Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Are we? Aren’t we doing the same damn thing and advocating to Blizzard that we’d like them to listen to our concerns at least once?

And what does this have to do with the fact that it’s an absolute jerk thing to use the argument “You should only ask for things to change your race to be unique now that our request has destroyed that, but you aren’t allowed to argue that you should have anything to yourselves to be unique.”


They should have added High Elves as an Allied Race. But they didn’t. This was always going to be a consequence of that… and… if they did any metrics on what skin color / hair color people actually use they’ll notice that very few use void options.

I’ve got a few void elves.

We’re not even on Azeroth right now and all that we have around are Death Knights… I’d like to see more High Elf lore though. More Void Elf lore is fine. Their story is kind of done. =\

Hopefully it shows up again.


Hair Styles. Very few no tentacle hair cuts.


not just referring to you only

Not quite, for thou art asking of them to forestall the changes the existence of which they have already availed to the community at large.
Insofar as speaking thy mind, though, thou art the same.

Blood elves are yet unique. They possess racials, a capital, an heritage armor, as well as belong to the Horde besides. Dark Ranger visuals would be a fine implementation thereto, as well as such customization options as would a Farstrider hath, and so if thine issue be so superficial, considering Blizzard seemeth already bent to theyr present course, 'twould be a better use of thy time to lobby therefore than to railest hereagainst.

Ultimately my position is that thy time would be better spent otherwhere than arguing this front, for it seemeth already lost. Time is precious, after all.


I can see that viewpoint. I also more or less agree theres not much more reason to take High Elves into the future storywise…

I very much hope to see where Void Elves are going though.

I’m less interested in the second bit but the first bit would definitely be nice.

On the off chance you haven’t seen yet heres my thread about Void based options.

You’ll see that I have linked many helf velf cross items along with more void ones.

Tentacle toggle for me is a void option. We started with hairstyles that have and dont have them. Giving a toggle while I recognize is a major interest of helf pros is to me just finishing up a void based option. (There are many who disagree with me on this and I respect that.)

It expands the hair styles that we can have tentacles on and the ones we that already do can not have them.

I want Farstrider tattoos to be both.

The Velf ones would be more like Alleria’s thin and winding.

the Belf ones would be more like Braveheart. Thick and strong. Much like the ones from WCII.

I’m less concerned with colors at this point but I’d be fine if they were set per side.


Full stop. lol

I can get behind all of this.

I’d be willing to let this slide myself. But I know a lot of folk who would be a bit upset by it.

Not just anti side mind.

Don’t mind this at all. Like a Shadowform but deeper. lol

Sure works for me.

I’d want it to be not a copy paste to Blood Elves though. I’d hope that Blood Elves would get their pass before another pass hits Void Elves. Just seems fair at this point.

That would be nice. I hear that its not that simple in WoW sadly.


I R R E L E V A N T. You said (and I quote):

Implying core races do NOT need to have unique things of their own, ergo, congrats, you area hypocrite whose anti-Belfer agenda got exposed kicker than rats on a sinking ship.

If you are “Pro” customization stuff, you shouldn´t have ANY issue with Belves getting their own things different from hair colors and hairstyles (which WON´T be unique after 9.1.5), so?

We going back to the argument of a hour ago? Who said Belves were nothing but about edginess for the sake of edginess? the lore certainly didn´t.

Not our fault the Velf lore made them a race about edginess for the sake of edginess man, take that complain with Blizz. Belves happily learned their lesson in TBC and while practical and pragmatic, they aren´t suicidal yet.

They NEED to get these customizations is only to CORRECT the apalling intro lore that put them in the place they are. Cause -as I said before- Void doesn´t make them evil BUT researching a void source that could had doomed their whole race (Helves included) WAS supremely stupid.

They need to be portrayed nor merely as “military conveniences” but as individuals whose choice has to bring some REAL merit.

Dude… since yestreday most “antis” like me literally conceded the defeat and moved on. I have NOT said anything related to how you guys shouldn´t or won´t get your hair color + hair style cloned combo. I´m just here to take with me the few pro Belfers I can and to try to limit the antis on your side from leaking onto the Belf / pro voidy Velf threads.


Bravo!! Tell that to the guys -like the monk- trying to tell other people in the “Belves deserve some unique stuff in compensation” thread how ridiculous they look.


Yes, I´m aware of that. how does that contradict my point? you people getting one or ALL the Belf hairstyles or colors is irrelevant as long as you get one.

And you will get 5 at least so… no point in arguing with you about that. You people abstaining from participating in the Belf / pro Voidy Velf thread to bring your “muh not 100% copied Belf” issues WILL be win enough for me.

