Mechagnome Customization Thread

This thread is for those who want to talk about Mechagnomes and the customizations they’d like to see with them.

Please note that I do not expect all or even any of these to come to fruition. They are desires and wants, that I’ve mostly pulled from the community, nothing more.

Feel free to tell us what customizations you too would like to see!

Drede has put together a wonderful thread for customizations for all races!

This thread will be divided into a few parts:

  • The Most Likely Options - The options most likely to become reality.

  • The Less Likely Options - These options are still amazing but are regrettably less likely to become reality.

  • Mechagnome Heritage Armor and Armor Tints - Words on our Heritage Armor.

  • Mechagon and What Comes Next - My hopes and dreams for the Mechagnome race.

  • Allied Race and Customization Threads - In alphabetical order and author notated.

The Most Likely Options
In this section I’d like to go over some of the Most Likely options that have been requested. These are common and low impact to the model and form of the Mechagnome but are still well within the realm of possibility.

Hair, Jewelry, Faces, Hair Colors, Facial Hair, and Additional Eye Colors.
As with most races additional Hair, hair colors, facial hair, jewelry, jewelry colors, face shapes, eye shapes, and additional eye colors are all desired for Mechagnomes. Especially given our electric eye options its a crying shame that we don’t yet have additional colors we could apply to them.
We could also use different visual sensor looks so that the eye when using a modification can look different.

By Unknown

Tattoos, Scars, Circuitry, Grease and Soot
Also as should be with most races; Tattoos, Scars and maybe warpaint would be appreciated. On top of that grease stains smears and gunk would be great as well along side some soot options. Finally Circuitry would be a wonderful addition to put on our skin! ALL tattoos, scars, circuitry, grease and soot should be separated by head and body and should not count as the same slot as one another!!!

Additional Modification Components
Further modifications should be unlocked and allowed. Mechagnomes have a massive capability to be modified and that we have such limited options is very odd. Let us adapt and expand out options and concepts so that we can truly show off our individuality!
Additionally we’d love to be able to use the 4th slot locked for our facial modifications so that we can truly mix and match by letting the ear, jaw, forehead, eyes and perhaps even later a nose modification to all be modified. Even an Upper jaw modification slot would be amazing!

By Unknown

Additional Metal Colors
Additional metal colorations for our arms and legs and other modifications would be amazing. This will allow mogs to look better with a wider array of colors available and let us play with the idea of say having our arms and legs made of Felsteel, Orichalcum, Elemental Steel and anything else we can get our hands on (depending on the colors allotted)!

Metallic Skin Tone Options
Additionally it would be nice to be able to play a Mechagnome that has either by choice or by consequence of combat or experiment had to switch out their entire body or at least their skin layer. This will also help to let people play the Mechagnomes from Northrend if they’d prefer.
These Metallic skin tones should come in at least a few varieties to match our Golden, Silver and Rusted metal options as well as have additional colors for further metal options we may get.

By Unknown

Other Additional Options
Other options that don’t easily fit into a nice neat area but are conceptually not beyond likely. Such as different underwear looks like we get with the Dracthyr. This particular picture also shows other leg and neck modifications that would be nice.

By Unknown

The Less Likely Options
In this section I’d like to highlight Less Common and More Model Affecting customizations that have been requested.

Terminator Options
Entire skeletal and terminator type modifications to make your mechagnome truly terrifying! Cybernetic implants in the skin like the borg!

Additional Feet Options
Treads, or Spider legs! Need I say more?

By Alexey Kruglov

Mismatched Limbs
The option to have one arm or one legs effected by the metal modifications. Or alternatively no metal legs and no metal arms. (Probably always have to have some modification) Additonal concepts, One eye modification and one natural. Half body modified to be mechanical the other half not.

By Keyboardturner

Additional Unlikely Options
Other items that could be in this category but may not fit into their own caetegories.

LED hair options.

Salvaged parts from the Gan’arg and Mo’arg demons or even Fel Reavers.

Glass brain options.

Wirelike dreadlocks.

Possible addition of a Mechagnome double jump from anti-grav boots.

Option to view transmogs that would otherwise be hidden during previews

Option to actually show full Pant mog over metal components. Same for Chest and Glove.

Option to change casting animations so our hand can become a cannon and we can shoot the spells.

Option to have the 3d aspects of armor show on top of the metal parts of our bodies.

