Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

I’m looking forward to seeing you jump to the defense of people you usually disagree with when they get accused unjustly o’ warrior of light.

Times really don’t change, the orc got it wrong.


I hope you don’t honestly think I care if you’re happy I’m back…do you? One officer who wasn’t there to deal with, man, aim, load, fire, or reload three pieces of equipment does not constitute a military presence. That’s ludicrous, Cezol - even for you.

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No we weren’t. We already had too much delusion here.


It’s the same people spreading negativity. IF you disagree, be respectful and leave it at that. No need to continue to argue in circles.


:+1: I’ll be here for you don’t worry :heart:

Love the tentacle toggle.

Do you mine telling me what you mean with EE toggle?

Love it.

White and black I think should be a thing.
Don’t care about natural brown or blonde. Unnatural though? Mmm… Seen some ok options on that of late. Always for more blues myself.

Pink too is a great idea.

All of this.


Oh. That explains a lot.

Eh its a bad night.

I get called out for not calling out every post too.

Ooo. Nice.

Hmm… I like you.


Take a look at this thread when you get a chance.


I think he’s roleplaying that one Principal Skinner meme.


I’m sorry I wasn’t here to hold up a mirror for you to look in, but hey - more important things to do and all that. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, people around here, Anti or Pro, need to calm down. This thread is turning into a PVP Match of bad behaviour.


Yes I forgot how thorough blizzard has to be in their set pieces for scenarios that last less than 5 minutes and are only a gateway to a cinematic.

Wait they really don’t, considering they didn’t even remotely need to place blue, high elven ballista at all, guess they figured people would just “get it” via context clues, you’ve proved them wrong though Murg, as usual.

Some people just struggle to “get it” a little more than others huh, guess that’s what you do when you’re on the mindset of flat earthers and bad faith arguments, nothings ever really good enough for ya hu?


bro i’m a pvper

/looks at herself

It’s ok.

Now that you here you can continue to push the lunacy of the anti side over the edge so that even more people take you and them less seriously by denying in-game lore and basic context clues understanding.

You’d do them a favor by disappearing again. :kissing_heart::heart:

bro is gender neutral


I know, I was being a smartass.

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But when it’s brought to their attention they flat out don’t care and had a statement meant to absolve themselves and HE fans from being expected to call anything out.

And then on top of it when we have seen them it’s to shame people reacting to other people’s bad behavior.

That rubs me wrong, I think you call out both sides of the debate of course you don’t catch every thing no one can but at least there is consistency there on whats right and wrong.

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Entropic embrace should either be all the time like a customization or just during moments of combat like it is now,




Man, I was really hoping the data mining they had towards the potential ability to customize that back during alpha/beta (i forgot which) would have let us go bonkers on it, and given them one like… purple outline version for the high elf guys.

I seriously wonder if that’s going to show up again next expansion.

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Don’t tell everyone what you did to that poor retired Tauren home.