be an explanation as to why we have yet to see her true form.

  1. Sethrak Culture

The Sethrak are loosely based on the Bendouins. A nomadic group of Arabic people. There appears to be a splash of Ancient Egyptian culture as well. This can be seen in Sethrak architecture, textiles, way of dress and more.

Some examples of Sethrak cuisine. Based on this. Sethrak can be safely assumed to be omnivores.




  1. Story throughout Battle for Azeroth
Emperor Korthek leads the Sethrak Empire as its self proclaimed ruler and has amassed a great army in preparation to conquer all of Zandalar. Most of Vol’dun is occupied by The Faithless both above and below the sands. A small corner of Vol’dun is held by Vorrik and The Devoted.

Emperor Korthek, allied with General Jakra’zet seeks Vorrik and Sulthis’ keystones to resurrect Mythrax and use him to dominate the entire continent. While the Horde Hero goes to seek out an outcast Zandalari Troll known as General Rakera within Vol’dun, they are shot out of the sky by a crack of lightning summoned by Korthek.

In the meantime, on another side of the desert, The Alliance has established a foothold. After slaying a handful of Faithless, the Alliance Hero is sent by Halford Wyrmbane to retrieve Sergeant Ermey who had gone missing. The Alliance Hero happens upon Ermey and a badly poisoned Vorrik. Vorrik weakly informs them that Private James has been taken by The Faithless. Ermey urges the Alliance Hero to gather ingredients for an antivenom, thus healing Vorrik. Vorrik, once recovered, reveals where Private James has been taken and that he had entrusted the human to hide his keystone. Perhaps unknowingly.

Aboard a Pterrodax, they ride to The Temple of The Devoted to find it under siege by The Faithless. Vorrik asks for the Alliance’s aid to break the siege. Successful, Private James is retrieved and Vorrik’s keystone is safe once more. The Alliance Hero returns to Shatterstone Harbor to report their findings to Wyrmbane who has this to say:

“-Wyrmbane listens to your report.-

The news of this C’Thraxxi is troubling, but you did well in befriending the local population. This likely won’t be the last time we’ll have to depend upon them.

Well done, -name-.”

The Alliance Hero then follows up with Magister Umbric. Who has this to say.

“I was skeptical when High Commander Wyrmbane asked me to accompany him to this vast desert. I did not believe there would be much of interest here.

My assumptions, pleasantly, were unfounded. The Sethrak who populate this region command powerful magic and wield it with unconventional techniques.

I’m eager to study their accouterments to further unlock their power, but my first priority is to aid you and the High Commander in whatever task you have need of me.

Please, do not hesitate to call on me.”

This dialogue was added later, as initially all Magister Umbric did, was complain about sand.

Elsewhere, The Horde Hero wakes up in a Faithless prison. With the help of a Vulpera named Nisha, they escape, slaughtering many Faithless in their wake. After a time the Horde Hero meets Serrik. Their first encounter with a member of The Devoted. Like Vorrik, he was badly poisoned. With Kiro’s help, The Horde Hero is able to heal the wounded Sethrak.

A relic owned by The Sethrak, reacts to The Heart of Azeroth. The Horde Hero is asked to inspect the ruins and statues nearby, revealing important lore on the three Keepers.

At one point a weapon is mentioned, one the Faithless are desperately looking for, and Serrik gives The Horde hero a hint. In the ruins of Zul’Ahjin, the Horde Hero finds Sulthis’ hidden keystone. When they return, Serrik recognizes the stone and asks the Horde Hero and their companions to come back to The Temple of the Devoted as Vorrik would be able to confirm its identity. As they arrive, a Sethrak woman named Zissiah runs to meet them, explaining Vorrik had been captured by The Faithless. (Poor guy can’t catch a break, can he?) The Horde Hero speaks with Zissiah and goes to Vorrik’s aid, successfully rescuing him. Once returned to the Temple, the importance of the Keystones are revealed.

