Blood Elf Customization Thread (Glory of the Sin'dorei)

This thread is for those who want to talk about Blood Elves and the customizations they’d like to see with them.

Please note that I do not expect all or even any of these to come to fruition. They are desires and wants, that I’ve mostly pulled from the community, nothing more.

Feel free to tell us what customizations you too would like to see!

Those with an interest for Void Elves I’ll link my thread here:

For those with an interest in High Elves here is my thread for that:

And Drede has put together a wonderful thread for customizations for all races!

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This thread will be divided into a few parts:

  • The Most Likely Options - The options most likely to become reality.

  • The Less Likely Options - These options are still amazing but are regrettably less likely to become reality.

  • Blood Elf Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts. - Additional options and modifications for the heritage of blood elves.

  • Quel’thalas and the Blood Elf Story - My hopes and dreams for the Blood Elf race and its home Quel’thalas.

  • The Archive - Imgur Album for thread pictures.

  • Allied Race and Customization Threads - In alphabetical order and author notated.

The Most Likely Options
In this section I’d like to go over some of the Most Likely options that have been requested. These are common and low impact to the model and form of the Blood Elf but are still well within the realm of possibility.

Hair options are immensely common requests for Blood Elves, whether its just a general expansion of styles, taking the styles of other races, or focusing more on the militant side of the blood elves all of these are fairly common.
Other common requests include braided hairstyles and the addition of hair feathers for Farstriders, Crystals for Magisters. Not to mention additional colors of hair such as Pure White, Two Tone Hair colors, Pink Hair colors, Burgundy Hair colors, Strawberry Hair colors and Luminescent hair colors (like the DI but with the Light).
Among the hair customizations requested is beards. Blood Elves desire to have full and varied beards!

By Ramavatarama
Nightborne Hairstyles on the Blood Elves.

By Lancelot
Here we see hair setup to better represent some other hair types found in real life.

Several jewelry options were added back in Shadowlands beta that did not end up in the live version of the game, these should be finally added. Additionally more jewelry colors should be added and the gems should be colored separatly to the metal coloration.

By Blizzard

Tattoos are a common request for blood elves, often based on WCII’s Rangers and thus Farstriders. Some of this can easily be seen on Alleria Windrunner as well. Other tattoos requests are like the Nightborne’s glowing tattoos but with phoenix motiffs, holy light tattoos and Runic tattoos like on the box art.

By Ramavatarama

By Izzabelle

by Lancelot

By Lancelot

By Unknown? (Let me know if you know.)

All of these tattoos are common styles of requested tattoos for blood elves and would be welcome additions!

More eye requests are often requested, like reds oranges, pinks and purples. Further inbetween colors as though the blood elves are losing the fel and gaining blue and gold would be nice as well. Heterochromia is another request I’ve seen off and on.

By Somand
Displaying Heterochromia for both eyes as well as blind options.

Other Common Requests
Other common requests like scars and battle damaged ears are all too common along with additional skin tones to expand into more tones not yet well represented among the human toned races, freckle options, ear armor, Light runes (like the Draenei).

By Somand

The Less Likely Options
In this section I’d like to highlight Less Common and More Model Affecting customizations that have been requested.
Options in this section will include the Felblood Elves, San’layn and Dark Rangers.

Felblood Elves
The Felblood Elves were a group of Kael’thas’ forces in Outland that took in the fel to the point of actually becoming demons. Its entirely unclear how many if any survived the battles at the end of The Burning Crusade expansion however its not impossible that some may have been able to be reintegrated into the fold.

By Unknown (If you do know drop me a line.)

Requests in this category can include: Colorful skin tones with darkened cracked hands and feet, Unlocking demon hunter horns? and wings/winglets!

San’layn Elves
A common request for years, and emboldened by the group of San’layn who attempted to join during the Battle for Azeroth expansion, these options are very much desired and would greatly enhance the options for blood elves. Of note after the Blood Prince Drevan is destroyed several of his acolytes are still visible and aligned with the Horde. Its entirely plausible that the San’layn are already among the Hordes forces, just small in number.

By Fallyn

Requests in this category include: Undead skins, Red eyes, White eyes, Bat like ears, Claws, Fangs and possibily bat wings!

