The Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread! 🐊

Welcome to the Unofficial Saurok Playable Race Discussion Megathread!

A tribe of Saurok have sent an ambassador to visit Orgrimmar in hopes of joining the Horde. How exciting!

Update 4/29/22: Edited the class section some, since a recent interview with Brian Holinka confirmed that Mages, Priests, and Rogues would be available for all races in 10.0 (aside from Dracthyr). Also planning a revamp of some sections in the near future!

I am unsure if there is a time limit or a limit on the number of edits a thread can go through, so always check the latest posts for any news and current discussions!

The purpose of this thread is to collect ideas and suggestions of playable Saurok while having discussions of the concept in the game, be it as a core or as an allied race.

If by some Winter’s Veil miracle Blizzard decides to make playable Horde Saurok, they are more than welcome to use any ideas I have presented.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This thread is not meant to ask for Saurok above any other race. In particular, we are NOT competing with Sethrak fans, and it is very possible to have both Sethrak and Saurok playable and have differences between them culturally and in terms of gameplay mechanics. We all have races that we want playable, so let us band together as fans of the game and be open-minded in our discussions while being respectful to each other. ^^

This thread is also a work in progress. I’ll be editing this post with new info and redesigning it as time goes on. I am also not perfect, much as I try to research as much as possible, so there is always a chance of errors within the thread.


One of my favorite fantasy races are lizard men, and it is something that I feel that World of Warcraft is very much missing in the playable department. It wasn’t until Mists of Pandaria introduced such a race in the form of the Saurok, who at the time played an antagonistic role to both Horde and Alliance.

The Saurok were originally created by the Mogu, who had transformed them from various lizards in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. They were created to be soldiers that serve the Mogu, but the Saurok began to rebel against their own masters. They gathered their forces and waged a war against the Mogu before eventually running off to form their own warbands, which plundered and harassed the inhabitants of Pandaria.

Some were said to have been able to sail off Pandaria, past the mists around it. Some managed to get to the Wandering Isle, and took part as enemies near the end of the Pandaren starting area. Others appear to have joined different groups of pirates. It is possible others sailed elsewhere to other areas.

In Hearthstone, Saurok inhabit Un’goro Crater, though I believe this is not shown in WoW. This is an example that Saurok would likely be capable of traveling to different continents, and maybe even undiscovered ones.

There are two different Saurok lore videos that go a bit more in depth than what I have posted:

There is also an in-game cinematic related to the “Between a Saurok and a Hard Place” achievement that briefly goes over some of Saurok lore here:

More than mindless beasts? Thoughts on how to implement them as a playable race.

I will admit that looking at what we have right now, it’s hard to imagine the Saurok joining a faction. They’re in need of some major anger management classes, have been antagonists to Horde and alliance, and have been used as mooks to be killed for quests or jobbers for raids. They have little to go by other than “RAWR!” and being plundering warbands.

In order to consider them playable, it seems that we have to consider that some creativity would be needed to make some lore for them. Perhaps some managed to sail away to get away from the Mogu, and may have had a different view compared to other Saurok. Perhaps some had the thought of “I am more than just a tool to be used, but what am I?” and went on a spiritual journey to make their own civilization. This is, of course, just speculation on my part of how a group of Saurok could be lead into being playable.

At least one tribe, the Skumblade Tride, worship a devilsaur in the sky named Kros, believing that Kros created them and not the Mogu. This means they’re capable of having some form of free thought, savage as they may be. Whatever the case, it will take some creativity to write them as more than an antagonistic race.

On the subject of being antagonistic, there are playable races that started off being jerks and doing things that weren’t very nice to the Horde and Alliance. Dark Iron Dwarves started off being enemies and a group of them ended up joining the Alliance under Moira. Zandalari Trolls were big enemies in general before being written into becoming an allied race for the Horde. Worgen, previously a mindless and savage mook NPC race, were added to the Alliance through means of the Gilnaens. Adding Saurok would not be the first time an antagonistic race would become playable.