Vorrik comes to the realization that he must stop Korthek and requests the Horde Hero’s help in putting a stop to Korthek’s madness. On the way, the Horde Hero helps Izarn and Seriah rescue Devoted Sethrak and outfit the Temple defenders with weapons. The Horde Hero then joins Vorrik at his old shrine to Sethraliss, to find Vulpera using it as a refuge. With the help of the Vulpera and a mighty Pterrodax, Vorrik and the Horde Hero stir up some trouble, hoping to get Korthek’s attention. This is not quite enough to draw out Korthek and the Horde Hero is once again asked by Vorrik to gain his attention. This time by slaughtering even more of The Faithless and retrieving stolen relics of power. This is finally enough for Korthek to come face them. During the fight Nisha joins the battle. While the combat goes on, Korthek reveals this was in part his plan. The temple is undefended and General Jakra’zet has claimed the keystones. Before the final strike, Korthek insists he did not force any of their people to follow him and that the Sethrak are conquerors. Vorrik strikes the final blow, killing the emperor. His old friend.

Vorrik makes a vow that he will reunite his people as one.

Vorrik and the Horde Hero rush back to The Temple of the Devoted to find the two keys gone and Serrik dead. They travel to Atul’Aman to stop Jakra’zet, but with General Jakra’zet’s death, Mythrax is reborn. With his rebirth Vorrik emplores the Horde Hero to enter The Temple of Sethraliss, as the loa’s time for rebirth has passed and Vorrik suspects something is preventing her from returning. Upon entering the Temple, Zul’s henchmen are attempting to corrupt the Loa. She asks the Horde’s aid in restoring her. With some effort, Zul’s goons are defeated and Sethraliss is revived!

A Priest of Sethraliss is also notably present at Talanji’s coronation.

Located in Hall of the Lesser Loa.

As well as the spirit of Sethraliss herself.

Added in 8.1.5 is an additional quest in honor of Children’s Week. The Horde Hero brings a Zandalari orphan to The Terrace of The Devoted as Azala wants to meet Sethraliss. Unfortunately this does not go terribly well, shown in the following dialogue.

Azala says: -name-, look at dat!
Azala runs toward the keystone.
Azala says: Can you give me a boost? I just want to touch it…
Vorrik runs from behind, yelling.
Vorrik yells: Child! Get away from the keystone!
Azala yells: Ahh! I wasn’t going to take it, I swear!
Vorrik says: That keystone is a powerful artifact, and it is important to my people. You shall not lay a hand on it.
An avatar of Sethraliss spawns on the keystone.
Avatar of Sethraliss says: Vorrik, do not scare the child.
Vorrik says: Sethraliss! You must conserve your strength. I can handle this pilferer!
Avatar of Sethraliss says: Have I not taught you to keep a steady hand, my follower? To not launch yourself headfirst into violence?
Avatar of Sethraliss says: Young Zandalari, you may be used to getting away with whatever you please, as you skulk through the streets of your home.
Avatar of Sethraliss says: But be careful when you are dealing with powerful artifacts. Dishonesty under my gaze is not taken lightly.
Avatar of Sethraliss says: Beware falling on the wrong side of a loa, Azala.
Vorrik says: -name-. Please escort this nuisance out of our terrace.”

  1. What faction should the Sethrak join?

This is a section that has seen some huge disagreement. With datamining done to Vulpera, there were many that assumed Vulpera and Sethrak would make a debut as a paired AR. Only natural right? As both races are encountered in the same region and with the Faithless, appear to have a “natural” rivalry. I cannot say for certain but I do believe this played a part in the massive Alliance following and popularity for Sethrak to be The Alliance AR. This being said, it was all speculation on the community and there is evidence that Blizzard had all Allied Races for BfA preplanned, which you can read in this article here:

This thread is oriented to have a more open approach to humoring all possibilities, instead of having exclusively one vision for Sethrak.

So. Why The Alliance?

There is plenty of truth, that compared to The Horde, Alliance does very little with the Sethrak. Vorrik is saved and his keystone recovered, aside from that there is some dialogue worth mentioning. This key dialogue from Halford Wyrmbane and Magister Umbric that potentially hints towards The Alliance having interest in allying with The Devoted faction of Sethrak. This would not stand out, if it were not for the fact that their dialogue was changed in 8.1 to better indicate this possible interest.

