Void Form Toggle for Void Elves

Void elves really could of been the alliance forsaken. I mean we could of had some great horror stories with them but nope they decided to make them generic elves.


Have us sprout tentacles when it procs then. The best of both worlds.


Is this the new VE customization thread? One already exists I thought


Is this the start of our enemies to lovers story?

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If I could choose between the current display (or even better, one like Alleria’s void form) and the tentacle pop, or even be able to choose both at once, I’d be fine with that.


Yes it does.


For real we could of had someone like euron greyjoy (book version) in WoW. It would of made for a satisfying villain.

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Anything Void-themed gets my vote! I wish I could like your post into the sunset. :rosette: :butterfly:

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Oh nice did the thread die or something or its still ongoing?

Oof. Let’s not have my race go that bad.

I would love to see some more darker things with void elves though.

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Every time I open that thread, I get irrationally angry.

That Dark Grey/Black Skin Tone, that Cotton Candy Pink Hair Color, the side-shaved hairstyles. The tentacle weaves Braided hairstyle.

Why can’t we have those?


I occasionally wish. But no. I’ve kept it going for a long while now. It’ll be a year old in june.

It’s also in the middle of some edits.

Then we need a character like that to show what happens when a void elves give in. But sadly blizzard won’t do this type of storytelling because they play it safe.


But we literally saw that in Horrific Vision of Stormwind.

Both Umbric and Alleria succumbed to the Void. We heard Alleria killed Turalyon, and if I recall, we watch her kill her son?

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Ah, the pain of Blizzard’s meagre player customization.

To be fair, the Island Expedition Void Elf team is pretty crazy as it is.

They’re technically fighting for the Alliance, but they go on about how they’re landing the boat on that island (whichever one you’re on) because “the whispers said so”.


That’s not even scratching the surface I’m sorry to say. If we really went deep with lovecraftian you would understand that simply killing them is a mercy. I think that’s why I was unerved with stormsong is because that’s what I want to see void elves do their enemies turn them into what lord stormsong was doing to his citizens into other creatures entirely. Taking your very existence and mutating it against your will can actually raise some moral questions if void elves are right in pursuing the powers of the void. It’s like the mindflayers but much worst because void elves know what they are doing


I like you.

This would be grand.

I actually have this whole concept for showing velf priests as dedicated to teaching other void elves how to resist the whispers and when needed to bring them in for reconditioning when they fall.

That would be a good time to introduce that.


Now you understand what I meant by that. It really makes no sense right now why they are weary of void elves. Having a void elf being like euron greyjoy would actually put the morally good alliance into question and actually give the alliance the edge they need.