Void Elf / Blood Elf Customization

Can we use these same arguments against the Blood Elves too? Claim that they are a different race because they also went through some transformation, AKA, being effected by the Fel Radiation? :thinking: Because a transformation doesn’t mean entirely a new race. Sorry Thallia, but until there is an actual lore source to back up the claim of them being a new race, I will never say anything like this, nor agree to this.

How does one steal when we all only hold a license to access the game, not claim ownership over anything?

Well, what happened to the person on discord, who suggested to me it is just best to ignore these types of threads? :thinking:

So, can I use these same logic towards the “Blood Elf are High Elf” arguments, considering in that video, he said “pretty much” for the Blood Elves too?

Like, honestly Thallia, this is not like you. Usually, you’d be ignoring these sort of threads because of the toxicity of both groups that the forums can get. What has happened?


If they suddenly are described as being infused with Fel and have green blood, then sure.

But they aren’t. So no.

There literally is. Sorry you dont want to believe it.

I’m not sure where the condescension is coming from, but has anyone been hostile here? No? Then what was the point in the call out? Am I suddenly not allowed.to post?

Fine then. I’ll mute it to make you happy so you can have your echo chamber.


Isnt there a void elf customization mega thread somewhere on here?

I personally want more hair style options.

“This List is incomplete - We can help by expanding it.” - Elf Players (probably)

And at this time, those people have everything they need to do that.


There is an error here.

Sand Trolls are from Jungle Trolls.

Scourge Trolls also come from some Amani tribes in the Plaguelands.

Also I suppose undead elves would be Darkfallen now… along with the other darkfallen…

Depends on what you’re looking for.

For Void Elf void aesthetic you can check out my thread.

At the top of it you’ll find links to a Velf High Elf thread that was once the main thread (Kinda dead these days.) as well as to the Blood Elf thread.


I’m gonna chime in that while faction distinction is not a huge interest of mine, having an allied race and its parent share a lot of copy paste options is realllllllly underwhelming.

Especially when the other 3 Allied races added at the same time got unique options that were mostly not lame copy pastes from the parent race. (I mean, the draenei tails and the nightborn necklace aside.) Void elves feel pretty low effort compared to the other Legion races now… and they always felt a bit underdeveloped (to me, anyway). They’re cool, they have a lot of potential, and it’s fun that they open up a hefty can of RP possibilities. I just wish Blizzard loved them as much as the players do.


Ive been on that thread and have my support, Fen for more void elf customization.

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Y’know I thought you looked familiar. Lol

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Good. Y’all asked for this.


Funny, because I, quite frankly, did not.

Any more than I asked for short tails on male draenei.

Yes they did. When Alleria tried to visit the Sunwell it went ballistic because of exactly that conflict. You missed that part?

No, but I missed your entire point. I have absolutely no idea what’s your point here.

You were one of the people asking for more HE options on VEs lol did you expect them to be different than BEs? That makes no sense.


Well, since you were there as well, you may recall that I was, in fact, asking for different options.

And that we both agreed that copy pasted hair colors would be desperately lame.

You wanted continued HE options after HE options originally came w SL launch

That’s hardly the picture perfect example of someone who didn’t get what they wanted and or someone who was asking for unique Void options.

I was against all continued HE requests on VEs.


I don’t care about faction identity, but I do like the concept of void elves. I don’t want anything to do with high elves. It bothers me that the void elf customisation pass made void elves less voidy. We need more void-based void elf customisations.

I don’t want any more blood elf copy/paste options for void elves, but I do want the existing copy/paste to work right. Let us use any face that’s currently available to void elves with any skin tone. Right now the blood elf faces only work with blood elf skin tones and the original void elf faces only work with the original void elf skin tones. I want to use one of the blood elf faces with one of the original void elf skin tones, but that’s not possible right now.


And so are Void Elves…there are multiple in-game representations of High Elves joining their ranks + Dev Ely Canon said the new customizations represent High Elf options. So I can play my Helf on the Alliance :smiley: but ty for the suggestion!

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It bothers a lot of people but hopefully eventually Void Elves will get the void customizations that they should have gotten to begin with instead of shafted to get the bargain bin High Elf/Blood Elf customizations, it’s why the void customization thread from Fen needs as much support as it can get.


I’m a bit too cranky to do this dance again today, so I’ll just repeat what you’ve heard a few times from me before. My preference is for a variety of unique options and tools that offer a broad chunk of lore plausible looks.

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