Why the lack of Customization?

This, plus Nico supports almost everything and anything customization wise that people want and that’s not all people not just certain races.


I’m ecstatic with what’s coming for me in 9.1.5 >_> I’m not asking for anything else.

But the person I was replying to still doesn’t have the options they want, and I wanted to support them in their quest for those options, thus my reply/pic.

But to answer your question… while most of my character’s body may be covered in armor, I personally tend to either hide my helm, or stick to head slot items that don’t cover my face or hair. Having eye color options, and options to style and color my hair to my tastes, is very gratifying for me, and allows me to personalize my characters.

More options means more ability to tailor my characters aesthetically and in conjunction with the various transmog outfits I have saved. I think more options is always better.


What’s the difference? (honest question xD) I think that runes fit void elves because most of them are mages. When i look at void elves, and think about what type of options they should get, runes is one of the first things that come to mind. Not the same we see in tbc art, but void runes like we can see in those black empire invasions. Also arcane, because high elves.

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Thats kinda what I get at a bit about the runes.

N’zoth runes (the ones we see during the black empire assaults.) fit fairly well for Void elves and with an application of different colors probably work well enough for arcane for high elves. (or just light blue like Alleria has)

The ones from the TBC art is not something I’d expect on void elves but is still rune based.

heres an example Izzabelle made for us… again before we broke her poor hands.

And because why not, here’s a few things folk have been looking into in the void elf thread I have…


I really like these ideas! I’m hopeful for new options for void elves such as permanent EE, and new hairstyles, i’m very curious about how devs will expand void elves main theme, i think it will be great!


If you’d like to see what folk have been requesting and the talk around void elves (void options specifically) my thread has had wonderful contributions.

Feel free to add to it as well. I’m working on a new OP to add in a great deal more information on what I’ve seen requested and to add some of the newer images folk have put forth.


Big Beards for Blood Elves please.



(By mathptr1)


Using my trust level 3 powers for good!


We’ve already received the hair colors which are much appreciated! But posting this pic of Alleria style warpaint that would look great on male and female Void Elves :smiley:



these are great blood elf farstrider tattoos. yea theyre actually farstrider ‘style’ not ‘alleria style’

her ‘style’ is STILL reflective of her days of being one of the blood elves most revered heroes for w.e reason. thus they are a blood elf thing. its part of their culture it has nothing to do with the path and aesthetic the void elves are on

yea its time to update allerias model. purple tats and gold/purple armor

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High Elves heroes*

As I pointed before, the Blood elves have changed their path as well as have never shown any of the old Helf aesthetic that Alleria preserved. If anything these are closer to the void elves by the mere fact they are now emulating her.


Gimme! Those look great on male blood elves!


I don’t know what you’re trying to argue about.

The pic I linked was made by the artist Talendrion for Void Elves notice the hairstyle is the same one they have available. Ask him yourself.

And the marking is that which Alleria shares, literally.

She’s simply being strange, the artist made these as potential Void Elf customizations, notice the hair is the same as what’s available to VE males currently (same for beard I think but that might be new as well).


they are not emulating the blood elves in any capacity

where have you ever seen a void elf emulate a blood elf farstrider?

how have they changed their path? all they changed was an adjective

the line from the wc2 blood elf farstriders

goes straight to um, oh yea still the blood elf farstriders

if you play a hunter you should recognize this blood elf farstrider(its the survival hunter icon and is used for the camoflauge spell as well) with green tats which are identical to alleria except green and she has two markings on each side instead of allerias one

you have umbral rangers that have their own aesthetic

where are they emulating the blood elf farstriders? i must have missed it so please show me

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There were no Blood Elves in WC2 which is where the blue warpaint Alleria has comes from. She’s a High Elf that became a Void Elf. She never became a Blood Elf nor was ever termed a Blood Elven hero.

No such thing as a “WC2 Blood Elf Farstrider”, the term change to being a Blood Elf for Quel’thalas didn’t occur until WC3.


she is literally called a hero of the blood elves past in this quest. lorthemar introduces her to thalyssra as such


Where is that pic saying literally ‘hero of the blood elves’ ?? :thinking:

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what the hell do you think “allow me to introduce lady alleria windrunner a hero of silvermoons past” means

now someone please show me where void elves are emulating blood elves/alleria

I think it means “Silvermoon’s past” (when they were all High Elves) and not Silvermoon’s present (how it’s now all Blood Elves)

Anyways, not sure why you’re getting so aggro over me sharing a pic made by an artist for Void Elves :man_shrugging:


hope you caught this interaction of the last dozen or so posts. i think it speaks for itself