Entropic Embrace Toggle

It was a small thread. So I can’t remember where to find it anymore. I only came across it while looking around at void elf stuff. But it was basically a dev asking about all sorts of allied race customizations and what players wanted to see. And when it got to void elf players it was mostly them asking for EE toggle and natural hair styles. Though there were a few that wanted tattoos and some more void glow.

They may go the route of class skins. They said they are adding the classes, they never said how that would be implemented. And no, I seriously doubt it’s a minority thing. I can’t see Blizz pushing it this hard for a few minorities.


The rest of what I said was they weren’t going to remove it for role play purposes.

EE is also a very weak racial compared to arcane torrent.


It’s for visual purposes as well. Entropic Embrace just makes things far more visually cluttered when it appears. It’s just better not having it at all. The “tell” it gives me is more of a hindrance than anything, because I don’t need this big ridiculous visual for the smallest buff in existence.

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Void elves were clearly not what people wanted and hence why they even relented and gave the high elven skins.

Or maybe customization trumps old lore. Look, we already know lorewise everyone can be any class(as an example, we had pandarian death knights back in WoD). But the lore reason they are not made playable is there are relatively few of them. Times change as Garrosh would say and people change.

Interestingly the reason we even have class restrictions is due to old DnD style class/alignement restriction and nowadays that is pretty much gone/alot looser. WoW’s “identity” has always been changing hence why we got alot of new class/race combos added in Cata and with enough lore Blizzard can make any race have the necessary back story to make any class viable.

Ah yes, 4266 replies, totally nobody.

I for one want more void options. I want an Entropic Embrace Toggle - but the other way. I want to be able to keep the appearance on.


They absolutely will do this. Countless topics over half a decade and with every step they come closer.

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Then I guess you should have rolled a Blood Elf?

Complaining about something like this that only happens in combat is pretty ridiculous. It’s not like Corruption where the only way to get rid of the cosmetic effect (that showed on your character constantly) was to have a certain amount.


Especially when everyone can cancel the effect instantly with a macro.
People should use this instead making new topics every time.

To be fair, that’s a rather decent chunk of dps you’d lose.

My racial makes up anywhere from 1-3% of my dps in a fight, depending on length, timing of the embrace procs with hero/cds, etc.

I’m torn as on one hand I want Blizzard to embrace the void aspect more, but on the other hand - I want more player choice. Giving us the option to not have it proc randomly wouldn’t hurt anyone - if it’s as non-noticeable as you guys act, it wouldn’t matter if they could disable it.

I’d never disable it, as I love it and wish I could have it perma, but I understand people who might want to.


Wait…you can just /cancelaura it? lol…

That’s good. The more people use the /cancel aura macro, the more is Blizzard forced to recognize the issue and act upon it.

They are still indebted in their unprofessional choice in not giving the Alliance the High Elves in the first place. I feel sorry for the Void Elf-fans… but they were only a mere afterthought in the first place as a low priority player facton which is the actual tragic part here.

And because they dug themselves too deep into this mess, the developers cannot do anything but stay on course with the Void Elves. I do not think they will release a glyph for the Entropic Embrace effect, they barely can keep up bringing in new Shaman wolf forms and lock them behind a limited usage Ardenweald skill.

Yes. Credits goes to Fenelon, who came up with it, apparently.

Honestly, I wish the racial could be toggle, so you can trigger it at better times instead of having it proc then you’re stunned when it procs.

That would be so hard to balance though lol.

If any race had a +5% damage/healing activatable racial, it’d probably be top for every class.

Nobody asked for Void Elves. Like. Ever.

Blizzard should give people all the options they want so they don’t have to deal with their crappy written-in-3-minutes concept.

Yeah, I guess you really can say anything to fit your agenda.

I’m all for more options as long as they’re strong thematically. This sounds like it would be a good thing. However, I am against giving Void Elves Blood Elf options, because that doesn’t make sense and isn’t a strong thematic choice.

Blizzard really messed up with the Void Elves in general, but giving them Blood Elf options made things substantially worse.


People say this as if it matters in the slightest. If the devs only ever gave people “what they asked for” we’d be playing nothing but elves. No thanks.



You’re a Void Elf. You go Void from time to time. If you don’t want to be a Void Elf, then the Horde is waiting for you.

… it lasts seconds. Only in combat. If you’re paying more attention to your character and mog while in combat, I feel sorry for your dungeon and raid groups.


what like 20 people on the forum like yourself wanted was a retcon to the lore

you only got blood elf skin tones because blizzard wanted to update the blood elves to where they should be in the lore now and felt sorry for people who just couldnt cope with the fact that in warcraft the fair skinned elves are friends with orcs and trolls instead of humans. if they didnt give blood elves their blue eyes back you never would have gotten the skin tones


You are a void elf and not what you helfers call a high elf.

Just stop trying to destroy the completed identity of void elvess and watering down of blood elves by taking everything that they have.