Ultimate Elf Compromise

To be honest, in Alliance I am surrounded by High Elves lately. Sure, formally they are Void Elves, but Void Elves are a subset of High Elves, so…

In short:

  1. VE are a subset of HE, like BE.
  2. VE can now look like “normal” HE.

So, what 's the problem?


Most of the people asking for more ideas for their races have tried to keep it under one topic so as not to fill the board up with multiple threads on the same topic. I think this topic was unnecessary to say the least. I didn’t want to add more to it but wanted to respond to you before putting it on mute. :hugs:


At this point, eventually…

“Hey! I can’t attack this guy!”

“Why not?”

“It says its not a valid target…”

“You’re targeting a VE/BE again, genius! He’s on OUR side!”

“I can’t tell the difference! Why did Blizzard make them look alike?”


No one has said that about Pandaren, so it’s kind of an invalid point.


And ideas get buried, so this is why this isn’t an issue to me if it’s an ideas thread.


You should check out the blood elf thread for customization.

They’re more than just a light theme. (though keep that part too.)

Your current list of what blood elf folk want is not encompassing.

I’d like that. Many options can be found in my thread…

It’s not all encompassing, and I’m still updating it, but it’s a good start.

Personally I think the Velf hair colors are very nice on and work for belfs and should be shared. (both belf and velf should get pink hair.)

That said I’ve seen both sides want the hair styles (and some being against it.)

This is definitely a request I’ve seen for high elves currently.

I’ve also seen the option to change the race tag to high elf, add paladin as a class, and provide Alleria style Farstrider Tattoos.
Oh also more recently I’ve seen several request a blood color change?

I think if you seriously are seeking a compromise thread you need to consider all sides of this argument and it’s various viewpoints.

I hope this can help you.


Sylvanas targeted the wrong elves

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No one is interested in talking. Forums have their cliques.

Solution in my opinion - let blood elves and void elves selection their factions.


For Belves, I’d like Dark Ranger and San’layn looks since we’ve been allied and share history. I’d like tattoos and scars. Phoenix themes aren’t a bad idea. But if they do anymore jewelry, don’t make it gaudy. The body jewelry was a great idea that sadly got scrapped.

And it was available for both Male and Female Belves.




TBF to her, she did target both. But Lor’themar stood in the way of her creating an army of undead Belves.


It would be great if Void Elves didn’t speak for Blood Elves when it comes to what we want for customizations.

Fen is the exception because they’re acting in good faith.


No! You stupid blueberry elves need fewer high elf options, not more. Just stop already. You’re not high elves.


Those don’t work on Sundays.

We’ll just have to ride this one out until the morning.

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For the record, I also have max level Blood Elves, you need to stop acting as if you personally are a character in a video game, it’s childish, ignorant, and honestly borders on the irrational.

It’s a fictional race, in a video game, get over yourself.

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You only say “acting in good faith” because he doesn’t mention anything related to high elves, he mentions things in relation to more Void customizations.

The reason I excluded hair color, is because BEs get indignant over the idea of VEs getting anything that they had, or that borders on natural colors.

Although I personally believe, given their lore all base HE stuff should essentially be neutral, while adding more distinctive themes to BE with Fel or Light for instance, to add a distinction.

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It’s not a new idea though. These threads have been popping up all over the place, especially by Void Elves wanting to advocate for High/Blood Elves instead of being what they are - Void Elves.

Like seriously, there are so many of these threads, they may not all be identical but they’re certainly on the same subject - It’s like a weekly disease that comes through town. Sure I’d love new customisations on each side, but I do not think they should be identical.