Dark Iron Dwarves/Mag'har Orcs next on the table for expanded customizations?

I love what was done recently with expanding customizations for the four OG allied races. It’s my hope that Blizzard plans to give the same treatment to the remaining ones.

My current main is a Dark Iron Dwarf and I love them, so I’m particularly interested with what if anything will be done with that race. At the same time too there are more that can be done with their counterpart, the Mag’har.

Just a few suggestions off the top of my head for what I’d like to see.

Dark Iron Dwarves
-Different colors of flame for beards/eyes. Blue and green particularly for death knights and warlocks. Yellow would be nice for holy priests as well.
-Expanded hair/beard customizations, with mustache options separated from the beards. Basically what regular dwarves already have.
-Black/obsidian themed jewelry options.
-Hair/beard flame toggle, akin to the tentacle toggle for Void Elves.

Mag’har Orcs
-Expanded hair/beard customizations on par with what regular orcs have.
-Include the remaining skin colors. Pale white for Shattered Hand orcs, Black for Dragonmaw orcs. Maybe a couple more I’m already missing.
-Speaking of Dragonmaw orcs, some tattoo options would be nice as well.

For those who play these races as their legitimate characters, what would you like to see?


Very nice. Fully support.

Mag’har and Dark Iron could use some more things.

I’m especially interested in eye colors myself.


Dark iron dwarves have so much potential, I feel there customization is lacking some, I hope they give them some more attention.


Appreciate you guys linking my thread with your guys’.

I just looked at the void elf one though and I gotta say, if they ever implement even a small fraction of what’s on there, I might have to consider a change lols. Some of those pics are beautiful. :slight_smile:

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High Mountains need to be.

HM Tauren already got theirs though. xD

Of course.

I try to maintain a listing of AR and customization threads. We should all stick together so blizzard can’t miss us.

Many of the AR and Customization threads do so as well.

As my people say, many doors are now open to us.

We just need blizzard to let us walk through them.


Highmountain got updated alongside NB, LFD, and VE part deux.

EDIT: Disregard, doing the new math now, will post data soon.

Okay, looked it up and did the math on the newer additions. Discounting the 3 that just got major overhauls, the Allied Races in customization are (from Lowest to Highest)

Fun Fact, Nightborne were the only race with less than the Dark Iron. So I’m not sure why they skipped the Dark Iron for Lightforged and Highmountain.

  1. Dark Iron Female (110,880)
  2. Vulpera Male (186,264)
  3. Vulpera Female (248,832)
  4. Dark Iron Male (483,840)
  5. Kul Tiran Male (762,048)
  6. Kul Tiran Female (2,593,080)
  7. Void Elf Female (6,082,560)
  8. Zandalari Male (9,144,576)
  9. Void Elf Male (11,501,568)
  10. Mag’Har Female (14,1000,480)
  11. High Elf Female (15,966,720)
  12. Zandalari Female (20,321,280)
  13. Mechagnome Female (22,014,720)
  14. High Elf Male (33,546,240)
  15. Mechagnome Male (102,736,360)
  16. Mag’har Male (265,420,800)

If we discount the “toggles” that most people don’t seem to count as customization, AKA Tentacle Toggle and Mag’Har Back Toggle, you divide Void Elf by 6 and Mag’har by 2. This still places Mag’har as the most options, but Void Elves plummet to 6th and 7th lowest.

Also Fun Fact: Worgen of both Genders, Pandaren of Both Genders, Forsaken of Both Genders, Gnomes of Both Genders, and Blood Elf Males all have less options than at least one of these races on this list.

I had to keep Void and Normal separate on Void Elf because the faces are actually locked to specific skin colors, so it’s not as simple as just multiplying the options together like most races. It has nothing to do with me trying to make them look like they have less. In this specific situation, the Void and Normal customizations are quite literally separate until Blizzard removes that restriction.

This is also why the Human Combinations in the spreadsheet from a couple years ago is inaccurate, they just multiplied all the numbers together even though a lot of faces are restricted to certain skin colors and made it seem like humans had way more combinations than they do. An accurate spreadsheet would have included the customizations for the 3 types of humans they added.

