Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Yes. At this point there isn’t a good reason not to do something like what I mention above.

It’ll be beneficial to the game and the lore. Plus it doesn’t hurt high elves or the people who want to play them in any way.

Just because they implement something like that doesn’t mean you’re not playing one of the ones still training for instance.

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Absolutely! And I hope the toggle option allows us to add tentacles to hair options that didn’t have them, thus allowing a full range. New things we get won’t just be for the ‘high elf’ or the ‘voided up void elf’, it’ll be for our race as a whole.

Not to mention tattoos and a couple more hairstyles, we’d be set for good.


You mean Worgen?

I suppose it’s true.

Mechagnomes, Lightforged Draenei are also basically High Mountain Tauren. You guys didn’t have to make a new race for those customization options.

HMT should have been Alliance, to be honest with you… but I do get why they added them to the Horde.

Worgen shouldn’t allowed to stay permanently as a human, it undermines the value of the race but I think it’s okay how they found a solution for this.

It’d nice if they did an interview on this stuff. They were talking about how they wanted Void Elves to replicate. But like I said… Void Elves are kind of like Demon Hunters… Are they making more? Should they be?

They did start making brand new Death Knights though.

Exactly… have you seen my thread? checks to see which thread this is You should be able to find a link up in the OP I think he still had it there before he left.

EDIT: Ah he has it a bit hidden. I’ll post the link here again.

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I don’t remember if this has been discussed recently but do you know what Void Elves really lack? The skin color of Alleria’s transformation.

Its in my thread. Many folk request it actually.

In fact most want a few shades for it.

One person just said Obsidian…

That’s what High Elf fans have to say in a topic about Fores Troll customization.


Because saying the Alliance has now all it’s WC 2 races back again, the Horde should get one too will lead some of those players to attack others because no matter what it will never be enough for them.

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Indeed I have! I’ve lurked through both threads and admittedly, I was more on the side opposite from you for most of it. :wink: Nevertheless, I’ll give your thread a like.

I mean this respectfully when I say, not a lot of the things in the OP appeal to me, but I respect the subjectivity of tastes. When it comes to things both the Alleria void elves and Umbric void elves can use though? I’m 110% with you. Jewelry, tattoos and new hairstyles will benefit all of us going forward.

Maybe it would be okay to have an extra eye as one of the jewelry options too, I suppose. And some of the extra eye options.

Edit: Looking through again though, I’ll admit those star hairstyles are gorgeous, and that mount at the end… :ok_hand:

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I love your whole post and hope to see an idea like that implemented in the not too distant future!

I agree. I’d imagine Alleria and Umbric giving potential recruits a very thorough vetting process before training them/infusing them. The last thing anyone wants is powerful insane people with incredible void powers wreaking havoc across Azeroth.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Void Elves and I’ve got a few. But there is no reason why any elf would want to replicate it.

I don’t know if I’d agree there isn’t any reason, but I do agree it would be a very hard sell. This is just more head canon of mine, but if I had been an elf who was subjected to N’zoth’s visions, or fought on the front lines of the assaults or even Ny’alotha itself, and I saw a bunch of other elves learning to master that terrifying power, I might consider learning how to master it myself, if only to protect myself from it in the future.

Another case might not be related to N’zoth at all but as a matter of the aftermath of the 4th war. Lots of civilians were affected by the war. And who’s to say that this or that Alliance allied High Elf didn’t lose a friend, lover, or family member to the war, and wants to become part of the Alliance Military. With Alleria returned, and as famous as she is, it’s not inconceivable that those that might seek to have a greater role in the Alliance military might seek her out.


I don’t see it as different sides. At least I haven’t for some time.

I only made my own thread because I was frustrated that void based options always got buried in either arguments or high elf options here. It was never a slight against high elves.

I appreciate it though! I know many things in that thread won’t be for everyone.

The majority of items and options there though do come from the community.

Honestly a lot more works together than not in most cases.

Though now we have natural hair colors some of that is moot. Lol

I’d want it as a bunch of void options based on the body part.

Probably head and body I’d imagine.

Preferably with a slot for tentacles.

All of course with an option to not use them.


Still looking for someone to make me a Starcursed Hippogryph and Charger…

I appreciate that.

Here’s hoping.


We all do, we all do. At least there is a decent void dragon now.


I understand that. I’ll try to show some support so what you want isn’t buried either. Because honestly, at this point, it’s going to enrich all of our experiences.

But yes, Starcursed hippogryph, charger, and maybe remove the void wings from the chestpiece to make them a cloak…

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I’d prefer more Starcursed customization than the Nzoth-y/Old God stuff but I support both because there’s no reason both can’t be had! :smiley:




Black and White are wonderful! Not quite the unnatural that I was hoping for but I’m glad to see those added.

Also at least I don’t have to be flabbergasted about brown not being included anymore. lol


I’m so excited about Black and Silver White it’s not even funny.

My DK VE finally will live to his true potential!


Amazing news. Seems blizzard really does listen to requests(Assuming they aren’t requests to deny an entire race customization).


We did it guys.
We stole Blood Elves.

Time to ask for red eyes so we can get the full gothic cultist vibes going.
Reminder; San’layn failed to join the Horde and betrayed the Forsaken when they were already on thin ice.

Lets get some red going for the actual void customizations next~