(Joke Option) Trashcan hats that you can throw scraps of paper into. At 5 stacks of paper the can changes to appear full. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mechagnome Heritage Armor and Armor Tints

By Blizzard

While we have wonderful Heritage armor there are a few things that could be done to improve matters in this regard.

Heritage Armor and Tints

By Blizzard Hearthstone

Heritage Armor for Mechagnomes is arguably the best set of armor for us and that is cool but its entirely built around the concept of a warrior bot and has little to represent casters or rogues. I’d love to see an option down the line that can better represent the lighter armored and more magically inclined of the Mechagnome army.

Further its important that Blizzard finally complete and release the other two armor tints that matched with our initial legs and arms colorations. Its silly that they’re nearly done and complete but can’t be used when we’re already so limited on transmog and limb coloration. Further if Blizzard does add more metal colors I’d love to see other tints added along with it to match.

By Blizzard

Mechagon and What Comes Next

By Blizzard

Ultimately the story for Mechagon was nicely rounded out, however there are still new and wonderful things to learn and find out! Like how the Mechagnomes and Gnomeregan gnomes are now interacting and working together. Is there a way for the two cultures to easily travel between their homes? Will the Mechagnomes help the Gnomeregan gnomes retake their home again?
Did Bondo’s Yard ever get reprecussions from sort of siding with King Mechagon? How have the mechagnomes dealt with their former brethren who were more or less turned into mindless automotans? Were they able to restore them? How have they integrated into the Alliance?

I want to see how their story goes forwards and I hope it shows their people adjusting and organizing into both a significant think tank type place and also a surprisingly good military aid to the Alliance and its Gnomeregan brethren.

Paladins, Druids and Shaman
Now that all races are going to end up with all classes figuing out how each class will work with Mechagnomes becomes the focus rather than determining how they would come about.

Paladins could easily come from Mechagnomes who have chosen to study the Light for academic reasons. However its easy enough that a few of them would just flat out end up joining the Silver Hand alongside the other gnomes, dwarves, humans and such.

Druids could easily just be a matter of learning from other druids. However its also possible that they could use a transformers type form of druidism.

Shaman should be far and away easy for Mechagnomes to get into. They just need to be accepted by the elments and learn from there.

Special Thanks for the Mechagnome Love Thread for helping with ideas!

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Mechagon Prevails!


I liked the rest of the post, but not this one.
No reason should the gnomes be Paladins, shamans, OR druids. Especially not mecha ones.


You can get additional customization options when the rest of the god damn core races get their heritage armor!


They are just common requests.

We do not demand them or anything. its just to show what has been requested over time.

Your opinion is valid though. We do have a lot of classes and the likelihood of them actually adding any is low.

While I doubt that will exactly coincide, we are not demanding this now.

It is a repository for customization options we would like to see in the future. Whenever that happens to be.


Well of course, I know you don’t demand them. But still(at least for me) pointing out that people request those classes devalues the rest of the stuff.


I understand.

Any and all comments are welcome here. (I know I’m opening a door to a lot of hate saying that since this is about Mechagnomes but still its important to see everyone’s opinions so Blizzard has a better idea what to focus on.)


Love it all OP!

Especially the gan’arg bit.

Id also add:

  • flashlight eyes
  • alternative hands: mecha buster Canon for hunters, tesla coil appendage for casters, chain sword atm etc.
  • clear glass brain plate with metal skull
  • double jump and glide for all Classes of mechagnome via anti grav boots like mimiron
  • true 100% mechanical options
  • robot pets for hunter. The humanoid models.

Mechagnomes could emulate any of those classes with technology without the need for emerald dream communion, bargaining with elements, or even a deep faith in the light (though they can be priests and thus have no real reason pally isn’t an option).

Also they should be given a class their parent race couldn’t have like vulpera, night borne, zandalari, kt, etc got.


Many of the arguments against Gnomes getting these classes kind of falls apart when you look at the lore behind some other races getting them (Tauren Paladin, Zandalari Paladin, Goblin Shaman, etc). Sometimes the class choices are more for mechanics than strictly lore, and sometimes the lore is changed or added to.

In my opinion I think the best outcome would be:
Mechagnome Druid + Gnome Paladin

This provides a distinct class difference between the two related race choices and could easily fit in the lore.

