Big Blood Elf Customization Thread

That was made by I think Valarynn from Twitter? Again the entire page is fairly old and was made when advocating for a high elf AR. That was a modified idle stance to differentiate from Blood Elves, so yknow BE could keep their “visual uniqueness” as some put it.

We since know that Blizzard instead aims to and is content with simply giving high elf options to both Blood Elves and Void Elves instead of creating an entirely separate high elf AR.

Whew muted a lot of threads this morning.


It might be a joke in slightly bad taste but I expect a lot of spider-man pointing at Spider-man today with Blood Elves and Void Elves incidents.

So it begins. The real fight for Blood Elf customization and unique identity will begin now.


Hopefully we get some unique stuff. I also push for Velves who want to still look like Velves to get the customizations they asked for too. They were forgotten in all of this.


I just want my void claws damn it.


Me too…

Ya’ll are welcome to send some support to those sorts of customizations in my thread as well.


I check in on the thread from time to time. There are some great ideas in it.


I think that started awhile ago.

I do hope to see new things for blood elves and that they get unique things to set them apart.

(also maybe a new pally mount…)

Yeah but we were waiting for 9.1.5 knowing that nothing else would be added, but now, now it’s time to really amp it up for it to be in 9.2

The real starting line is here, to keep pushing the ideas and hopefully, get what you ask for.


I know earlier I almost auto liked this post from you but since I’ve been logged in for awhile I myself have muted a whole lot of threads and my ignore list is growing larger as well so now I totally get where you was coming from when you wrote this. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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You should see my lists :laughing: half the threads I visit are “view hidden comment” bahahaha


I relate to this as well but I have no regrets there given if people are going to be annoying I’m going to ignore them and mute the spam threads because I mean sure I get people are excited about new customizations because I’m excited about new Nightborne options but I don’t feel the need to make my own thread to indirectly be like oh my gosh pay attention to me. Lol. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


So Void Elves were able to turn into High Elves somehow while hijacking literally every customization BElves had (i.e. alliance got a free race) — so are we getting our vampiric Blood Elves w/ red eyes and such?


Getting options for Dark Ranger and San’layn is one of the hopes.

Though many differ on how they want those things implemented.

For instance I want the San’layn to be an AR so they have their own racials, classes, heritage, tabard, and mount. I feel like they are enough removed from the Blood Elves and Forsaken to warrant such a step.

Dark Rangers however I want as Blood Elf customization though I’ll take it as a Forsaken toggle. I prefer the Dark Ranger options be given to Blood Elves both for the ease of implementation and because it would effectively give us a second “race” just like Void Elves have. Evening things out a little bit.


My OC also agrees with playable San’layn :slight_smile:

(and this hair style for blood elves PLEASE.)


i sure hope so. not that i wish to encourage people to play evil races, but you dont have to play a vampire as evil. i dont play my lock as evil.

Not everyone wants to play lawful good, remember.


I was originally just wanting San’layn, then both Dark Rangers and San’layn but separated and now I’m like I want both so I’m like a San’layn/Dark Ranger crisscross. :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:


there’s chaotic good, too.

I don’t play evil characters. Mine are chaotic good, or antiheroes. Being vampires = / = evil if they’re fighting the actual evil entities on Azeroth and protecting the innocent in their own ways.