Void Elf-High Elf Customization Thread

Send void elves back to the Horde.

Well, I sort of covered that in the rest of the post.

Can a blood elf be good, or… since they are Horde, they are evil?

Yeah, I’ll continue the trope here and say that no. It’s you guys that just want to bleach them out of anything that makes them VEs even more.

But I know you’re one of those that advocates making the damage worse.


I’ve advocated for both the last little bit of HE customization left to get, and more Void-esque specific looks so not sure what you mean.


Have you considered taking a gander here then?

The images appear to be… uncooperative right now but otherwise… Void options.





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Hi Justin.

Hello blood elf.

Wait. Guild, odd, baity posts…


Yeah, I’ve seen enough of you to not buy into the whole “I’m advocating for both achktually”.


Apparently not. Then again you and others trying to limit customization options on VE sure do seem blind to a lot of statements as is so I shouldn’t find it surprising, but it still gets me everytime.


I add dearie or sweetheart but only for people I like. :yum: :yum: :yum:

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Void elves matter.

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In the grand scheme of things, they really don’t. Nothing in game really matters.

Also REALLY tasteless way to put that.


Post so big.

Gotta raise my brow at this one ngl

coughs in human


New 6-month mount is amazing.

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Wait! Do you have a link to the thread of the “voidins”! I’m super interested in reading that!

I truly just want the colors and Paladins (Mostly cause the base classes are kinda boring and i want to play something new!) and i will be fine for ETERNITY! That’s why i advocate for the BE’s to recieve a new look to seperate themselves more (Dark Rangers, San)

I also adore Alleria’s look and its who i want to look like the most! I love the hair, braids, color and especially her tats!