Exception: PSA of Player Ideas for Allied Races

Hello, with permission, taken from the second post of the San’layn thread.

Said thread:

Support Sethrak!

Support Saurok!

Support Forest Trolls!

Support Twilight Highlands Allied Races (Dragonmaw & Wildhammers)!

Support Dark Rangers!

Support Ankoan/Jinyu!

Support Ogres!

Support Kelfin!

Support Ethereals!

Support Saberon!

Support Taunka!

“Nathanos”-style undead via vampyr

Void Customization - Void Elves

Support Arakkoa!

Blood Elf Customization Ideas!

Human Customization Ideas!

Furbolg Race Support thread!

Support Playable Covenant Races!

Support Mechagome Customization!

If I’m missing any, feel free to let me know. Even if I disagree with a race choice, if the megathread is well made and the OP is respectful and not rude, I’ll post a link here for you. There’s also a link to this post on the top of the first post (under the banner).

So hey, Blizzard.

Yeah, I keep trying to get you to change the game. No, none of these ideas are mine.

However, You, Blizzard, have recently had reason to start reconsidering how little you sometimes choose to do what players request.

Now, all of the above AR’s ARE worth at least considering, and I think that the case can be made, if done right by the players, for putting as many of these AR’s into the game as possible.

Why? Because the entire idea of an MMORPG is to do one’s best to only ever increase content, and hopefully never go down. Shameless plug for Classic put back into Retail through Chromie time.

On a plus note, if the lore can be sensibly developed to only add to the story rather than just plop the above either individually or however you so choose, Blizzard, please, like adding NE and Forsaken Paladins, Requested, would require, the lore added too has to back this move up.

And, if someone on the CC would please create a thread over there to hopefully bring this list to Blizzard’s attention?

Given the initial reaction to the mass sub drop due to the … reasons, that players left?

I think this just might be a really great place to start, and trying to convince Blizzard to please both do right by WoW, and hopefully increase player fun as well.

Because, there’s really only one question any game developer should ask about their game:

  • Is it fun?
    Or, translated,
  • Would you play it?


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I’d love to see some support for these ideas and for Blizzard to consider them for the future for sure. A lot of story and customization through these threads.

PvE isn’t the only part of the game, and I think it’s fair to also give attention to other areas the community would like to see.



I don’t yet know how to type it more clearly.

WoW: come for the gameplay, stay for the story.

And yet, thus far, they haven’t hit the combination out of the park.



All of these threads have been worked on by passionate members of the community and many other players have shown to support them.

They deserve at least some consideration by Blizzard and I hope that we get to see some of these requests in the game in the future.



No offense, the player character literally kicking in game lore’s DEATH’s behind is a potentially likely motivator!

A thought.

After the player defeats and kills Zovaal, WoW’s LITERAL DEATH, for 10.0 or after, why WOULDN’T the Shadowlands races offer to come back and as a select individual help the living?

It actually makes a great deal of sense if one truly chooses to think about it.

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One big thing about the Allied Race system is it needs an overhaul for new races to be added then simply shoe horn them in with rep grinds and stories that don’t make much sense when they worked with both Factions in some cases (like the ones from Legion) or unique races for one side vrs reskins for the other (see BFA with Vulpera being a unique non-reskin race)

They need to add races that we have encountered (looking at all the various races that people want) or create very unique races we have never encountered before that would give us that factor of wanting to be played (it’s also why people want new classes because it would be something new and different).

So if they revamp the system to be more with a story direction on why they become playable and which faction would they follow, I think that would be good not just for old time players while making the system easier for new players who want to play those races without doing much of a grind to unlock them.

The next races they can add would have an expansion flavor which we unlock with the only requirement to access their story at lvl 20 at least. That would be my idea on how they add many of the races people want or add unique races we have never encountered before.

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If there’s one single thing missing from WoW in general, it is a high quality pass.

As in, all race, class, and specialization combinations balanced within 1 DPS of each other.

Yes, that would include Tank and Healer Spec’s as well. Healers would then be balanced around HPS to within 1 HPS of each other baseline. NOT optimized. Basically, just at or past hit capped. And any other just to be functional baseline statistics.

What really rubs me the wrong way most of the time however is that Blizzard seems to think that the story of WoW, which includes the lore, is at best an afterthought.

This is even worse for the Allied Races.

Their lore, ESPECIALLY with the Nightborne, while what happened in game did not, Tyrande’s forced actions felt like just that: forced. The why was also left out.

I think Blizzard so often confuses doing for showing, and the story right now in Shadowlands is literally at the worst ever version due to that fact.

It should be:

WoW: come for the gameplay, stay for the story.

And it’s not yet.

Thank you for the link Turgin, very much appreciated!


Yer welcome.

Outta likes.

Here’s to hoping as many as possible get added.


What specifically needs the overhaul? A large part of the allied race setup was an overhaul to the race system backend framework to make it easier to add things of this sort. Any new “core” races would make use of the same framework that “allied” races use as well.

Also now having a generic starting zone solves having to have a dedicated starting zone like races used to have. Then again allied races just skip that part altogether.

There’s a lot of races that should already be playable that aren’t and there’s quite a few that’d make for really cool additions.

That’s easy. The requirements are already there, so they could easily just lessen them as well. Prior allied races were pretty easy to unlock while just playing the game. The problem arises when it’s no longer current content, and I do think at that point, the requirements should be revisited.

Yeah, you could easily have a questline at the beginning of an expansion where you encounter the new race on your main, have a cool questline that results in befriending them which activates an achievement. Then just have that achievement as the requirement to make the race. Basically something similar to the recruitment quests allied races currently have, but it could be part of the storyline of the first zone or some such instead.

I wouldn’t mind seeing barber shop options added for related races/subraces due to the difficulty of unlocks. Similar to how the gender options were added in.
Make a draenei…play through the game, unlock lightforged, go visit barber shop and make character into a lightforged. Then again, a little quest to go through the process of being lightforged would be a cooler option, but less likely due to development.