9.1.5 Content Update Preview

Would definitely love to see:

  • More unique Void Elves hairstyles and hair colors (black/white/brown/maroon)
  • Toggle off Void Elf transformation when in combat
  • A bit more class accessibility for all core and allied races (ie gnome/mechagnome/void elf paladin/shaman or even tauren rogues or even Maghar Orc druids/paladins)
  • More Human faces and hairstyles
  • More Kul Tiran hairstyles
  • More Maghar Orc piercings/tattoos/hair colors


  • Do Azeroth Restoration campaign in the game for people to participate like it’s WOTLK/War Effort back in the days. Level 1-60 can participate to get transmog/mount/item/money rewards. Hand in craftings/gatherings/quests.

I love what you’ve added. Thanks so much!

If you get back around to Void Elves, could we have black and white hair and hair color styles? :slight_smile:

A less simple, but wanted request is a way to turn entropic embrace off.


They did the same thing in BFA and Legion.


Lmao… self-awareness. Are you people really that delusional?

Self-awareness would’ve been them doing this at the start of SL. Not 9 months in after millions and millions of lost subs and a sexual harassment lawsuit and ensuing fallout. This was done to try and stem the bleeding and sure as hell not from any self-awareness.

Talk about rose-colored glasses… smfh.


So does this mean, if my Main is at max renown for Venthyr and my Alt is at max renown for Fae - my Venthyr will be able to ride mounts and use xmog from Fae and vice versa?

If at all possible I’d like to see many new options for Void Elves that follow the void theme.

Tentacle toggle is nice, but if not already a part of it, I’d like to see tentacles as an option for the hairstyles that do not currently have them.

Also why no black hair color? Is the one some NPCs sport unfinished and just not intended?

I’m all about Void Elf void theme options and have an entire thread for it. I hope you take a look and consider some of the options. *note I’m currently trying to fiddle with a revamp of my OP there…


I wish we had a dislike button I could hit.

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Where’s the apology? Did I miss it in the post?

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If they listen to GD on how to make this game awesome it will die faster than ever.

“We want changes!”

Blizzard waits probably too long to make said changes but is finally listening

“It’s too late!”

Ya’ll are dumb

I’ll take late to the party to never getting to the party. lol

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Which one is a key-pusher who has openly criticized the game? I’ll give you two guesses.

Always a little hope of mine that they do this so we can enjoy items year round! Still back on the subject… So very happy we are finally getting some new customization for Nightborne (I hope we keep the ball rolling on more customization for all playable races, heck even adding NPC stuff to player characters), new travel forms for druids hyped, maw intro skip has been needed for ages why was it not added sooner (going through that on more then one alt was irritating even with skipping cinematics), islands being solo que is good too (I hope you can que for them anywhere in Azeroth in group finder and not just in one spot in BFA), allied race unlocks being easier is welcomed too (still have not unlocked many of the allied races), Remote Anima Turn-Ins (would like this to be a toy/item but a great start), and anything to make alt lvlin simple is welcomed to get them to end game stuff.

I swear i would flag this as troll if i could. You are not worthy of any praise. you are doing this because your subs are tanking. it will take a lot more than this to revert the damage. lmao. good luck


Whyyyyyyyyy can’t void elfs have pure jet black hair ??? It makes zero sense that they would have 3 mind u 3 blonde hair colors like wut ??? We are not lightforged we need jet black hair I’m happy with icey blonde and red but I need jet black too come on the one color I was hoping for !!! Utterly disappointed you guys missed the mark I better see jet black be added instead of 3 freaking blondes !!!


Better late than never I say. I know all the haters and ungrateful complainers will continue to whine, I mean they seem to still be subbed since they can still reply in these forums. Besides the point, thank you for finally listening on all of this. Now just let me keep my anima when I do swap those covenants oh and since we’re in the mood for good meaningful changes, here is the next top 2.

  1. Remove the anima cap
  2. Remove aoe cap

And then I’d say everything will be fun and fine in this expansion.

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Thank you SO much for the Void elf hair colours! Can we be cheeky and ask for a Black, Brown & White too? We had it certain that we’d get those colours and they fit both the Void elf and High elf themes perfectly <3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Faction war can stay even with cross faction.
War Mode can be expanded to have custom quests and unique rewards.


I’m happy that there is new customization on way, it’ gonna be awesome.

But if we could have the possibility to hide the Shadowform on an shadow priest that would be insane. My shadow priest is my main/only real caractere and it remove the point of having any transmog since you don’t see them… even with glyph.

I mean… I’m good with the temporary Voidform. But why do we have to be purple All The Time. Fire mage are not always on fire. On the opposite, druids forms have sooo many variations.

I think that’s not too to ask for the shadow priest. We could have the choice between normal Shadowform, Glyph of Shadow, and no visual effect (or something not hiding the transmog).

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This is a great step forward. I hope you take renown a little further, it’s a huge gate for alts. It’s the biggest hurdle to bringing alts up to the same power level as mains with soulbinds being gated behind it. Ideally, I’d just like renown to be account wide but Id’ be happy with anything better than the current system.