If you completely ignore the above, it could be argued that Sethrak would make a nice counterbalance to The Alliance. Something that is noted by Blizzard once again in this article:

As well as this snippet of dialogue from an interview with Blizzard.

“Lots of discussion about Nightborne joining the Horde. Thoughts on that and Thalyssra’s grudge?”

  • From far away you’d think they’d join the Alliance because of how close they are to the Night Elves (same with Void Elves and Horde) but that’s not how it turns out. That’s what’s cool about the unlock scenarios, you’ll find out the specific reasons WHY these factions and faction leaders make those decisions - a cool story twist!

There is also the surviving Faithless Sethrak to consider, which I will cover in more detail in the Neutral Faction idea.

Now. Why The Horde?

The Devoted Sethrak are well set up to join The Horde with the story given to us through BfA. There is no denying The Horde was far more involved with The Devoted and have accomplished great feats for the Sethrak people by rescuing Vorrik and saving Sethraliss.

From a pure lore standpoint, this is the obvious and natural choice.

Some examples of how a Sethrak player character would look amongst The Horde! One with an edit to make the glow a red tone.

Well, Sethrak are really popular with both factions, so why not make them Neutral?

This is personally my preferred route for Blizzard to take as it is a win/win situation. To do this The Devoted follow the course of the BfA storyline and join The Horde.

Then The Alliance would get The Faithless. But why The Faithless? Aren’t they the bad guys? We killed a bunch of them!

Canonically the only interaction The Alliance has with The Faithless Sethrak is blasting a few at Shatterstone Harbor and running the remaining off. And with Korthek dead and their empire reeling from a loss in ranks, there is potential for The Faithless to seek new allies. To further this idea, there could be Faithless that do not wish to rejoin Vorrik and The Devoted when Vorrik tries to reunite his people. In a sense, these Faithless could become “reformed”. While seeing the error of Korthek’s approach, but not feeling right under the wing of Sethraliss again, they seek a new life and new future. This splinter group of Sethrak could potentially join The Alliance. And to follow a growing theme. People change.


  1. Emotes and Voicelines

Sethrak were given male and female voice lines. Some more notable than others. I believe most of these voicelines were added in 8.0, but some may have been added as late as 8.1 as well.

Here is a loop of female voicelines for a generic npc.

As for emotes. Sethrak possess a handful of unique and thought out emotes. This may mean nothing more than the love and care of the artists, but there is possibility that either the Sethrak were considered as an Allied Race early on, or the foundation work was laid down for a time in the future.

Notable emotes are

/sleep (I mean, look how CUTE)




And perhaps the most peculiar for a unique npc model:


This is the emote needed and used to work The Heart of Azeroth.

  1. The Dance Emote

There could be a couple approaches to this. The links included are videos.

Such as.

Belly Dancing. This is a cultural dance.

Male Belly Dance

Female Belly Dance

Or, some pop culture references.

Walk Like an Egyptian- The Bangles

Summer and her friend dance to Snake Jazz in Rick and Morty.

  1. Sethrak Racial Banner and Tabard

Keep in mind this is all speculative and idea storming as nothing has been confirmed at this point.

I went ahead and found some possible contenders for the Sethrak racial banner. What you would see in the Stormwind or Orgimmar Embassy.

^ This one seems the most likely or obvious choice.

^ The designs on some of these tapestries have potential that could be used for tabards or the banner.

^ Another strong contender for the Racial Banner.

  1. Racial Leader

Currently The Devoted leader

  1. Racial Capital

It is safe to assume that The Temple of Sethraliss is the Sethrak Racial Capital.

  1. Potential Classes

What classes would be available to Sethrak player characters?

I suspect we could see:


An example from Hearthstone.


Art: Drkav on DA

And a potential totem design here:


Art: ground-lion on DA


Art: DragonAsis


Default pet: A Krolusk.



Art: Howlite on FA


Less likely but nonetheless interesting.


Art: DragonAsis


Death Knight

  1. The Female Model. Sethrak have no obvious female model! They’ll never be playable.

This is not a big deal for several reasons.