It also doesn’t mean that all Saurok would be under the banner of playable. There are different tribes of Trolls that aren’t playable and are currently enemies of the Horde. Not all humans are part of the Alliance and are part of groups that attack both factions. Even the Ogres have several tribes that attack both factions, but there is a clan of them (Stonemaul Clan) that are part of the Horde. It’s quite capable of writing part of a race that joins a faction, but not include all of that race to be sworn members of it.

If Saurok were to become playable, such lore would need to be created in an expansion, likely with a different tribe with different views, and would require an open-mind to design it. What would be viewed as a huge hurdle can be overcome, and likely this can apply to many races people want playable.

Core or Allied Race?
Newbie Saurok in front of embassy

Saurok could act as either or. Allied race might be more fitting, as whatever Saurok you meet, you have to work with them and convince them to join up. Likely, this could be an expansion where Saurok appear and have enough of a presence to either seek help or be able to offer help. Other than random pirates, they don’t really have much of a presence in BfA, so I wouldn’t expect them to appear there.

As a core race, however, I would like to think that more time could be utilized to design them. There are several types of lizards with different scale colors, patterns, and features. It would be neat to see that implemented into this race.

Ultimately, I can see them fitting either as an allied race or as a core race.

Possible Tabard and Allied Race Banner design

The Skumblade tribe have their own banner on the Isle of Thunder, shown here:

Skumblade tribe banner.

Now, I don’t expect the Skumblade to be the playable Saurok faction, but this banner shows off a design that could be used for playable Saurok tabards and an allied race banner. Likely, the colors would need to be changed, but otherwise this would work for both, in my opinion.

What faction would they join?

I am a firm supporter of Saurok joining the Horde.

First, being a tribal race is more fitting with the Horde. They would look a lot better walking around places like Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff than Stormwind and Iron Forge. Saurok being a shamanistic race is also more fitting with the Horde, finding more similarities with Orcs and Trolls as opposed to Wildhammer Dwarves and Draenei. It’s also hard to imagine the Alliance not looking down upon the Saurok, thinking they’re just angry brutes. They would be better treated and respected in the Horde.

Second is that as a former slave race, Saurok would fit quite well with the Horde’s theme of survival in a world that is against them. Saurok fought for their freedom against the Mogu, who are still around and likely causing problems for them in general. As a young and artificial race, they have to survive against a harsh world, as well as any Mogu that would come into power and try to enslave them again. As such, it’s very fitting for Saurok to join the Horde, since many other races also banded together to support each other for survival. I see Saurok joining the Horde to be a very interesting storyline opportunity as a result.

Third is that there are a few parallels between Saurok and Orcs. Both were slave races that were to be used as weapons for evil beings, both broke free from their cruel masters, both have some form of savagery in their personalities, both are Shamanistic in their cultures, and both have multiple tribes with different beliefs.

If you’re interested in seeing a bit more, I did type up a more detailed post located here for anyone interested. I’ll be sure to add to this section as I think of more reasons I feel Saurok would be better in the Horde.

Are Saurok capable of working with other races?

Yes! There are instances of Saurok being around and working with other races.

In BfA, there is a pirate crew called “The Bilgerats” who consist primarily of NPC races (aside from Vulpera), and Saurok are among the ranks. They’re seen walking around Freeport with their shipmates among other crews and there is even one flexing his muscles to some humans of another crew.

Also in Tiragarde Sound, there is a hidden underwater area called “The Whale’s Belly,” where two Saurok are enjoying the party down there among other races. Even a Dwarf captain occasionally walks up to them and does a friendly roar emote, and the Saurok don’t even try to maul his face over it.

Back in Mists of Pandaria, there were a few Saurok allowed in the Temple of the White Tiger to compete in honorable combat. They obviously would be on their best behavior to be able to stay there. This is talked about in this post.

In Shadowlands, a Saurok spirit in Maldraxxus is hanging out with and talking with at least one spirit that was likely a Dwarf. Saurok being able to arrive in Maldraxxus is interesting, given that souls there are meant to work together to protect the Shadowlands. Discussed in this post with screenshots.

