Big Blood Elf Customization Thread


eagletalon set is ok but imagine if we actually got farstrider attire for transmog


Would be nice for a lot of customization options they promised.


Hey lets just ruin everything and give all wow races all customizations so everyone looks same and then 1% of playerbase will stop complaining about customizations ! Simple!

You can’t complain you dont have customization if there are no differences ! :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


You’re responding to a person asking for scars.

Here’s what they said for context.

What are you even talking about with this nonsense you’ve decided to drop here?

At least have the stones to quote what you’re responding to so others don’t have to go back a few hundred posts.



How you feel about void elves look exactly like blood elves? do you feel special anymore that your character was copy pasted ? should we also give void elves all hair styles from blood elves too? I mean they look alike so why hairstyles matter.

Tell you what, you look around and see how I feel.

I’ll help.

Here’s my thread.

The poster you responded to and this thread is about expanding blood elf options.

Many of which are common sense things. For instance scars or tattoos.

Don’t know what your deal is but if you can’t see why basically every race could or should have tattoos and scars then you’re just trying to be blind.


So how do you feel about void elves looking exactly like blood elves? should we also give them all hair styles ? I mean they are exactly same

Don’t much see any reason they need to look exactly like Blood Elves.

Blizzard gave us the same model though so depending on your point of view that ship sailed ages ago and thats something you need to square with.

Our hairstyles are currently not the same. Don’t see any real reason they need to be either.

You do know this thread is about Blood Elves and their customizations though right?

No need to include Void elves here…

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I’ve heard rumors such places actually exits. How do I get there?

One of the forum mods was a massive nerd and locked the thread before I could respond


Heavens bless your soul for having the patience to teach middle school


Haha oh hey! Thanks. I actually really like missing school.


Yes but people above clearly wants them to look same. Vote to make all wow races look alike, just 1 race so no one gets to see difference ! no differences no complains!

Me too, school is for nerds


Damn phone. And also damn sausage fingers. :joy:

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Oh hey I see the hated human warrior was finally yeeted from the server I’m on due to bad behavior.

Also. Give tattoos.

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Yea, like Nightborne, which Blizzard forgot about.


They didn’t forget. They initially weren’t giving any customizations to allied races this expac. Void elves got what they did because they share a model with Belves.


we need to make our requests heard! They are giving more personalization to the void elves! blood elves need tattoos and scars at least


Looks like we’re losing more individuality and getting nothing in return a second time.

The only way to get Blizzard to give us stuff is to have a sustained spam tantrum. So everyone should make a thread about what they want for their Blood Elves.

I still want tattoos and scars.