Dark Rangers
Widely provided for, some further additions could potentially be added. Though the current main requests are to release the red eyes and skin tone from one another and expand the options of “dead” skin tone so that more of the skintones present for blood elves can be represented among the Dark Rangers.

By Unknown (If you do know drop me a line.)

Void Elf Features
Some have requested some of the customization from void elves be shared to blood elves, most often the hairstyles/facial hair and hair colors.

While many of these options are perhaps unlikely they are all amazing regardless and Blizzard should consider options like these going forward for inspiration.

Zandrae’s List
Zandrae had come up with an extensive list of customizations for the Blood Elves and I woulnd’t want to leave it out so I included it here.

Zandrae's List Of Customizations

Big Blood Elf Customization Thread - #9 by Zandrae-wyrmrest-accord

Blood Elf Heritage Armor, Armor Tints, Weapons and Mounts

By Blizzard

While we have an amazing set of heritage armor many among us feel that some improvements and alternative options could be added to better facilitate all types of blood elf characters.
This ranges from adding more tints and adjusting the armor so its more friendly to those who don’t wear robes, adding more weapons that match it and its tints and adding heritage mounts and a new charger for blood elves.

Heritage Armor and Changes
The Blood Elf heritage armor is relatively loved however there are some oddities with it that leave one a little unhappy here and there. First the lack of built up boots leaves anyone using the unrobed version feeling a little unbalanced. Second the legs also feel a little light for blood elves without the robe.
Both of these issues can fairly easily be fixed up with some minor changes (or preferably more options) to give each piece some weight when not wearing the robe.

By Somand

Here we can see the boots have been given a bit of shin armor and a knee pad to match the gauntlets. We also see a cama added to the legs when not wearing a robe. These two changes alone give a lot to the Blood Elf Heritage armor and are well more than enough to make it really feel good.
Again, preferably these would be added as additional options to the heritage armor and allow those who like what we currently have to keep on using it.

You’ll also notice the new tints here. Blood Elves have many smaller groups within their culture. Blood Knights, Farstriders, Magisters. Giving additional colorations can help really match up your character to what you want them to be.

Additional Heritage armor requested are things like more Blood Knight, Farstrider and Magister themed sets as well as the clothes from the TBC intro cinematic being available.

by Nam Whan

Heritage Weapons Added

By Olivia Leopard

While a new heritage weapon was given tot he Blood Elves its a bit underwhelming and not usable by all classes. We’d love to see a whole host of heritage weapons styled like the armor added that also come with several tints themselves!

Really all races should get appropriate weapons to go with their heritage armor.

Heritage Mounts
An update to the aging thalassian charger would be a welcome addition to the blood elves, and here also are several suggestions for additional or alternative mounts for their heritage or chargers. A Blood Knight Hawkstrider, Courser and a blood elf themed Lynx.

Whether these are added as replacements or additions to the Thalassian Charger or as additional mounts for all blood elves it would be a welcome change.

By Somand

By Somand

By Lyraseth

Quel’Thalas and the Blood Elf Story

From World of Warcraft Chronicles

I think what I want to see from the story and Quel’Thalas as a whole is first and foremost to bring it to the current timeline and update the zone to work with the old world rather than keeping it stuck on its own part of the TBC maps.

This would allow for flying to be done throughout the zone finally and give plenty of excuse to update the textures, advance the regions story and show the growth of the Blood Elven people as a whole. I want to see Paladins and druids and shaman healing the dead scar. I want to see more of Silvermoon rebuilt and portions of the towns surrounding it grown as well.
I want to see the old arcane golems replaced with Dark Anima infused ones. The old fel crystals that once helped power the city replaced with the Blood Crystals and Massive Arcane Crystals, maybe even some Light based Crystals. Mostly though I want to see the Blood Elves coming out of the darkness of their genocide so many years later, their eyes changing back to what they were and their people feeling like they can breathe again.

Another story point that many want to see are references to those High Elves who have since begun to return home. Some of this is suggested by the emergence of blue eyes becoming more common, while this can easily be attributed to the Sunwell clearing the green glow, many want to see high elves returning.

That all said I also want this undercurrent of Blood Elves who didn’t let go of the dark past. Some Blood Knights should be shown to still take the Light from the Sunwell to use rather than being entirely faithful. Some blood elves should be shown to still be using the mana drain abilities to empower themselves. Let us have a bit of the darkness we were introduced with without making us evil for it.