If Saurok are capable of being among other races in some form of an establishment that offers services for gold and if they are capable of working with other races to form a functioning pirate crew, it stands to reason that they would be capable of being able to work with the Horde for a greater purpose.

Do any females exist in the game?

To my knowledge, not at the time of this post. However, artwork does exist in Hearthstone of a female Saurok shown here:

Even without female models in-game, it isn’t impossible to create one. Some currently playable races, such as Worgen, didn’t have any female models but eventually did when they became playable. Gilblins, a potential candidate for an allied race in the future, use to be all male, but in BfA, we saw female models created for them. It isn’t impossible to create a female Saurok if they were to ever be playable.

Do Saurok have any player-only animations?

The Saurok models in game actually do have a few player-only animations (animations that are there for players that would never be performed by a NPC for the most part).

First, Saurok are capable of swimming backwards:

Saurok swimming backwards

Second, they have a fishing animation:

Newbie Saurok fishing

Third, as it turns out, they have a Heart of Azeroth animation! It appears they use the male Worgen’s animation when doing it. Here is a picture I’ve taken showing this (forgetting to hide names when I took the image):

Saurok Heart of Azeroth Animation 2

It’s interesting to see these animations as the Saurok models in-game don’t have some male Worgen animations enabled on them while some animations do work. Regardless, these are likely in here because of shared animations as opposed to being any hints of playable Saurok being considered, much as I want playable horde Saurok. Still a neat thing to see and show off.

What classes would they be?

Based on my own personal preference:

Death Knight- All allied races in BfA and Pandaren are now capable of becoming Death Knights. I see no reason why Saurok would not be able to become Death Knights as a result.

Hunter- They would naturally be hunters, since they would live off the land. One possible starting pet is a basilisk, since many in the SKumblade Tribe user them as pets.

Mage- With all playable races, aside from Dracthyr, being able to become Mages, I firmly support Saurok Mages. This can easily be explained by them having raided Mogu vaults and gotten magical artifacts and spellbooks to give them such abilities.

Monk- Many are capable of fighting bare-handed, so I can see some specializing in that.

Priest- Since it is confirmed that all current playable races, aside from Dracthyr, will be able to be Priests, I stand firm with Saurok Priests being a possibility. We do see some Saurok Priests in the game also. For example, the Skumblade have Priests of their devilsaur god, so it’s possible that other tribes would have priests dedicated to any wild god they worship.

Rogue- Because all current playable races, aside from Dracthyr, will be able to be Rogues, Saurok Rogues should be an available option. They also seem like the type that could sneak around and many of them work as pirates. Very fitting, in my opinion.

Shaman- Their race is tribal, so Shamans would fit them naturally.

Warlock- Given their creation, I can see some exploring the dark arts.

Warrior- Another natural fit for them.

If I’m missing any classes they can be in-game, please feel free to link me to those specific mobs. I’ll be happy to add them to the list. That said, a lot of my choices are debatable.

Saurok Hunter Starting Pet Ideas

So far, I’ve found two instances of pets Saurok use. The first is a basilisk, used by the lower members of the Skumblade Tribe:

The Saurok that use these are capable of forming a bond with them, with some not wanting to kill their pet to prove themselves in the Skumblade Tribe, who the leaders think relying on a pet makes one weak.

The other is a turtle pet, used by a Muckscale Flesh-Hunter:

Saurok Hunter with a turtle pet

With Shadowlands, Pandaren start with a green dragon turtle pet, despite being shown with a yak pet on the character creation screen, if they start in Exile’s Reach (they no longer have a starting pet if they start on Wandering Isle). I still view dragon turtles as potential choice, especially if Saurok are treated as an allied race with their own racial hub.

It’s still worth noting that Saurok are capable of forming a bond with another animal in order to hunt. It’s unclear what the Muckscale view on Hunter pets in general, but seeing as they walk in the open, it’s likely accepted more than the Skumblade.

This does show that Saurok are capable of forming a bond with another being, which is important in showing that Saurok are capable of being more than just angry lizards. It’s possible that Saurok of any tribe could tame these creatures as pets, though it could also depend on where playable Saurok come from whether they tame local creatures or took some of the creatures with them from Pandaria.