Mechagnome Druid thoughts lore-wise…

  1. Druids for Mechagnomes might seem like an odd choice, but with the lore surrounding their enhancements, reverting the “curse of flesh”, and some tidbits of lore related to them studying and altering (mechanizing) the fauna of Mechagon it is not far-fetched that some Mechagnomes would see the utility of then changing their forms into animalistic forms particularly after seeing their newfound druidic allies. A connection to the Emerald Dream is not necessary for this class choice (though I’m sure something could be found, particularly when considering the odd Kul Tiran drustvar forms) and could be more about the Mechagnomes emulating their allies with other magics and advanced technology; whether they’re actually changing their bodies through magic+technology or enhancing themselves with versatile power-armor would be up to Blizzard to ultimately settle on lore-wise but there are much bigger stretches lore-wise already existing on race+class combinations. There are already some readily available mecha models that could be re-purposed into druid forms and customizations.

Gnome Paladin thoughts lore-wise…

  1. Gnomes learn to properly and more widely harness the Light through artificial means in their quest to improve their medical arts, and create an ingenious Light-reactor in Gnomeregan (maybe as part of their cleansing and truly retaking Gnomeregan). This would effectively be a kind of tongue-in-cheek artificial Sunwell. The Gnomes would have had access during the participation in the Alliance campaigns to knowledge with the Lightforged and their technologies, and possibly salvaged equipment or shards belonging to Naaru themselves.

These two choices would add a lot more versatility to Mechagnomes and Gnomes, particularly for Gnome/Mechagnome guilds.



S.A.I.N.T. prototype #42 incoming!


While I like the customization but the classes is just a straight no. You’re talking about Mechagnomes. They take “performance and effeciency.” over anything else.

I already talked about how gnomes are in no way capable of being paladins because they have little to not faith that goes above their creations and inventions, Paladins are something that requires time, effort, and dedication above anything else and among other intense reasons like being infused with The Light too. Druidism is just absurd and after seeing how they go about in Mechagon, no, they don’t have any chance for Druidism, Shamanism? Maybe but its manipulative than anything and very unlikely…

Added to the list. Even made a new bit for the Anti-grav stuff. Thank you.

To be fair I don’t think they couldn’t just choose to study those fields anyways. Putting their desire to know the ins and outs of any particular field of magic could easily lead to them seriously making the needed connections to the Emerald Dream, putting their faith in the Light, or making needed trades with elementals.

Unlikely I think but, well I’ve seen it requested a lot so I added it.

I do like your reasoning here. Very well put together.

If I can perhaps just say this though: Gnomes have been working now alongside Dwarves and Humans for a long time. Both have Paladins. Its understandable if some Gnomes chose to become Paladins because they do in fact simply… believe.

Think of how easily we’ll be able to go offroad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not over their own individuality.

Had to say it.

I figure with this one its not different than Goblins and how they do it… except that the exchange would be focused less around how they can profit and more around how they can learn. I think of the three in the original post, shaman is actually the most likely.

I still think its very unlikely.


We already know mechagnomes can manipulate the elements though. Psure an NPC on Mechagon talks about it. It’s not in the culture but this is just for discussion.

I would love Paladin but they are not exactly religious types.


In addition to the already suggested mix and match options for facial augmentations… unlock the hidden 4th eye augment option for selection. To see the option I am talking about, simply try on various helmets as a Mechagnome with any eye augments and observe the eyes that sure used with a large number of ope face helmets…


An excellent idea. I shall add it immediately.

You’d think I’d have come up with that one since I wear this helmet all the time…

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I didn’t see it mentioned but it would be great to see additional hair styles for Mechagnomes (and Gnomes, but this thread is mostly about Mechagnomes). It feels kind of limited currently; getting some styles from normal Gnomes, and maybe some hair styles from the Kul Tirans and Humans would be nice. More styles in additional to the (already mentioned) additional colors would be amazing for making more unique Mechagnomes. Some of the female Kul Tiran hair or Draenei hair styles would look amazing in a metallic copper.


Honestly, I’d love my mechagnome if that racial wasn’t literally useless.

Gimme a buster cannon damnit

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Well thought out thread, agree with most of it except the additional classes. I would like a saw or buzz saw for an arm, and a terminator-style eye.


Need to organize the list better into sections, like head, torso, legs, arms, etc…


Gentleman, we can rebuild him. We have the technology… -