Fellow Void Elves - Log out at the barbershop!

I already have a male and female blood elf, I’ll likely keep my male and female void elves a beautiful shade of bluish purple, maybe change hair or hair color but otherwise I like the different of skin tone. Looking forward to seeing it on others though fo sho.

I can’t wait. After all these years it’s High Elf time. :eyes: I just wish we got maybe 1-3 more hairstyles and a dirtier blonde.


Looking forward to the Lightforged customizations way more than anything, I think they look amazing.


Don’t play elves really, but I did park my highmountain there. Can’t wait.

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In YOUR opinion.

Yes, that is YOUR headcannon.

Again, in YOUR opinion.

For you.

Again, for you.

Most people don’t need literal interpretation, there is no leap between having High Elves standing in TR and then saying they are VE’s. That you need some words to tell you that is just YOUR requirement. It always will be, for most folks, the obvious is the obvious and no one thinks they all just sit there and then walk away like you do because the game didn’t write something down to tell you what happens next EXPICITLY so you can say “lore”.

It’s actually kind of funny because what you imply is that if people go to a rally at a specific place to listen to others and partake in whatever they decide to put their time behind that definitely means that they are not one of the group unless it’s written down somewhere that says they are part of that group. NO ONE is a part of that group unless it’s written down somewhere to tell YOU specifically that they are part of a group. Think about it. Does that even make common sense to you?

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While I agree with you that it is not explicitly needed to have the lore there, I also very much want to see that lore there so that we don’t have any question.

I would very much like to know for sure how they’re taking those Wayfarers and Scholars and turning them into void elves proper.

In the doing I’d hope they’d update Telogrus Rift considerably and add some buildings and connections to the other islands.

Maybe use that Void Storm as a source of Void Essence to conduct a ritual to infuse the recruits.

I go over it in the last section of my thread…


you have some great updates awaiting. i logged in the ptr when they were announced and messed around with nightborne customizations. looking snazzy. now ya just need outlines on the hands and mana hair. :innocent:


It’s not opinion. It’s actually fact.

Wrong. I don’t have headcanon. I’m talking about factual lore in a story universe.

If feel like I’m having a “much uh, ya-huh!” back and forth in a schoolyard.

It’s not interpretation. We’re talking about actual canon lore.

You’re comparing apples to shoes.

This is a story universe with written lore, facts and history.

Nothing you’re saying is making sense.

All I’m saying is that when it comes to factual lore for this story universe, Helfs have yet to be written as becoming Velfs. You want to headcanon it? Go for it. But lore-wise, Blizz hasn’t added it and they need to.

Done and done.

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What’s really stopping players RPing that they are high elves? It’s not like they are obligated to follow the lore or else risk eating a ban. :man_shrugging:

…It’s not just horde players mate…

He said “seemed supportive”. He’s implying that the way your acting towards the high elf customization options and people celebrating was contradictory to your stance to the how you act towards customization options and people celebrating them previously.

I just said:

Err why no one talking about the tentacle toggle option? “Pensive” is one of the best hairstyles, but with tentacle toggle off it’s just feel unfinished and completely ruin the model :unamused:

Okay. I do agree Blizzard should be obligated to explain why Void Elves can be High Elves now.

Or really any other customization option, like the human customization options, dwarves and so on. If they can explain away easily about Night Warrior, i don’t see the issue in doing exactly that with the others.

Or heck, explain why barbershops dye skin, swap faces and do all this other impossible crap like it’s the medieval version of Face/Off. At least that will (vaguely) explain everything. I mean even something simple as replacing the barbershop NPC with one of the ethereal will do. Infact, they kind of already do with one of the barbershop npcs in shadowlands, don’t they? They just didn’t do the same to the others in Azeroth.


/end thread

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yeah if its that important to people on both sides of the issue. i dont honestly care if it says high elf. as long as i know the game seems to suggest it, thats enough for me. even if the game didnt suggest it, i’d okay with just being called a void elf. guess i’m too old to fret over stuff like that. just gimme an elf that looks like it be legolas cousin and i’m good to go. :sparkling_heart:

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go in telogrus rift and look at the npc names. guess alleria has helf fans from before she got stuck on argus lol

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Exactly. That’s all I’m saying.


Since I’ll have to option to use a hairstyle that does not obscure the face; due to the hidden tentacles, which facial hairstyle is honestly best Anchor or Full?

There is NO fact. It’s your opinion. The great thing is that we can both have an opinion and they can both be right. You don’t get to say your opinion is fact because you are unable to make an assumption that is right in your face without them being card carrying VE’s.

No, you are talking about something that is written in stone somewhere because you think that people go sit in classes and at rally’s for no reason and then never act on what they are doing without being a card carrying person for an organization. Being a VE implies no legal definition, these beings are making a choice regardless of the fact that you think they are tourists hanging out on TR for the meals and scenery.

Don’t imply your opinion is fact by trying to say someone else is having “head cannon” because you want to imply your opinion is fact, then this won’t happen.

Yes it is, you have a need to see some legal documentation to have “proof” something happened, that is EXACTLY what you are implying. You want to look the other way and say no this is not happening because Blizzard didn’t write something for you to read.

No, we are talking about you needing someone to tell you the obvious with 1 SENTENCE, otherwise it’s not happening in your opinion. You are entitled to your opinion and that is fine but you don’t get to tell others your opinion is fact and imply they are “wrong” for not agreeing with it and looking at the obvious and being ok with that.

Having something written does not validate it’s lore, facts and history. Did history not happen before written language? That is what you are implying. History occurs without someone writing it down for you.

That’s because you want to be obstinate and say something that is visually obvious and IS occurring is NOT happening because someone didn’t write it down to put in your face so therefor it can’t be “lore”. Again, that is your opinion, not fact.

Of course you are, you have no argument.

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That is not a request, it’s a demand.

They should explain it in game but like Wildhammer and Sand Trolls and High Elf options, the WoW team has already commented the player options are there to serve those purposes of playing these sub groups.

Ely Cannon said it for High Elves, and Ion said it for Wildhammer literally at Blizzcon stage, and Danuser reiterated it for Wildhammer and Sand Trolls as well.

So while it would be nice for something in-game, the WoW team has already given their blessings that these are what the options are for.