Another potential pet would be a mushan:

The Salyin clan raises them for different purposes like combat, as shown with their giant mushan named Galleon. It stands to reason that Saurok tribes in general could tame them both as combat pets and also for mounts.

If anyone knows of any other beasts the Saurok use as combat pets, please let me know.

Heritage Armor

There are two possibilities: Heritage armor based on what we have in the game already and something new. I’ll talk about both and a specific idea for new heritage armor.

If we go by what is in the game, there are two main types of armor Saurok use.

One with a banner on the back:

And one with the ring on the back:

There are slight variants of these in the game, but these two in general are the main armor of Saurok.

It’s possible either of these could be used for heritage armor designs, though my opinion is that we would likely see a brand new armor design be created as their heritage armor. Still, it’s worth nothing what is currently there when considering heritage armor.

Another possibility is that we could see something brand new created for them. One idea I had involved bone armor of some kind. If Saurok value strength and hunt a lot, it could be reasoned that they could utilize the bones from their prey for different uses. Tools, weapons, and even armor. Imagine taking on a giant beast and then making armor out of its strong bones. It would be quite the trophy, wouldn’t it?

I’m currently seeking examples of bone armor to share in this section. I’ll be sure to share some here when I find some examples!

Racial Ideas

Dash with Water Walking- When activated, Saurok have increased run speed while being able to walk on water when this ability is active. This comes from some real life lizards having the ability to run across water.

Passive Regeneration- Lizardmen in general are known for having a form of passive regeneration. Real life lizards are also known to regrow parts of their body, such as their tails. Thus, a form of passive generation would be a fitting racial.

Increased Underwater Breath Meter- Saurok should be able to stay underwater longer than other races.

Increased Swimspeed- Saurok should be able to swim faster than other races.

Infravision- Saurok have the ability to use infravision, possibly as a clickable skill. This could be used to help see mobs in general and also see stealthed enemies.

Natural Armor- Since having scales, Saurok could have more defense against physical attacks.

Tail Equipment- Saurok could have the ability to put weapons or magical items on their tail, such as a spiked ball or a magical crystal. This could be used to increase attack power, spell haste, or even just be a decorative item like a transmog. See this post for more information.

Tail Whip/Swipe- Some real-life lizards are capable of whipping with their tail. This could be a single target stun attack or the Saurok could spin and trip mobs around them for 2 to 3 seconds.

Potential Dances

“Walk the Dinosaur” by “Was (Not Was)”

Referring to the dance the cave women do. Talked about in this post.

“Crocodile Rock” by Elton John:

Talked about with other videos showing the dance in this post.

Potential Mount

The mount for playable Saurok is going to depend on if they come from one of the tribes on Pandaria or if the playable tribe left Pandaria, likely by swimming. If the latter occurs, then it would depend on what creatures would be in the local area.

If they are located in Pandarian, the only real mount I’ve seen used by them currently is a mushan. As it turns out, there are some mushan mounts in the game, such as the Son of Galleon mount shown here:

There are a few other mushan mounts usable by players currently in the game, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to edit them to be more unique for Saurok. It really depends on where playable Saurok come from and if there are any mushan habitats nearby, as I have a hard time imagining these beasts swimming for long periods of time with the Saurok traveling off Pandaria seeking another continent to live on.

If anyone knows of any other beasts Saurok use as mounts in-game, please let me know.

Ideas for Jokes

We try not to have beef with the Tauren, but sometimes it becomes a high steaks battle.

Of course we Saurok are smarter than we look! We learned how to speak from the wisest of our brood. We call them “The Saurus.”

I had a bone to pick with a Forsaken once, but we ended up just ribbing each other. We both found it very humerus.

Looks can be important, but sometimes we just have to scale back some.

Saurok Rogues are invaluable. They really know how to monitor.

Be careful in Orgimmar when the dinner bells ring. The roads will consist of saurus wrecks.

Members of the Horde keep asking us where the best place is to get mount and home insurance. I have no idea why!

