Dark Ranger Customization Options Request Thread

A thought occurred to me on the “[Spoilers] female and male blood elf customizations thread.” There are a fair amount of us that want dark ranger customization options really badly and I can honestly say I desire them with the fervid intensity of a Ragnaros and Sargeras love affair.

If we show support enough support for these options, perhaps Blizzard will implement them. So let’s show Blizzard just how badly we want red eyes and undead skin for blood elves.

EDIT: A model toggle for Forsaken that allows us to choose Dark Ranger models would be preferable. Because then we we would have access to undead racials on our Dark Rangers, allowing us to play as undead as we look.

TLDR: We want undead skin and red eyes for Blood Elves and Night Elves. Not a race. Not a class. Keep your pants on.

Dark Ranger Customization Suggestions:

Skin Color:

  • Unlock Death Knight Skin (Simplest solution)

  • Undead White Pallor

  • Undead Black

  • Undead Brown

  • Undead Green Pallor

  • Undead Grey Pallor

  • Undead Blue Pallor (Like Sylvanas)

  • Rotting/Mottled Skin

  • Stitched Skin


  • Glowing Red Eyes (Already in game/Dark Ranger NPC Asset)
  • Glowing Red eyes with black sclera
  • Glowing Dark Orange Eyes
  • Glowing Dark Orange Eyes with black sclera
  • Blind Eyes
  • One Blind Eye versions for all colors


  • Damaged ears
  • Notched ears
  • Severed ears
  • Long
  • Medium
  • Short


  • Long
  • Medium
  • Short

Faces: (besides the standard blood elf faces of course)

  • Torn cheeks, exposing teeth/jaw
  • Gaunt
  • Noseless
  • Damage


By Saliancia

Hairstyles: (Besides the current Blood Elf hair)

  • Sombra
  • Undercut
  • Knowledge Bump
  • Braided Hairstyles (Waterfall, Lace, and ladder)
  • Curly hairstyles
  • Afros
  • Wild/Banshee
  • De-tentacled void elf hair








The hairstyle depicted in this art of a Dark Ranger OC by Trashasaurus Rex.

Hair Color: (Besides the current list of colors)

  • Ghostly glow (White)
  • Ghostly glow (black)
  • Black with white
  • Red and Black


Black and White Hair color


Red and Black Hair color

Facial Hair:

Give the men more facial hair, please.

Scars/Burns/Wounds: (We want scars in general, really)

  • A few different styles of Banshee tear burns (like Sylvanas)
  • Facial burns
  • Frostmourne Scars
  • Facial stitches (lips, jaw, throat, eyes)


Art by Noksimian depicts one style of Banshee tear burns.


Another style of Banshee tear burns.




More tear burns.




Banshee tears for males.


Dub_Morgan’s art of their OC Ceres depicts the throat stitching I mentioned above.

Tattoos/Warpaint: (We want tattoos in general)

  • Farstrider Tattoos
  • Cultist Markings


  • Gothic
  • Cat Eyes (eyeliner)

Jewelry: (For males too, please)

  • Gothic Chokers
  • More color palettes for the metal and gems, including dark colors like black and midnight purple.

Edited to stop responses to a 3 month old post with an opinion I no longer hold


Thank you. I agree with you, but I don’t think Blizzard will add them as their own race. They seem to take the easiest way out instead of the wisest optimal choice.


Making Wildhammer dwarves and Farraki trolls sub races instead of their own races :angry: And giving us sand trolls instead of forest trolls :angry: :angry: :angry:

We probably will get forest trolls later on, since troll options aren’t finished, but there’s nothing besides lore and common sense suggesting we’ll get them atm. No datamining, nor were they confirmed at Blizzcon like sand trolls.

I’m an advocate for san’layn and dark rangers could fall into that quite well.


Yeah, I’m an advocate of San’layn as well because I like vampires and the lore behind san’layn not to mention, like you said, Dark Rangers would definitely fall into that option.


I still may take you up on your Dark ranger class concept suggestion. It is something I have been pondering among a few other ideas.


Hey, take your time! I’m looking forward to seeing your concept. :smiley:

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May be a bit of time yet. Since the pc I was working on the tidal guardian project had a hardware malfunction, but I have everything backed up. Nothing was lost. I need to get a new computer though. One of the nice things about a dark ranger class concept is that it would probably be easier to do then something like a druid class. Reason why is from what I can tell their is no transformations or different models required for a dark ranger class. I would need to come up with spell effects and animations. Something like those Sanlayn models would serve well as a base.


I like to imagine them with a banshee form, but you do whatever is easiest for you. :slight_smile:


Banshee form? Can you tell me a bit more about what this banshee form would be like? Also what would be the background or lore of such a class being playable? I picture this being possibly a bunch of rebel dark rangers that turned away from Sylvanas or on the off chance Sylvanas ends up being good later.

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The easiest way is to just use the in game banshee model, but I think if Blizzard were to implement them they’d do something akin to Sylvanas’ form. I honestly pictured the same thing you did.

I always imagined the starting area being sort of like the DH in that it takes place in the past and ends in the present. The Dark Ranger starting area would probably start with the player being alive and fighting through the attack on Quel’Thalas in one part, dying and then being risen and freed by Sylvanas after which you reclaim your body. It ends at the gates of Orgimmar when Sylvanas betrays the Horde.

Just in case you didn’t know, most of the dark rangers stayed behind with the Horde after Sylvanas betrayed them. If you’ve beat N’zoth and witnessed the new Horde council form, you can talk to Velonara outside the Embassy.


Interesting. I thought they went with Slyvanas. I will keep all this In mind. I’ll find that banshee model. Else I may make a custom one or simply edit in a bit so it looks fresh.


Only some did. Most didn’t like what she did to the Horde and stayed loyal.


Makes literally 0 sense. Only death knights and undead should have undead skins.

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Do you have a discord? I wanted to see if I could add you on discord in case I wanted to whisper you for ideas potentially.

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i still think all horde races should get an undead option next to their panels on character select, with dark ranger options and a bunch of other stuff

alliance can get… something



Here it is. GloriousKitties#9838

Yes it does. Dark Rangers have existed for almost as long as death knights. They’re both undead and as such both can have undead skin. Dark Rangers are Thalassian and Kaldorei (now.) So it does make sense.


I sent it! That should help out.

Just ignore that other guy. He is a known troll. He goes into many threads posting flame bait.


Ah, thank you. I won’t waste my time with them then.


Yes, dark rangers. Not dark warriors, dark warlocks, dark mages, etc. Adding dark ranger customization means playable undead blood elf which is a dumb idea. Adding it for hunters would mean having to add it for all other classes as well. Nope, the lore doesn’t need to be tossed out the window.

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