Why the lack of Customization?

As some have posted , IF they were set to never be playable, then some ethereal-like customization for Velves could be an ok replacement.

I would definitely play one of them, they have interesting lore and looks.


They were one of the best concepts of BC.

For all its lore faults. BC had so many cool concepts.

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This is my last post cause my sub is ending today.

I just want to ask to the team to not treat alliance players as if we not pay for the sub too. We already had to endure BFA and it’s horses, allied races no one asked for and now we can’t find people to do content with because the faction is dying. At least give void elves unique and cool customisations, they are the most popular alliance allied race. They deserve, alliance players deserve to receive the same treatment nightborne players are receiving. Also, please give give troll beards, worgen tails, red eyes for belves, highborne stuff for nelves.



Reminder that you gave:

Male NB: 64 brand new options
Female NB: 60 brand new options
Male LFD: 32 brand new options, 12 of which are jewelry colours
Female LFD: 50 brand new options, 12 of which are jewelry colours
Male HMT: 59 brand new options
Female HMT: 59 brand new options

No Horde bias btw

Here is a list I made with our main customization suggestions for Void elves on hairstyles, tattoos, eye colours, jewellery and entropic embrace customization :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And for the original thread by Fenelon go here Void Elf Customization Thread


NB were awful before the update.

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Nightborne still look awful.


Bruh. What? Night Elf fans have been asking for this fix since WoD. FFs Blizz :joy:


I hope they take a look at the female faces too, they really need it.


So were the LFD? The male LFDs have been given literally half the effort either HMT or NB got.

Hogwash is demanding a race only exist on your faction when they were shown betraying that faction after one of the current leaders flat out says they don’t trust them.

Get over it.
It’s a valid request.

Gothic aesthetics should be on the goth theme elves, that alone is enough to even make the request have merit, not to mention the lore doesn’t support your cause at all at this point.

Go ask for Dark Rangers.
That’s what the Horde has.

Alliance can have red eyed void elves with bat ears for the illusion and a few NPCs skulking around Duskwood.

So yeah once again we can see they have gone above and beyond for Nightborne but apparently nothing in the alliance deserves that consideration, not even the fact that Draenei have the model’s shoulder literally broken since WoD


They literally look miles better than fem nelves lol.


This is why I’m so tired of this stupid faction bias.

They’re fixing Nightborne (multiple times over now), but won’t fix the parent race? When we’ve been asking for the exact same thing since before they even made up the Horde equivalent?


Blizzard’s not even trying to hide it once again :joy: This sh*t’s actually a joke now.

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Nelf women don’t look like we’re ancient.


Were you wanting belf looks to remain exclusive to the horde? If not, the alliance has no claim to exclusivity of goth elves.


Right, just look like clowns.

I’m pretty sure they are just trying to flush us out now. They don’t care for the alliance fandom and most of the alliance fandom don’t care for them. Oh well, it’s their money they are losing.


At least we have High Elves, which we can’t even talk about in most spaces without people screaming at us for hours because they exist.

Guys, fix the Night Elf faces too.
It’s gotta be a similar bug causing it. Please don’t leave us waiting a literal decade for model fixes again.