Remember the Nightborne NPCs? Only one male and female model existed. Blizzard built their playable models separately. Something similar could be done with the Sethrak.

A possible female design exists in Sethraliss. Sethraliss is designed slightly differently from actual Sethrak. This could be merely because she is a special character and a loa no less. But there are some interesting differences that could be applied to all female Sethrak. Sethraliss’ model has wider hips and a higher set chest.

Androgyny is not a bad thing! An androgynous race could fit well for players that are non binary, prefer an androgynous look, and much more!

A unique sexual dimorphism approach.

If a difference is a must, why not go with big strong women? In the snake world, it’s the females that rule. They are often double in size than their male counterparts. Making the female Sethrak model taller could be an interesting take.



Yep, those are all boys trying to court that one lady.

  1. Customization Options

I will start with what we have currently available through the NPCs.

Skin Tones



Tarnished (A green-brown color with a metallic sheen)



Eye Color:






More skin tones, eye colors and accessories can be added. But for a start we have a small but nice selection.

Now let me include some mock ups of customization options that the artist DragonAsis did.

These sheets are pretty solid, and show the possibility of how wide customization could go with playable Sethrak.

Some other possible customization options could include:

Hood Patterns:

Tail Options:

Rattle. (This is what we see on the end of the Sethrak NPC’s tails)

Spider Tailed Viper. A unique, spiny tail option.

Generic. Nothing fancy!

Pupil Type:

Slitted. (Npc default)


Vine Snake. For an Alien look!

  1. Racials

Again drawing from the npcs, there are two solid active possibilities that would be iconic to the Sethrak.

Electrified Scales

100 yd range

2 sec cast

8 second cooldown

The caster infuses their scales with static electricity. Any enemy that lands an attack on the caster suffers Nature damage.

The cool down would likely have to be extended. But this is a start.


Venomous Spit

20 yd range

0.333 sec cast

3 second cooldown

The caster spits venom at the target, poisoning them for nature damage every 3 seconds for a duration of 9 seconds.

This would also likely have to be modified. I imagine this could be cast at instant speed.

The Sethrak seem to be a very resilient race and adapt well to change. This could be reflected in a small increase to Tenacity, as their passive racial.

  1. Sethrak Heritage Armor and Racial Mount

Sethrak have a very unique armor and clothing style. Anything below would be perfectly suitable!

As for a mount: I suggest one of the unused Krolusk Mount Models.

The Krolusk is the perfect racial mount for Sethrak. It is an incredibly important animal to their way of life. It is used as livestock and a draft animal. (Draft animals are working animals such as pets, beasts of burden and mounts). The Krolusk’s heavily armored exoskeleton even serves a purpose in fortifications and housing.

The mount could be called Bazaar Krolusk.

Like the Caravan Hyena, perhaps it could be outfitted with a few extra accessories to make it stand out.

  1. Sethrak and Shadowlands.

This first part is simply speculation on my part.

Sethraliss has recently been reborn and there could possibly be ties to Ardenweald here.

This section contains Shadowlands Spoilers.

By all means, nothing in here is a confirmation of playable Sethrak but I do believe it is at least Blizzard’s nod to the race’s popularity.

I will start with datamining. There have been several Sethrak npcs datamined for 9.0. Their purpose and locations are currently unknown but it is at least intriguing that the files were added.

A bigger point. Emeni.

Emeni is an abomination in Maldraxxus that is one of the available soulbinds to players who choose this Covenant. She was a Sethrak noble in life, known for slaughtering hundreds of her siblings to claim the throne. It has been confirmed she is a Sethrak princess.

This is also likely just a nod to the Sethrak popularity with the community but it opens the potential to learn a lot more about Sethrak history and paves a possible path for new lore to be added and the Sethrak story to be continued with.

I will update this section, the more I discover.

  1. My personal interest in Sethrak. A passion for snakes and World of Warcraft.

I’ll keep this bit short.

All my life I’ve had a keen love for snakes and fantasy. As WoW being my favourite game, playable Sethrak is the perfect race for me as it rolls my passion and hobbies into one.

Meet Hershey.

Hershey was my beloved pet Hognose Snake. He passed away February 12th, 2020 from cancer.

