Happy Void Elves get 2 races worth of customization now

…but could we get some of those facial hair options for Blood Elves?? All I want is the “anchor” facial hair… :cry:

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And neither of them amusing enough are for Void stuff… tell you what, I’ll sell you back every customization VE’s have short of the blue/purple skin color for some VOID options, deal?


Sounds good! I hope they make another race customization pass. I love what they did for Nightborne, but I hope they don’t stop there.


You should take a look at my velf thread.

Also yeah I’d love to share the hair and beard style options to my blood elves.


I want a glyph for blueberry form.

Keep the red eyes, but make the effect like Sylvanases’ flowing, smokey wind aura. And start to steer from the whole voices/madness direction.

Alleria… she’s all but ours now…

Head that off by limiting its use to portals and that teleport move the rendorei use for racial. Make it way faster and farther without a cast bar.

Sindorei don’t have a cast bar for aoe silence as a racial. Make the blueberries get a faster, more useful racial.