Why the lack of Customization?

Maybe because of Alleria who is nostalgic for her old Thalassian kingdom.

I’m just hoping there isn’t some “ping system” when quoting the CMs.

Poor Linxy.

Lann’s daily quoting of her is on “text me back” levels.


I know there is over 300+ post from Lann in this thread alone. Wouldn’t surprise me if most of those replies were to Linxy


Is that something you’re speaking on from experience or? I can’t relate personally but interesting.

Anyways going through your post history in the thread you’ve quoted Linxy quite often yourself, of which I didn’t know wasn’t the point were literally all here for.

It’s always interesting to me how for all the talk of antis telling others to not request things no anti I’ve seen ever does, just that their request is in direct conflict with the opposing request. Now I have seen a great deal of trying to get antis to stop requesting things, though I can’t imagine trying to shame people for trying to get blizzards attention or to just out right tell to to give it a rest, a bit ironic imo

On that note exclusive Farstrider Tattoos for Blood Elves :raised_hands:t5: only they have the Farstriders Alleria is a one off special character

  1. Community Managers are not Developers. They do not have the same power as Developers. They can provide the feedback to the Devs, but it is up to the devs to decide whether they want to implement something or add something, not the CM’s, not the playerbase.
  2. You seem to do not understand what spam is. Everyday, in this thread, you post the same thing over and over again. You’re like a broken record, or a CD Player on Repeat.
  3. You have posted numerous times Blizzard should add more for what you want before anyone else. You do not have more of a say than the other millions of players who play the game, let alone more of a say over everyone on the forums.

Void Elf tattoos please:


And Highborne customizations (including tattoos) for Night Elves as well please:



EDIT: Oh and Kelfin and Sethrak as Horde and Alliance Allied Races respectively, thanks.
EDIT2: And Arakkoa, Ethereals and Saberon as Allied Races too! Many thanks! :hugs:


What has three fingers and wants troll beard

This guy


Ah wonderful!

Probably be awhile before we see any of these of course. Now that 9.1.5 is wrapping up. Still I hope blizzard hears Void Elf fans among the many others here as well. (That includes the many who asked for options for Core Races during this chance to give Blizz our requests more directly.)

I think thats a little more than I’m personally looking for for the Shen’dralar. Neat stuff though.

My hope is to see a few more items added rather than a whole suite and more simplistic to reflect that they are more humble compared to other highborne groups. They spent ten thousand years in decline and lost their home only to rejoin their people in Cata.

I’m a little tired so I might not be saying this entirely right…

But for me it’d just be some more items using current Night Elf design concepts with a few nods to Shen’dralar. A tattoo like the males got (and I guess a face marking for females until they make tattoos both genders and such) that is a bit more arcane like rather than nature like, a few peices of jewelry not unlike the gemmed pendant (for both male and female) that is a bit more glowy on the gem as if its arcane, and two eye colors to help represent them purple and green. (Though the Green is really just to give a second reason for Malfurions Green to be added…)

I feel like I rambled… TL:DR; happy for when we get more Void Elf options such as tattoos, want something more restrained for Shen’dralar for Night Elves but otherwise nice stuff you’ve shown. lol

I see no issues with either of these edits. lol

(Though I always thought Kelfin would be paired with Ankoan.)

I hope you get your beards… then again I hope I get your beards. I love my troll hunter. lol


Also TL3 powers for ease of sight.


I made a thread dedicated to Nightborne customization. Feel free to participate. Or don’t.


That Highborne stuff is amazing! :eyes: I really hope Blizzard concentrates more on that aesthetic in the next Night Elf customization pass.


Hopefully they move to other options for Night Elves. A few elves living in a cave in squalor and like animals returning to NE society isn’t qualification for options that should go and are better represented by the Nightborne.


They could start by giving them options that aren’t so…on the nose. I mean, leaves and vines in the hair, really? Then, the developers had the audacity to give Night Elves the option for burn marks on their face called “Teldrassil.” :rofl:


Opening up their jewelry that’s already there and tattoos to both guys and girls, + face updates.

That sort of thing, is it weird when you said not on the nose I thought leaves down the arms would be interesting or some kind of vine design

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No, it’s simply a well-known meme.

Aww, that must’ve taken a lot of effort. How much is “quite often” compared to your daily amounts? And if mine is considered “quite often”, what’s yours considered?


I’m up at 15 ish times calling attention to Linxy throughout this thread.

Your and Lann’s talk made me curious how many I’d done.

Also the post I posted to linxy was restored after being flagged so this weird thing of “were allowed to do it but when you do it’s too much” is another odd conversation to me.

We’re all here because we want Blizzards attention and literally everyone quotes the cm who has announced multiple VE options for their second pass in this thread


Idk how to check mine so easily, but mine are varied since some are just giving thanks and not asking for anything, other times do include suggestions.

And no one else quoting Linxy is near Lann’s level of same spammy message on the daily ad nauseum.


I went back and searched for certain signal words. Most postings with “lost visual uniqueness” and “a second visual theme” in this topic are attributed to you the past days. This is likely why you get flagged. I actually thought too you’re using a constant copy paste here.



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Well I’m glad this thread is for feedback and I find it important to repeat oneself in these large threads.

And as it happens despite the constant flagging the last few days my feed back isn’t removed, so hopefully the false flagging catches up with the parties involved.

In any case Blood Elves losing visual uniqueness while not receiving options to offset that is in extremely poor taste, and I hope that is quickly resolved before moving back to give void elves a third pass.

And Blood Elf exclusive Farstrider tattoos!

Also some of the NB stuff that need fixes Ellinia mentioned seem rather imperative too especially since no other race besides VEs has benefitted from two passes, if they could correct some of the issues that would be great.


Doesn’t matter. Visual uniqueness was lost. Blood Elves should get a second visual theme. My posts are restored and the feedback valid.

Be sure to watch out for the people who say “Void Elves still need” “Void Elves didn’t get a pass” that comes up rather often too, I’ve never stopped to care other than to disagree with them or leave my own feed back though.

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