Blue Eyed Blood Elves were a mistake

Sin’dorei is a political designation, not a genetic trait.

“Sin’dorei” means “children of blood” and was the name Kael’thas gave to his people in honor of the fallen and has nothing to do with their usage of fel.

Kael’thas, sometime after renaming his people, went to Outland and brought back fel crystals, to aid in sating his people’s addiction to magic. This stopped their withering, but had the added effect of being even more highly addicting, causing the problem of the wretched who over indulged on fel crystals.

A Sin’dorei could be highly loyal to Silvermoon, not take in Fel crystals, retain their blue eyes through a means of meditation, and still be in Silvermoon.

A Quel’dorei on the other hand, is a group of Elven kind who deserted Silvermoon and went scurrying over to the Alliance, even after their treatment of them in the wake of the Scourge.

Ren’dorei are Elven kind who took void baths and shop at Hot Topic.

Kaldorei are expired, and at this point, a bit crispy.


This has me laughing. Lol

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not quite. ‘high elves’ were fighting to retake their homeland as hard any other thalassian elf. we know that for a fact because some were exiled for protesting against the magister methods to cope with addiction. and i do feel the need to emphasize only some were exiled, not all as the helfers love to gaslight when they say all ‘high elves’ have always been alliance or something

very few elves sought refuge with the alliance and were met with a cold reception

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I really don’t blame them.
People have this warped perception for how blood elves (aka high elves but I digress) joined the Horde, and that was this massively unorthodox thing because they are not traditionally as “ugly” as the other Horde races.

In reality, they were completely shut out by most of the Alliance thanks to Garothos and his lackeys. It’s literally because they shared the same hardships with the Forsaken that they joined the Horde.

Some remained with the Alliance, in so much as some tauren remained neutral / became an honorary “alliance” member with the other druids / shamans of the Earthen Ring.

But we, the players, don’t really get to be neutral.

High Elves and Blood Elves share the same kingdom. They are Horde now.

That’s just how the lore played out.
Thank the Forsaken for that.

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i wish i can give you 10 thumbs up. i hope the one will suffice.

Suffice in comparison to what? The OP ratio of likes to comments calling out the second visually distinct theme VEs received is literally not even comparable.


25 people angry at Blizzard for giving blood elves more customization options because it makes them feel less “unique”.

This is sad.
Funny but sad.

The blood elves’ allegiance to the horde is a political and military arrangement. It doesn’t reflect the feelings of every single blood elf. One of my favourite little nuggets in BFA is where you can speak to Magister Umbric about his loyalties. And while he does believe in the alliance’s values and will fight for them, his ultimate loyalty lies with silvermoon. I thought it added some much need nuance and dimension to the concept of faction loyalty.

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I agree with that, I think the rigid philosophy of Alliance vs Horde was too restrictive and doesn’t allow for much nuance. That’s one of the reasons why I’m really looking forward to cross faction play.

Those restrictions feel like more of a guideline. I as a blood elf am loyal to Silvermoon first, Horde second, and Alliance would be closer to the bottom of that list.

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I remember the time when banshee queen twitched the arm of Lor’themar by threatening to withdraw forsaken from ghostlands (I think it was in MOP)

Lor’themar was like “ok ok I will send an expedition”

Edit : I see it removed from wowpedia.

Exactly. My character Anyn here comes from the Quel’dorei group. She’s never agreed with the values of the Horde. Yes she’s a Void Elf, but she used to be a High Elf, because she has that background. Witch is supported by the lore now that we have both Silvermoon scholars, and High Elf Wayfarers learning to become Void Elves. What I want Blizzard to do is expand our lore over here on the Allaince, so we can forge our own identity separate from you Blood Elves on the Horde. I honestly don’t understand what the OP of this thread is complaining about though, so what if y’all can have blue eyes. Thay aren’t even the same shade of blue as the ones we have, so why the complaining?

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I do feel like void elves got very very little. I’d love to see more lore expanded, particularly with the void aspect. they don’t necessarily need to go all in with octopus heads, but there was an artist that visualized the void elves having starcursed hair. I can’t seem to link images but it was absolutely stunning.

I want void elves to have their own proper kingdom. One beneath the starlit sky.
And also to have the high elf representation too, for the more vanilla aesthetic.

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They will get it during a light vs void theme expansion which may happen In future

I mean more lore and stories

It’s in here. This thread is never far from the top of the forums! A lot of people have a lot of big hopes for void elves.


I have been summoned.

And one in game world.

All by Ramavatarama.


Actually the biggest difference was affiliation.

Blood elves still had blue eyes when they first changed their name to blood elves.

The change in eye color came after and it wouldn’t have affected every single one as not all elves relied so heavily on the sunwells energies eg being a hunter not really needing arcane energies to perform its duties

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I hope all of this happens! This would be amazing!

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That’s a nice starcursed look, pretty too. I hope if they add it it could have animations too.

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It depends on whether Blizz wants more players, or fewer.
Often they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


You say that as a void elf warrior with arcane purple eyes, blonde hair, and normal fair skin. Irony.