Some guy in red jumped on me and hit me to get me to eat stuff! When I refused, he pushed me down a pit to jump across it! Who does that to people?!

The worst thing to happen to a Saurok? Accidently biting our tongue. We lose our ability to taste AND smell for days! It’s absolutely miserable!

Ideas for Flirts

I can show you just how full of “dino might” I am.

Did you know our mating is done tongue in cheek?

I can whisper sweet nothings, but I might talk your ear off.

If you can take a lickin’, I’ll keep on tickin’.

I assure you, I don’t suffer from “reptile dysfunction.”

How You Can Help!

Playable Horde Saurok aren’t a guarantee, but there are things you can do to help support the idea into possibly becoming a reality!

First, posting here is a great start. Share ideas, things like artwork and screenshots, and engage in discussions.

Second is to send in-game feedback. I made a list of how to do that here.

Third is to keep an eye out for any in-game events announced and attend them! I’ll provide details in posts here, so always check for the latest posts for news!

I’ll be thinking of more ways for people to help out, so check back occasionally!

Closing Thoughts

Saurok have a very uphill battle in terms of making them playable, but it is far from impossible. As stated before, a lot of lore and creativity would have to be implemented to make them work. That said, a good story is possible with them becoming playable, and I feel like it would add a lot to the game to finally get a playable lizard man race.

That said, I do want to state again that this thread is a work in progress, and will have stuff added to it as I do more research and more ideas are brought up.

I look forward to future discussions! Again, please be respectful towards others here. ^^

Like my work? Interested in playable Horde Ogres? Why not check out my other megathread, The Unofficial Stonemaul Playable Race Discussion megathread:

An official Ogre/Saurok Partnership will be forthcoming. More info soon!

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Saurok have the same rig as Worgen

It’s possible for Sethrak to serve as an allied race for the Saurok or vice versa.

Maybe the goblins could see some value in allying the Horde with Saurok, so they send one of the tribes full of Kaja’Cola or something else that would give them some semblance of intelligence. After, they’ll be so grateful to the Horde for giving them free will, they’ll officially join.

I think Death Knights are highly unlikely, but the other classes you listed sound good.

The racial mount would probably have to be something native to Pandaria, but I’m not sure what would fit them.

Like you said, it’s going to be an uphill battle, but I think these would be one of the more unique playable races.


I always wanted these guys playable purely for their looks, and I think any lizard race would be fine since it adds variety


I would take Murlocs over Sauroks any day. Even a Jinyu would be better than a Saurok. I have it on good authority that Sauroks like to play in their poo. (See Isle of the Thunder King)

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I don’t find saurok appealing at all.


OP, you get my support for promoting an allied race that’s not another Elf. However, I’m still hoping for Sethrak to become playable by 8.3.


I’m curious if the Saurok mobs have any mounts in-game on Pandaria. Seems like they would be the kind of race that would ride a beast of some sort into battle. I’ll have to add this to my “research to do” pile.

I think anything is possible in this game. In 8.2, for example, we have Gilblins who were originally all male and aggressive to both factions. Now, they have a female model and are part of a group that is helping the Horde and are a likely allied race candidate, in my opinion. I think the key for a lot of these kinds of races is what Blizzard had mentioned previously, in that they add playable races when it makes sense in the storyline. It seems like they can work with any race if they decide to make them playable.

Variety is a reason I’d love to see them, and lizard men are a staple fantasy race, in my opinion. ^^

Nothing wrong with this at all. Not all races are appealing to everyone. Ogres are my most wanted race, and I know that not everyone wants to be such a monstrous race. Everyone has races they like, and it makes things more interesting in seeing what people come up in terms of character designing and story writing, in my opinion. ^^

Sethrak are very much a possible allied race, and I’d be happy to see them playable. It would be interesting to see what Blizzard does with them, and as I mentioned before, nothing is stopping both Sethrak and Saurok from being playable at the same time. ^^


+1 vote for Saurok


You have my full support for playable Saurok. These folk are the closest we’d get to playable dragons. I’d actually roll one of these in a heartbeat. I’m also a fan of Sethrak but don’t see why we couldn’t get both ^^


We have already seen several of them acting as pirates in Freehold!

