9.1.5 Character Customizations: New and Improved You

Nah, Averie is cool though I suspect Nelf players rather get Highborne stuff first (cause frankly the writting involved with Delaryn et al was… more than questionable at best).

Indeed, though I´m not sure how popular those assets are on the Nelf fanbase (I frankly hardly ever see them asking for this type of stuff. Heck, are we sure those Nelves are “Alliance”? Last time we saw them they were following their nu mommy Calia, and that one is trying to roll Horde as per Shadowlands…)

I think they´re the lamest of the lame to ever lame -there I said it-. They didn´t even sustain 5 minutes of undead “tortured” existence and they were already running to cry to the closest Human Potential to save them… so embarrasing.

They still suck by proxy of running to get Human Potential Calia to fixc their stuff for themselves though…

Man, Danuser really screwed up that whole plot.

You forgot the runic scarifications -that frankly, are waaaay more iconic for Belves than Alleria´s hand-me-downs-?

How could you!!! :crying_cat_face:

As a disgusting Anime fan, can I ask for some decoration similar to broken skeletal porcelain masks for the Forsaken plus regular human eyes BUT with black sclera? (think Bleach´s Hollow masks… considering the Forsaken Icon I think these would be very cool too).

Runic tattoos ala Zooval´s too (I mean, he´s your real “daddy” people… embrace the Domination Magic onto your very skin!!)

Fixing /removing the “diaper” issue and they would be already at a better rep regarding writting than the core version (I mean, mechagnomes are NOT punteable… like at all. Those people will skin you alive while they continue to check on their experiments while at it).

Honest to God -and a lot oif the regulars will remove me from their affections after saying this-, no actual self respecting Belf fan that is up to the lore wishes their Belf toons to be associated with Dalaran in any shape, way or form. Not after the Purge and even less after Legion when the Sunreavers got a second try at being presented as either undignified Human cheerleaders OR dumb backstabbers.

To anybody paying even a small modicum of attention to the story… the Sunreavers are nothing but a stain on the Belves narrative. Aethas is a meme worse than Kael´thas -at least Kael´thas got a slight correction to his meme YBC ending in SL. His dialogue with the Accuser at the end of 9.1.5 was very beautiful and heartwarming for a scummy Belf fangirl like myself. It was everything I ever wanted to see -now to get a repeat but involving Lor´themar and Rommath would make that perfect!!!-


They’ve been part of the narrative since before the Third War. This isn’t something that the big bad boogie man Danuaser pulled out of thin air. Some even studied under the banner of the Kirin Tor for thousands of years. They are the reasons humans even know magic in the first place. Which also makes them neutral. The only reason the Silver Covenant exists is because Vereesa (a Silvermoon exile) created it to be a deterrent to a Horde uprising. Garrosh was also the reason the purge even happened in the first place. It’s not like Jaina spent the entire expansion and books planning this.

You mean the redemption arch that was ham fisted into the narrative? They did the same with Illidan too. Of course Blizzard can’t just let characters who did bad things stay that way.

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the pro high elf crowd dont want blood elves in dalaran even though the elves that form the core of the sunreavers are as you said, been productive citizens for thousands of years and helped teach humans magic. farstriders didnt exist until alleria and her tattoos are void inspired and an eye color means a different race

Judging from the available customization combinations for my people. The Ren’dorei received 3 customization themes, Well done!

I was only expecting 2, it seems my skills in Diplomacy really have taken into effect.

Their development ABSOLUTELY was an abomination concoction that ended up hurting their portrayal for anyone who paid attention, and yes you can blame Afriasiabi et al for the “amazing” -and humiliating- cameo in Legion.

Sorry not sorry man, as someone who DOES pay attention to the story, I simply can´t see with anything but disgust the portrayal they got after Thunder Isle. To see Aethas runing to pawn off Anasterian´s sword just to be accepted once again into his Human Overlord´s good graces was shameful enough, to see the Sunreavers villain batted for a third time in Legion over the same “sin” -them betraying the city for rando villain party- was plain stupid.

Frankly, any Sunreaver that decided to go back to the Kirin tor AFTER they tried to get them all killed by the sins of… how many was it? (/rofl, we don´t even know how many were in cohorts with Garrosh ffs!!! but they ALL died the same at the hands of Jaina et al) simply has no self respect, NO sense of preservation or no brains, period.

Still less ridiculous than Aethas et al portrayal dude… frankly, Aethas doesn´t even seems to care for the people under his command, he just cares about running to play the glorified pet of Modera.


Pros have nothing to do with this, only you believe the Sunreavers got decent “development” after the fiasco that was Legion. I suppose you enjoyed killing Hathorel, Magni, the “oh so faithful” KIRIN TOR Belf. /facepalms


Kindly reminder that Void elves did not get any hairstyles, or tattoos, or jewellery. Blood elves also didn’t get any tattoos, and we’d both very much like those. Why should LFD and NB have tattoos but Thalassian elves cannot? Please make it happen Blizz. Ideally the tattoos will vary in colours and designs.

Also, here is our list of customization suggestions for Void elves:


after all the nonsense that’s been happening at Blizz this year i’m surprised they were able to even put this out without complaining it’s sexist or something

Hope this this helps the game and community, but I fear to little to late. Their attitudes have hurt the game severely and the trust factor is pretty much gone.

Please consider some final touches to the Legion ARs before finalizing Blizzard.

Onyx skintone for Lightforged.
Void skintones for Void Elves.
Black antlers for Highmountain.
Arcanic highlight around their hand glow for Nightborne.


99% of the time, I see my character from the back, at maximum camera distance. The only time I see it up close is at the character selection screen for a few seconds before logging in. Customization doesn’t matter that much to me.

Hunny, even though you don’t care about customizations, you still look fabulous.

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I can’t even be the hero I want to be.

I want to be a Sethrak. :pleading_face::snake:

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Corrupted eye colors too, we don’t have any void eye color yet :frowning: i think void elves have all the high elf eye colors people could possibly want, but in terms of void eye colors we have nothing. The pink eye color is cool, but i don’t think that pink could be considered a void color xD

Troll beards and (if at all possible considering it might not work with certain kinds of armor) upright Worgen.

The female dwarf is left in the dust…

Sethrak for the players!


Can we get the luminous hands from legion that people wanted? the outline version that was all over legion weapons and the npcs. not just a minor color change on the skin? this hand stuff just looks like you bought it from some sketchy guy outside goodwill instead of buying it at your local target store.


If we’re suggesting customizations we want…I’d love my tail at long last. Worgen as a whole got tails in official artwork so why not in WoW. Oh and I’d also love to see Sethrak become playable, both factions helped them and we don’t really got a reptile race yet so it’d be something nice and new


worgen tail would be cool

and since we stole everything from blood elves and had to give up nothing, maybe they can get our hairstyles. and can we actually get void stuff next time

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Yeah worgen finally getting their tails would make a lot of them happier for sure. More hair styles for Void elves would also be nice too, so people can stop saying I copied someone else due to limited hair styles. I for one am keeping the blue skin though…