Taunka Allied Race Megathread

Welcome to the Taunka AR Megathread!

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The purpose of this thread is to voice support for our neighborhood bison people to become playable in the game! Please share any suggestions you may have for them or just voice your support for them! Hopefully one day it’ll come true.

Below are some of my ideas, as well as general information about Taunka that people may or may not know.

Who are the Taunka?

The Taunka are a cousin race of the Tauren that inhabit the continent of Northrend. In Wrath of the Lich King the Horde discovered them and aided them in their defense against the Scourge, who destroyed most of their villages. In the process of it all, the Taunka pledged their loyalty to the Horde.

The description given by WoWpedia is below, and a hyperlink to the full page.

“The Taunka are an ancient offshoot of the yaungol and relatives to the tauren who have adapted to the harsh environment in Northrend. Unlike their more peaceful tauren relatives, the Taunka forcibly bend nature and the elements to their will to survive,”

Potential Arguments Against

But that is just another Tauren!

  • It is my honest opinion that the Taunka would be one of the most unique Allied Races to be added. They are different physically, culturally and more when you compare them to the Highmountain and Mulgore Tauren.
  • From their general bison-like appearance(rather than the cattle-appearance of the previous two Tauren races), to their hardy and forceful attitudes, they are shown to be more than mere cousins of the Tauren. They bend the elements to THEIR will in order to survive. If they don’t take charge, they’ll die.

But the females just look like regular Tauren!

  • Yes, that is true. In Wrath they were given the appearance of regular female Taurens, and the males were simply given a mask over the base male Tauren model. This, to me, is just a sign of how things were done in the older expansions of WoW. We were lucky to get females at all for most races.
  • Ideally, when the Taunka are made playable they would make the Females match their male counterparts much better. They need to start of scratch making HD models for males anyhow, so it really wouldn’t be too much extra work.

{Will add a wonderful fanart picture of a female Taunka once I am able to post pictures}

What Faction, Racial Leader and Capital?

The Horde - This is kind of straight forward as the Taunka have been members of the Horde since Wrath of the Lich King, longer than most of the playable races for that matter. It wouldn’t make sense for them to be anything else.
Roanauk Icemist - He is already the Taunka High Chieftain, which is the same title as Mayla and Baine have. He has been the racial leader since before we met them in Wrath until now.
Icemist Village - Their former capital and while it was destroyed by the Scourge, enough time has passed that it is reasonable to have been rebuilt. Along with most of their villages.

Recruitment Quest Ideas

Taunka have been in the Horde for many years at this point, so it doesn’t need to be overly complicated. It would be in a similar style to the Dark Iron and Mag’har stories, where we just revisit our old allies and help them with whatever their problems are currently so they are free to aid their faction more.

For the purpose of this, we will say they are added in the course of Shadowland’s story.

The recruitment quest could start with the player, maybe alongside someone like Aponi or Mayla since all recruitment quests except Vulpera involve lore characters in the faction going to aid the Hero. They would go to Northrend because the Taunka have not responded to any letters or requests for reinforcements.

We would discover that they are having a very difficult time with the resurgence of Scourge, who have surrounded their village which barred any communication from happening. We would help them with their problem which in turn would free up their resources to be sent elsewhere to aid the Horde.

It is simple, but again, they have been in the Horde for ages and it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. A race like Taunka can really be added with any expansion or story due to that, the recruitment quest would just differ slightly depending on the current storyline.

Class Ideas

Warrior - Every society has warriors, and in modern WoW they have shown Warriors are one of the few classes every race will have access to. But as for specifically Taunka, they need somebody on the frontlines to fight the Scourge!

Hunter - Similarly to the Warrior, at this point in the game’s lifespan every race is going to have Hunter as an option. Taunka themselves though would almost require hunters in order to live. They would need to hunt down food and other resources.

Shaman - This class is one of the few to really have some background on it in regards to how the Taunka use them. The Taunka live in the harsh wintery landscape of Northrend, and they force and bend the elements to their will, compared to really, most if not all current races that befriend and ask for aid from the elements.

Monk - Unless there is some real lore reasons as to why a race can’t have Monk(Such as the LFD, who were not on Azeroth to learn it) or you are a race with a heavily story-heavy intro(Goblins and Worgen), you are pretty much positive to get Monk. Taunka have been in the Horde for a long time, through MoP, so there isn’t really any reason they wouldn’t get Monk as a class.

Druid - While we don’t have any solid background on where they learned to be druids or anything such as that, we do see Taunka druids as Kor’kron guards.

Somewhat Likely
Death Knight - In my opinion, there really isn’t a reason that any race cannot be a Death Knight at this point. Between the Ebon Blade raising new knights in Legion and now BfA/Shadowlands, no race is off the tables. Especially Taunka I feel due to their closeness to the Scourge and Ebon Blade throughout the years. It really is just a matter of if Blizz will be able to add new races to the previous scenarios for them.

All Others classes - There just isn’t any solid foundation for the other classes that I can see at the moment. If that changes, I will of course update this- or if you feel differently share below! Maybe you can show me something I missed.