The Sauroks, in FreeHold, have shown themselves to be able to act with other races in a rational and organized way!

If there were more daring of the devs during MOP, they could already be available as a playable race, today!

At Thunder Isle, I’ve seen several running wild, just like worgen!


That is a very good point, though these are individual Saurok as opposed to whole tribes of them. Despite that, it does show that they are capable putting their savage personality to the side and working with others.

I wonder how many of them decided to sail off Pandaria and for what reasons. I keep thinking that there may be some tribes that, for one reason or another, left to form their own tribe and civilization somewhere. Maybe as their race gets older, they start to have different views of life. It’s shown when some worship Kros, saying they came from him instead of the Mogu. If there are separate tribes that moved off Pandaria, it is possible they could have different cultures and act a bit more civilized towards other races.

If Saurok could be Warlocks, I’d likely go with that to recreate an Iksar Necromancer character I had in Everquest 1. ^^


Probably some smaller ones of these running around.


Also I LOVE Saurok, they were one of my favourite things from MoP. I really liked their origins, i’ll try to dig up a post I made about them awhile back.


Found it!


I wanted to bring up some text from a quest called “Dagger in the Dark.” It’s from Mists of Pandaria where we see the attempted assassination of Vol’jin and also learn that Garrosh wanted to create his own Saurok army.

Dagger in the Dark details and script

Of course, nothing came from this. I haven’t really done a lot with Pandaria, so I’m assuming that Garrosh didn’t get too far with his Saurok army plans. Even if he did, the army would’ve been slaughtered.

What I wanted to focus on was something Vol’jin said during the scenario:

Vol’jin says: ‘Dese “Mogu,” dey workin’ wicked dark magic here.

Vol’jin says: Da Saurok, 'dey not born - ‘dey was created. Flesh shaped an’ bent.

Vol’jin says: Dis be the blackest of magics, mon!

Rak’gor Bloodrazor says: Yes! The power to shape flesh, to build warriors. This is what the Warchief wants!

Bloodrazor walks towards Vol’jin.

Vol’jin says: Garrosh playing god? Making monsters? Dis ain’t what da Horde is about!

The shorter part of this post is where Vol’jin says that the Horde isn’t about making monsters to fight for the Horde, which is true. To me, the Horde is about races banding for survival against those who would call them monsters and hunt them down. This is more directed at making Saurok, as opposed to Saurok that already have been created, assuming some have evolved to be more than just mindless savages.

The other part is where Vol’jin mentions that dark magic was used to create the Saurok. Now, to be fair, in this instance, the Saurok were created by the Mogu using black magic, and even though they rebelled, they weren’t negotiable and just RAWR’d at everything.

Let’s assume that events happen in a future expansion that a tribe of Saurok did work with the Horde and were above being mindless mooks. Would the Horde as a whole look down on these Saurok because they were created with dark magic?

My opinion is that in such a situation, the Horde would, at best, be dubious to begin with. Working with Saurok would imply that a situation comes that there is an advantage to both races working together, and that the Saurok would actually prove themselves to be good allies to have. Many of them also denounce their creation from the Mogu, worshiping Kros who does exist in the game, so they may not view them selves as creation of dark magic.

I don’t have a source for this, but I believe that Saurok are capable of breeding among themselves, not requiring black magic. Could an argument be made that those Saurok were born of black magic? The Saurok generally did come from lizards that were transformed by the Mogu to begin with, so there is some form of organic life within them.

Even if dark magic is an issue, I feel like there are so many contradictions that Phoenix Wright would have a field day. Warlocks and Shadow Priests are allowed in the Horde and walk around freely, with some even coming from Vol’jin’s Darkspears. Death Knights are also allowed, and it could be argued that dark magic lead to their creation. Orcs were at one time filled with demon blood and have overcome their past to become something different. Seems like there are a lot of aspects of the Horde that could be viewed as dark magic of sorts.

