Void Elves

Dear Blizzard.

You don’t have to do it now, you can leave it for last and focus more on races such as HM Tauren or other Elves. But please, the next customization you add to Void Elves, let it be Void related customizations.

It is nice that High Elves get their stuff, and you can play both with Void Elves. However, do not neglect the original Void Elves in favor of the High Elves. We are less, for sure, but there are fans.

We can be on the last list (as AR), but next time you add customization to this Alliance race model, let it be Void Elf customizations, please. Void tattoos, ethereal parts of the body just like the Forsaken’s bones, but instead of bones, ethereal graphics, etc. Anything you can think of but do not forget us.

And again, I’m not asking for this now. Focus on other races first if you want. Just do not neglect the core Alliance Elf Allied Race: Void Elves.

Thank you.

P.D: It is not Void ELves who demand more and more, so you accusing us, shame on you!


I hope they’ve seen the Void Elf Customization thread. There’s some amazing customization recommendations in there. :blue_heart:


You rang?