To make it easier to read, I just called the normal skin color High Elf, even though I personally don’t like that term. They’re quite literally just Blood Elves with void elf hairstyles and less options lol. But it seemed better than putting “Blood Elf Colored” Void Elf and “Void Elf Colored” Void Elf lol.

Also to note, a lot of these choices aren’t really noticeable. For instance, most of the Dark Iron skin tones are the same, the Void Elves have 5 shades of blue for eyes, out of 8 options, the vulpera nose options are barely noticeable, etc. They took the lazy way out with Allied Race choices.

This should give you an idea of why a lot of people who didn’t want High Elves aren’t a fan of them being added. It makes Void Elves look like they had more effort put into them than there was, as the vast majority oif their customization was just copy/pasted from Blood Elf. It also shows you that Void Elves were amongst the bottom before they added said copy/pasted stuff and the tentacle toggle lol.

In short, I’d personally like to see Dark Iron, Vulpera, and either Void Elf (focusing on VOID OPTIONS) or Kul Tiran get the next customization overhaul.


Cool, but that’s not what the thread is really talking about.

OP is looking for options for Dark Irons and Mag’har.

What everyone else has isn’t important here.


Except, you know, the numbers prove Mag’har already have the most options by far of the Allied Races. They should in no way be next.

Don’t even get me started on the fact the Mag’har got multiple recolors of their Heritage Armor and other races didn’t, even Mechagnome, that need them because the heritage armor doesn’t match 2 of their 3 metal colors. (And matching heritage armor recolors already exist, just not obtainable)

No one said they should be next.

Op is just letting blizzard know what he wants for those races.

There are many threads like this for customization and they do not need to justify themselves when they’re just putting up a list of options they want to see…

That said. I’d bet you that the remaining ARs will be the next focus of customization in 9.2.5 if there is any there.

Mag’har and Dark Iron included.


Well, the numbers are also to give people an idea of how the allied races are in reference to each other.

Which is entirely irrelevant here.

This threads point is to list the options people want to see for their Dark Iron and Mag’har.

Your options in relation to each other are utterly and completely unneeded. Useless even.

They do not pertain to the point of this thread.


That is your opinion. I consider it relevant how many customizations a race has when discussing which races deserve more.

You could say you want Orcs and Night Elves to have more customization YEARS before Allied Races. And that would be a terrible opinion, as they have hundreds of millions of combinations to Dark Irons 100k.

Sure, you can share what you want from them, which is what this thread is, but someone should remind you that there are others who have way less that deserve attention first.

In reality, EVERY race deserves more customization. However, if you request the ones with more first, that is discounting the other players.

For sure all of these. I actually think orcs and mag’har should just share all their hairstyles. There’s so many good ones, and frankly none of the best are on the green guys.

Skin colour, I think they should add one based on Rexxar’s half ogre colour. Like yeah, the mag’har aren’t half ogre. But we’re never going to get actual mok’nathal. Just let us pretend!

Tattoos are always good. All races need more tattoos. For mag’har (and again, regular orcs too) I would love them to have the option for the different clan symbols. Real basic like upper arm or forearm. And for the more tribal-like warsong tattoos, make them optional and more varied.


Wouldn’t it just be fair to go in order? The base races got all of theirs first at SL’s release, followed by the four OG races. Mag’har/DIDs are next (or should be imo). After that should be KTans/Zandas, and then Vulpera/Mechagnomes.


You know those numbers you’re listing are pretty much meaningless distractions that show who has the most categories of options rather than the most options.

1 category, 10 options- 10 combinations
2 categories, 5 options each - 25 combinations
3 categories, 3, 3, and 4 options - 36 combinations.


No sir and or madam.

The point of this thread isn’t about when or how many they have.

It’s to collate requests for the races noted so blizzard can see customization requests for those races in one easy location.

Everything you’ve brought to this thread is entirely useless to its point, even detrimental.

I rather agree with this.

I like that idea.

It’s almost certain that they’ll hit up the remaining BfA ARs before too much else.

They hinted at it during the pass with LFD and NB when they said they’d get to HMT later. (though they did get HMT on that run.)