Potential Mount(s)

Furry Kodo - Kodos have been seen as their racial mount in Wrath, but I feel like they should specifically be the furred versions due to the climate. We already have the HD models for them, just add some Taunka themed gear to it and we are good!

Vicious Kodo - I know, it isn’t entirely unique since the Tauren have one, but the theme would ultimately be entirely different due to the climate of the Taunka. I am imaging a lot of furs and hides. More leathery instead of flaming wood, etc.

Hunter Pet Possibilities

Shoveltusk - To be quite honest, I chose this one just because of how unique it looks compared to most starting pets. But they are native to the area of one of their villages.

Caribou/Elk - This would be another logical option due to the amount of them around their villages. It is one of the most widespread animals it seems.

Druid Form Ideas

Travel Form - Elk or Caribou, they seem to be the most logical choice and honestly the only one I can think of that fits the area. There are just so many of them around.

Guardian Form - Rhinos would be an amazing fit, though I do not know if they can work due to the bear skeleton that seems to be always used. But nonetheless, it’d be a great choice lorewise for them.

Feral Form - A snow leopard or something of that sort would be perfect thematically for the Taunka to use as their cat form.

Balance Form - Honestly can’t think of anything too unique. Maybe a snow/blue-colored Boomkin with just the Taunka antlers instead of Moose/Cattle antlers.


Not gonna lie. I was silently hoping Taunka would be playable in BfA. The only issue is that the females don’t have a unique model like the males do - but that’s easily fixable.


While I would love to see it, I don’t think Blizz really cares about Tauren enough to give us more than Mulgore and Highmountain.

I bet we get 2 more elf races before another Tauren offshoot.


While I understand the skepticism , I think Taunka are inevitable, as are Ogres and other races already in each faction.

This isn’t simply a reskin, they are so much more as I explain above.


We have two cow races and neither is particularly popular. I see no point in adding a third.


It’s cool to see another race request megathread pop up. I hope you find success!

I’m for Taunka, myself. They joined the Horde officially in WotLK, and we haven’t really seen or heard from them since then. I’d be perfectly fine seeing them as a playable race. They’re full members of the Horde and should not be forgotten. :ox:

I wish you luck with the megathread. Much love from the Saurok and Stonemaul Ogre megathreads! :meat_on_bone::crocodile: :cut_of_meat::japanese_ogre:


The Taunka definitely deserve to be playable but I really see them working best as a customization rather than an allied race, personally.


An obvious pairing would’ve been Taunka/Frostborn for this xpac… The reasoning being both the Horde and Alliance send immediate reinforcements to Icecrown.


I’d love to roll a Taunka death knight.


I’m completely on board with this. They’ve been part of the Horde since the beginning of Wrath. They honestly should have been one of the first ARs for the Horde!

edit: on second thought, lets have the Tauren and High Mountain split off from the Horde, the Taunka go with them, and a sect of less aggressive Yaungol petition Baine to join this new faction. All bovine, all the time!


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The problem with Taunka is the graphics. There is no female Taunka model, and the male one never got past the placeholder graphics stage. It’s only one step up from those disposable halloween masks our characters can wear.

YES! Taunka at last!

I support this thread.

Even if they don’t end up adding Taunka one day I still hope they fix that issue.

I like you…

They are mentioned here and there in Cata. They taught Garrosh’s shaman to use Dark shamanism.

I think given that they have more changes in their culture than normal Tauren have with Highmountain they should be an AR.



Bring me the Frostborn!

Eh, not really insurmountable as far as obstacles go.

You’d expect that sort of work anyways when turning a race playable.


Right, just look at the fantastic job they did with playable Nightborne.

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Eh, maybe as a customization, but I don’t feel like HM tauren stand out from the baseline tauren as-is other than their moose horns, and this just sounds like an even more limited version of it. They just sound like angrier tauren, and the proposed classes sound incredibly disappointing, but I could just be biased about that. Given that everyone holds up class restrictions as the symbol for what best represents a race’s culture, offering them nothing that the other two don’t already bring doesn’t sound great. :confused:

Only the Nightborne suffer so… you discount the entirety of the rest of the AR’s. Yours in particular came out very nicely.

Not insurmountable.

The Vulpera player model is just the Vulpera NPC model.

Is there an example of Blizzard dramatically improving on the NPC model to make the playable allied race version? I can’t think of one. Maybe Dark Irons? I never really looked at a Dark Iron NPC closely.



It also could be argued that while the Vulpera AR was copied from the NPCs, Blizz put a TON of work into those NPCs so they could be copied to an AR. I remember Eevee’s posts about every new update to the models, how they moved and animations, physics updates, just for “NPCs.” So yeah Vulps were copied from the NPCs but those same NPCs had a ridiculous amount of work put into them. You’re not wrong about the Taunka though, they’d need a lot of work and all new female models to boot. They could turn out amazing like the Vulps or as bad as the Nightborne. With Blizz you never can tell what will happen haha.


All of them.

They all went through multiple documented changes from start to finish. Some from NPC models some less so.

Vulpera had entirely different tails at the start of the process.

Any race that is going to be made playable will undergo immense changes.

Worgen are the biggest change to date from NPC to player.