I have a dream of making him into a Sethrak Hunter.
Artist: rasielius on FA. Character is mine.

  1. Acknowledgements

I would like to thank my fellow members of the community that have stuck it through, advocating for this fantastic race. It’s been about a year since I had started to support this idea vocally and I greatly appreciate all the support given to both me and playable Sethrak!

Also, another big thank you to Blizzard and the World of Warcraft Team for breathing life into such a unique and beautiful race! I appreciate all your hard work.


Sethrak have a huge fanbase with lots of passion for their design and lore. This thread is about supporting and sharing the passion to see them become playable! WoW is overdue for a reptilian race!

Please consider submitting an in game suggestion for Sethrak. This can be done by: In Game Menu -> Support - > Submit feedback or bug report.
Artist: wendi_g0 on Twitter



Sethrak for the Alliance! Or Horde! Or Neutral!



EDIT: Finally read through it all. Thank you immensely Nadezhdha (And the others who helped you get this done.) for putting this together. This new thread will better tie the Sethrak Community together whether the individual is a Alliance or Horde supporter and flesh out the new bits of lore that hasn’t been easily visible with the last thread.


And I can say that it is perfect. I loved. :snake:


I support Sethrak! Well done thread! Adding it to my megathread index for you guys :slight_smile:


Very well done thread. What a mammoth of an opening! Very well put!

As it’s still a new thread and quite high up, I’d recommend everyone to watch this lore video on Sethraliss. It’s quite nice even if it’s not new.

I think that we should add that Sethraliss does not seem to be at full power yet either, as seen in the children’s day quest “The sethrak queen”, where Vorrik says “Sethraliss! You must conserve your strength. I can handle this pilferer!”

I would also like a small section for the krolusk, the backbone of the sethrak empire! They are mounts, battle companions, beasts of burden, and food!
As said in this quest.

They even use some large ones in tent making!


I almost forgot about that. Thats not a bad idea to add a blurb about at least. Her Avatar may be replaced with her actual form if she ever gets to full power…

They’re versatile. Could also be used for a their druid forms if Blizzard doesn’t go with a sand design.

Krolusk Bear
A krolusk shelled cat form…

that sort of thing.


Here to show my support for the new thread!

Wonderful work, Nadezhda.


What an excellent new thread! I’ll keep rooting for playable sneks for as long as WoW exists. They’re everything I could want in an allied race.


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Yessss new thread. Hopefully this brings more Horde support. #sethrakFORDAHORDE


Hello Nadezhdha! Great to see you got the upgraded Sethrak megathread up. I may not be an avid supporter of Sethrak, but I do wish you well in your lobbying attempts. Hope the thread goes smoothly!


Sethrak as a playable race should have been a no-brainer decision. Do you guys hate money or something?


Thank you so much!

I’ll make sure to add that in. Once I’ve had my morning coffee. :rofl:


Sethrak are the enemies from Dreamscape, starring Dennis Quaid. It was a 1984 sci-fi film that I always liked and I’m glad that someone brought these monsters to life.

EDIT: I should add that Sethrak are not IN the film- this human-snake form IS in the movie, and it was rightfully terrifying to 10 year old me.


I’ve likely seen the film, knowing my father. He is huge into old sci-fi and fantasy films and made sure I was cultured as well.

I never had issues with snake monsters. I’ve loved snakes since I was 2 or3.

Now the Smog Monster in Godzilla and the space wasps in an episode of Doctor Who terrified my 6 or 7 year old self for a while.

:snake: :crossed_fingers:

Done! I included this under the Heritage Armor and Racial Mount Section. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I included the Children’s Week quest in the BfA story section as well as Sethraliss’ section, and added the lore video as well. I actually had never seen the video. Loved it!


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Sethrak for the Alliance! (but playable is fine blizz seriously. Please. Please. ) :snake:



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I’ll unfortunately trigger you more. xD My ref sheet for Hershey is being worked on. And since I am currently Alliance I got a full body ref of him in Alliance themed armor.

I may ask the artist later for a commission of a Horde alternative outfit.

I’m not picky!