Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Sometimes people have to pretend others are bad so they don’t feel guilty about the things they do to them.


I will only say this, what Blizzard needs to do is have it so, likes and flags are bound to the account not to each individual character. It would stop mass flagging with alts and mass liking with alts.


And remove the limit on likes, it’s a really dumb thing to have a limit on.


You can’t mass flag with alts.

Please, by all means, go try it though.

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Oh joy, is it time for the Bi-weekly Blood Elf* Blowup?

Wake me when we’re done.

*Yes, I know it’s everyone, but blood elf is alliterative and I’m a simple woman.

To make it easier if you’re interested.

It wouldn’t be an issue if Lore just admitted it was him and noted it when he posted on his alts.


Doubly this.

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This works if they open up all classes to all races. Then you can use glyphs to be able to customize the character/class you want to play. Because to me a Void Knight isn’t a warrior, it’s everything a paladin would have, particularly retribution. I’d have to have all of the abilities more void oriented.

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I don’t tend to like that idea. Some races make no sense as some classes.

This though. Very good.

It would give us a great deal more leeway.

Imagine a loa priest able to change their healing spells to something more akin to shamanistic looking spirit winds or some such.

To be fair I said Riftblade and they seem to have void based warrior abilities.


It sounds kinda funny if you shorten it to the Belf Bloop


Yeah, this was a call back to the other thread talking about Void Knights and Rift Blades.


How about this, give the void elfs shorter ears if they choose a natural hair color, thus making the natural hair color ones technically half-elves. Blizz can lock certain customization options to certain classes why not do it with hair colors etc…

I mean, as obvious from this thread, I’m not a big fan of the new colors, but I’m even less of a fan of locking off options like that. There’s tons of things that the ears can be used to stand in for, it doesn’t sit well with me to lock them off unless you take a certain other option.

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Lets not lock customizations behind arbitrary requirements.


Especially the shorter ears. I have to imagine with the wingspan those things have that lopped off eartips are basically baby’s first sword fighting scar

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I can see it now you will clear 200 heroic/mythic dungeons for blonde hair and you will believe it is enjoyable content says Blizzard. Haha. I’m not really serious but really that’s how it would be. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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On’t-day ive-gay em-thay uhm, ideas-ay!


This. I’ll be honest, the ‘go play on this faction if you want x aesthetic’ in regards to Thalassians become ((irrelevant(?) incorrect(?) idk what word fits aptly) once the skin tones arrived on VEs.

If Blizzard followed that logic they’d never have given skin tones to VEs that BEs have.

Some say, “it’s because the BEs got blue eyes”, but that just fits with what’s mentioned above.

If Blizzard were as hardcore about Thalassians having to be sectioned off looks wise, VEs would’ve stayed blurple, and only BEs would have human skin tones.

I still bring it back to what I mentioned before that gets lost imo:

  1. It was a popular, long requested customization option (High elf look)

  2. Blizzard were already working on giving BEs additions, and we know VEs share the same exact model, nothing is unique there other than what’s on surface display. So after going back to the topic, they decided let’s share what we can (for now).

  3. This occurred with other AR that has the exact same model as an original race: Mechagnomes got detached facial options, VE/BE bow shooting animation fixed at same time, Mag’har straight back option arrived to Green Orcs at same time.

So they gave what they could in the time they had when doing the core race customization updates because that’s simply efficiency.

That’s also why when asked if AR will get customization updates they said it’ll happen at a later time.

What about Allied Race customizations?

For the initial release of Shadowlands, the focus is on the original races. Character customizations is an ongoing project and they’re never completely done.


I wonder if we’ll also get the ear options for Void Elves that they gave for Blood Elves?


I would think so? Night Elves also now have ear options too I think right? :thinking:

I bet Nightborne and Void Elf will as well.


I thought Night Elves got the eye brow lengh

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