I have a better idea: keep the very design of the Warpaint DIFFERENT between Velves and Belves, so none of the races see their color options arbitrarily limited (why shouln´t a Belf player get to use blue with their mage or black with their DH? Why shouldn´t a Velf player get to use Red with his Warlock or yellow with his priest?. It´s quite self defeating to say "MOAR OPTIONS BUT only in these and these colors).

In the Belf thread Izzabelle made some warpaint mockups inspired in the HORDE warpaint available for Trolls and Orcs. And let me tell you: it is GODD ENOUGH to differentiate between Alleria inspired warpaint and Belf exclusive warpaint. The fact the lore can suppoort this (Belves have had interaction with the Horde races in close quarters literally LONGER than they did with the Alliance andthe Humans. And no, joining forces just to go their separate ways and rejoin centuries later is NOT a point in favor of Alliance / Belf interaction).

Feel free to check IF you care.

100% agree. See? is NOT hard to device exclusive features between both races. and both get the stuff, just in their own exclusive way.

Already exists dude, you can thank Fen for creating and nurturing it. It´s a marvelous work If I say so myself.

Thank God, Belves don´t need copy/pasted Velf stuff to support a more “unique” model (some posters are in favor of haircut exchange; personally I don´t care about that. I don´t hate it but I do think some other unique stuff should be given first, not this massive Copy/Paste exercise from point B to point V and vice-versa, cause that´s just praising the devs for literal lazy implementation). I´ve provided the idea of Blood magic as the true unique venue for Belves (after all, no matter how much people argues about, Blood magic IS a “only for Belves” BECAUSE the Dark Animus IS the conditional to use it. And Velves don´t have access to the Dark Animus).

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Indeed, and arguing with someone pretending to be a junior high shakespeare production is not worth mine.

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Fair enough, we can leave it at that then.

When it comes to this, I feel that any customization developed for one should be in some way applicable to the other, just not a 100% duplicate. Like I said with warpaint, different colors. Scars with magical effects following what’s appropriate for each race’s magic portfolio.

Anything Void Elves get that could be High Elven should be copied to Blood Elves and tweaked to suit them.

I believe the opposite should be held true to a degree. Take the jewelry Blood Elves have. There’s no reason Void/High Elves cannot have jewelry. Bronze bands with amethysts, and silver with sapphires. A good contrast to Blood Elves with gold and emerald, and silver and emerald.

Wait… why doesn’t blood elf jewelry include the options for rubies? Isn’t that a no-brainer?!


They have some Ruby earrings :slight_smile: just not body jewelry or necklaces


This IS a duplicate. Worse, one duplicate that to add insult to injury, limits the players since the start in the color availability.

Create a different design, keep the color availability, easy. At the end we both get both uniqueness AND more options to choose from.

Jewerly, like scars and tattoos as a general idea, are NOT exclusive cultural features for ANY race. HOW they are designed and HOW they look IS the actual uniqueness they can provide. And depending on the lore background of the races, these become more or less relevant.

Jewerly gems should come in ALL the gameplay colors if only to well… reflect the craft profession? And for races with ESPECIAL bonds related to jewerly -like the Draenei- UNIQUE design effects should be implemented (like idk… jewels that change from blue to purple, etc.).

All the races got their own versions of jewerly, i don´t see the point in trying to limit the colors. The only thing that should vary is the style of the design.

I’ll take navel jewelry. :yum: :yum: :yum:


But that’s so dumb! Rubies are such a Blood Elf thing! This actually upsets me… Its been ages since I’ve played a Blood Elf and I usually play males, but still!


thats rubbish and peer laziness on their part swtor managed to add color wheel for the guild emblems and most mmos have them by now or they could just do the swtor route and add armor dyes and they can be crafted with tailoring and sold on ah for gold . Then they would just have to add a dye slot to the tmog window .


I´ll respectfully PASS from it (I mean I´m old school rogue tmog, and no slutmogs means NO chance to exhibit the jewerly).

Also thinking about my toon getting killed cause her “navel jewerly” got stuck on the spikes of the monster she was murdering breaks my suspension of belief quite easily.

Pink fur btw… my pink Pally Sunwalker when?

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I support pink hair color options for all races, so hopefully soon. :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

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They should make void elf jewelry match the wings of the heritage armor and have it be with deep purples and blues and gold imo with the stars , then do same for nightborne with their silvery pale purple n galaxy stars .


I think amethysts, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds should be in all jewelry for all races personally. They are like, bare minimum for gems.


You actually get a like from me because both of those sound absolutely fabulous.