Druids and Shaman

On the topic of Blood Elven Druids (And shaman) since we know that Blizzard is expanding all races to all classes I assume that these two classes will one day be available for blood elves. As such I’d like to have a short word on them here.

We already know that Druids of the Cenarion Circle and the Paladins of the Argent Crusade have had some success restoring plagued lands back to their natural state. I’d like to see first, druids and shaman joining with the Farstriders to expand their numbers and their nature focus. And second the Blood Knights and Magisters to come together with Blood Elven druids and shaman to begin to heal the Dead Scar as they all move into a new age for the Blood Elven people!

Lynx Cat Form

By Kagesatsuki

Blood Elf Storm Crow

By Riotfury

Lynx Cat Form

By Lyraseth

Shaman Concept Sketch

By ChikKv

Shaman Totem Concept

By Unknown

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Thank you for your time and interest!


Very happy to see this up, with actual examples in pictures in the OP.

My biggest desire at this time is definitely more story, especially when it comes to see Blood Elf druids and their potential narrative of seeing Quel’thalas healed!

Also male blood elves not getting the jewelry options still irks me.


Oh yeah! I’d love to see more interesting options for Sin’dorei.

Especially the idea of a Druid with the goal of restoring their homeland. Perfect excuse to update and detach their starter zone from BC.

Just a thought… the druid flight form wouldn’t be a dragonhawk instead? :thinking:


Time to show the support for the Blood Elves too.


Actually I do think that the Dragonhawk would be a better flight form fit. But its a nice picture.

Ideally they’d have a belfy lookin bear, a lynx cat, a hawkstrider for land travel, not sure bout water travel and the Dragonhawk for flight. Boomkin I want similar to the Ztroll boomkin but its a phoenix.


Bro, when will Zalandari finally get respect? We deserve customization too.


There is nothing stopping you from creating a thread asking for Zandalari Customization.

Just sayin.


Make em a thread?

I spent time on this and it wasn’t easy. If you’d like to see the Zandalari get more then by all means put in the time and effort!

Everyone should have their own customization threads I say!


I really love the effort put forth with this big super thread!

Adding a bunch of different options for blood elves will enable us to create some interesting characters by mix and matching.


If anyone is interested, there is also a discord. I know someone was requesting for it to become lively.


Thank you!

I’ve long wanted to put up this thread but the existence of the previous one held me back. Always rubbed me the wrong way that its main posts wasn’t being updated with the mock ups and ideas that people brought for Blood Elves and things were getting lost over time.

Oh! I can put that into the main post if you’d like? Right up near the top perhaps?

Go for it.

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Maybe a mana wyrm? I do believe we’ve seen them swimming before (some lakes in Zangarmarsh for instance)

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As a - mostly Alliance - player, I’d be really salty that another horde race gets to have a cool boomkin variation :joy: .

I suppose if Belves get Druids, is only fair that Draenei get them as well given how the context of the race and the proximity with Night Elves fit - and they must have an unique boomkin as well.

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I have always been a fan of the Draenei druids mocks ups! That would be amazing!

I imagine it would be based on the Manarays.

Pretty sure that is the plan with Blizzard. Removing the class/race restrictions for all. Though Druids would probably be the last class to be unlocked, due to how much work there is just for the shapeshifting forms.


I will be very happy if Belfs can eventually get tattoo options, more jewelry/piercings (especially for males), and more armor and weapon variants and colors. I also hope for belf and nightborne to have the druid class. Horde needs at least 1 elf druid.
Pheonix weapons and tattoos would be great! :bird:


Adding something else to the thread. I saw the OP mentioned heritage sets, and I know that the Blood Elf one already have a variation, but…

Imagine if we had this set to complement them:

They added the Night Elf classic cinematic set to the Darkshore NPCs, and there’s a heavy speculation that their heritage could be based on that. Imagine this one from the BC cinematic making its way into the actual game as well. :person_raising_hand:


Fun thread! What I’m really hoping for is:
-Spell breaker warglaive and shield transmogs.
-More short hairstyles.
-(Longshot) Updated Silvermoon that’s actually part of the world. The way they re-did the Arathi Highlands got me so pumped. I’d love to see Eversong Woods receive the same treatment (although I know it’d require basically re-creating the zone from scratch).


Yeah, it would’ve been better as a heritage armor.