JF Asked When we Want More Customization

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Darn straight. That way they don’t need to feel overwhelmed with requests. But first they need to get over the mentality of trying to release everything in one go, not having the time and resources to do so, and then disappointing people because not everyone got things. But if they keep working on it (instead of putting all their eggs in Drakthyr) they’ll eventually get there and every race will feel wholesome and updated.

He certainly isn’t wrong. Go take a look at WoW’s Subreddit and you’ll find so much fan stuff related to customization. Everything from costume spell effects to functional body sliders.

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Also raising my other hand for Skinny Kul’Tiran

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Hmm no. In fact I think they do need more options because right now it’s very less for them.

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They are most definitely ahead of ALL the other allied races on customization options and even ahead of some of the core races. It’s sad seeing anyone from the HEFA crowd lie like this because of their selfish desire to steal the rest of BE’s customization options.

As VOID ELVES and most playing VOID ELVES are happy with the customization options that they have.

It’s ONLY the HEFA crowd (which is a TINY number of the players that play VE’s) that feels that there is not enough customization options for VE’s (i.e. we haven’t gotten the dev’s to give us all the BE’s customizations options. Let’s lie and whine some more).

And yes i have several VE characters for the record.

False. Let’s look at the numbers, since you want to throw so much dirt:

VOID ELVES: 11 hairstyles, 20 skins, 18 faces, 16 hair colours, 8 eye colours, 3 earrings, 3 ear sizes, 1 tendril toggle - TOTAL 80

LFD: 7 skins, 10 faces, 13 hairstyles, 10 hair colors, 13 Horns, 1 hair decor, 2 tendril styles, 6 runes, 2 headresses, 1 jaw decor, 1 necklace, 3 tattoos, 6 tails, 12 jewellery colors - TOTAL 87

NIGHTBORNE: 10 skins, 12 faces, 16 hairstyles, 11 hair colors, 3 eyebrows, 2 eye styles, 1 hair decor, 9 face tattoos, 1 headdress, 8 earrings, 5 face jewellery, 4 jaw jewellery, 3 necklaces, 3 jewellery colors, 6 body tattoos, 1 luminous hands - TOTAL 95

HIGHMOUNTAIN TAUREN: 9 skin colours, 4 faces, 7 foremanes, 9 hairstyles, 4 hair decors, 1 feather, 2 headdresses, 7 eye colors, 8 horn styles, 4 horn colors, 1 horn markings, 1 horn wraps, 1 horn decor, 5 earrings, 3 nose piercings, 3 necklaces, 3 body paints, 3 body paint colors, 2 tails, 4 tail decors - TOTAL 80

MECHAGNOMES: 8 skin colors, 7 faces, 9 hairstyles, 7 hair colors, 20 modifications, 13 eye colors, 4 arm upgrades, 1 leg upgrade, 3 paints - TOTAL 72. So they have 8 more options than fricking Mechagnomes, and that was AFTER Void elves got their last customization pass. Before that they were weeeeeell below Mechagnomes. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what does.

This Megathread disagrees with you.

Again, see above.

Welcome to my ignore list. We don’t need biased haters like you to lecture us about who should go first and who should go last.

You and a handful of others posting on alts don’t count.


Sorry, but Void Elves don’t need more customization before or after anyone else. What they desperately need is lore.

There shouldn’t be some kind of pecking order, they just need to do better with customization across the board. Not trickled out every couple of years.

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Personally, I’d rather they work from the group up on issues that are fundamental to making the expansion run well, and on time, rather than GD-shouting about nice-to-haves that will materialize into a “meh” from the larger community.

No one here is satisfied about anything. I’d personally ignore GD completely and make decisions solely based on who does what in-game.

@ Blizzard.

It’s time for a new race.

That’s right, a straight up minotaur neutral allied race of sea-faring taurens with shared Vrykul ancestry. Viking tauren, it’s genious!

Make this happen Blizzard and I’ll happily play a Dragonlance Minotaur instead of a Skinny Dragonlance Draconian.

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I think it’s great that the Dracthyr will have so much cosmetic customization, but they’re still limited to one class with 2 specializations, so…

I can’t help but agree with this. Many races are lacking and folk have been asking for many since customizations were announced.

Just ignoring those folk to focus on a new race feels an awful lot like just ignoring everyone for the new expansion feature they can abandon next.

I had hoped they would give each race a few more options over time through patches and expansion launches.

I hope they change their minds and make time to work on more.

Ha, feedback on when? We wanted it two years ago. It should be ongoing.

I tend to check that rather regularly and most common posters there are not just alts. (unless they’re going though some efforts to hide it…)

Though we do sometimes show off our other void elves. Lol


I have that person on ignore now but judging from what you responded to they’re probably just talking bull again lol but I can assure this is the only toon I post on US on.

It’s real sad seeing them picking on a specific race to hate on just for merely mentioning that they also need stuff. It’s like only certain people are allowed to ask for stuff and others are not and that’s not fair. They only gave 2 customization waves and both of them were incomplete, unfinished and left people wanting. It is not an argument to say that people will always keep wanting. Maybe because they’re never being given what they actually ask for in the 1st place!

I don’t mind that they’re introducing a new race with lots of customization. The big problem here is that they do it at the expense of everybody else!! If they don’t have enough artists to focus on other races as well, then they should hire some more or allocate from other departments. Manage their resources properly. I bet there’re TONS of absolutely wicked 3d artists who would be willing to put in the work, for free even! Just to boost their portfolio.

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Even if Blizz just took ONE hairstyle from each race, and refit it for use on every other race , it would end up giving every race 10 new hairstyles. And that’s just a copy/paste with some editing to fit each other race. Sure new assets would be ideal, but repurposing existing assets works too.


The Dracthyrs own Visage forms hair could probably be repurposed for most races with some editing.


That Dracthyr boob slider is going to cost a raid tier.

I hope they don’t have breasts.

Best thing about em is that they’re androgynous like a reptilian would be.

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And for starters, they can actually release the class weapon skins as well. Why can’t Tauren have the Sunwalker shield and hammer available? You can find such cases everywhere.

Not if Blizzard can figure out how to get Armor to fit/scale better for certain races which would also benefit the new race. If they added different body types for all, I understand they can’t do ‘sliders’ but they could change stuff around more.

People are already asking heavily for it in regards to the new race, and if they’re not gonna make Transmog work on the new race, re-use assets like they did from the Fem Worgen, and not even let them use mounts in dragon form it feels like they’re gonna need to do a lot more with that ‘saved time’ to be quite honest.

To me, it seems like they’re way too invested in giving the visage form layers of hair color more than anything else and for me - I’m completely uninterested in the Visage form. But they know 'Humans and Humans lite" sell/are popular.

The problem is two fold since they locked a whole new CLASS to one race, which they should have known is a bad idea given how many people have been asking for DH of other races since they came out. This is now the second time they’ve done it, which to me shows they haven’t been learning as they continue on.

oh god, i have a feeling this is going to be a popular topic in the future.

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