Arguments can be made on several points, and many are debatable, but if Saurok would just be frowned upon because of their creation, I feel like the Horde would be hypocritical. Again, this is assuming that they assisted or were assisted by a tribe of Saurok that would have some form of diplomacy and empathy to deal with other races.

For Saurok to work as a Horde race, as I keep mentioning, there would need to be some form of open-mindess on both the Horde and Saurok’s part. If Thrall were to become warchief again, and assuming the Saurok that help the Horde prove themselves, I could see Thrall being sympathetic enough to offer them a place in the Horde, while helping to guide the race and help train their shamans and other classes while they help in the war against the Alliance.

That said, the way Saurok were created should not be a hindrance when considering them as a playable race. They’re capable of having their own culture, and if done right, would fit right in with the Horde. Should events occur that bring such a tribe of Saurok in the future, an interesting storyline can come out of this.

Of course, all of this is just conjecture, as the Saurok we know at the time of this post are still just RAWR and mooks to kill for quests. Still, an open-minded thinking allows for different ideas to possibly implement in the future, and who knows what will happen then?

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Forsaken set the bar on the ground for this, the scalies are fine.


That is another good point. It isn’t like the Horde is so virtuous, they could speed run Ultima 4 with no problem (same with the Alliance). So their origin of being made by dark magic shouldn’t be a problem, even if Vol’jin revives and rejoins the Horde.

I do like the idea of Saurok that traveled off Pandaria coming across some Kaja’cola out in the ocean somewhere, and gaining a bit more intelligence. It could be a way to explain why a particular tribe might have different views, have formed an actual civilization somewhere, or act differently from regular Saurok. It’s either that or, as a newish race to Azeroth, it’s just a natural evolution that occurs with their offspring and they decided to get away from the hostilities of Pandaria to live elsewhere.

Seems like there are different directions to go if Saurok were to ever be considered as a playable race.


So as it turns out, there are Saurok that have some form of philosophy! It’s a little primitive, but they are capable of it!

On Pandaria, theres a questline or method that allows you to turn into a Saurok, which I believe makes any Saurok mobs and NPC’s friendly to you, and with the Skumblade Tribe, you can talk to some of them. A few notable quotes listed on WowPedia:


  • We are born from the flesh of Kros. We were fashioned from his meat, his bones. He is our creator.

  • Kroshik is the blood of Kros. He watches over us. He is our connection to Kros. He has the strength of Kros, yet he walks on our world.

  • When the time comes, Kroshik will die, and we will take his strength. Then, the cycle will start again.

  • Kros, our creator, will not save the weak. The souls of the weak will exist in eternal fear, always fleeing from the teeth and claws of Kros and his followers.

  • If you are strong, Kros will allow you to hunt. Your eternity will be spent chasing the weak, eating their flesh, and becoming ever stronger.Be strong, saurok.

  • Strength always to the Skumblade. Strength always to you, saurok.

  • The mogu lie to our people. They tell us that we are their creation, that they twisted our flesh into its current form. They claim we owe our existence to them.

  • I DEFY the mogu! They have no power over us! They do not know what we see, how we live, what we feel! They cannot see into our souls!

  • Only Kros, our great creator, knows what is in our soul. Kros knows, and Kros understands. Kros gave you your strength, saurok. No mogu owns you.

  • Kroshik has a body of meat and bone, but he carries with him the spirit of Kros.

  • One day, Kroshik’s hunt will end. But Kros’s hunt goes on forever.

These quotes let us see a bit more into their worship of Kros, and Kroshik is said to be related to Kros in some fashion. Some, however, disagree with this:


  • The saur-priests will tell you that our strength comes from Kroshik. Don’t listen to their religious talk.

  • Our strength comes from our claws, from our teeth, from our weapons. It comes from the filth that the filth-mongers gather and cultivate. It comes from us.

  • I don’t care whether we descended from some devilsaur in the sky or we were created by the mogu. All I care about is protecting this land from our enemies.

  • Saurok who worship Kroshik only do so because they are scared. They pretend we are all just little walking devilsaurs, proving our “strength” to gain the favor of an invisible, all-powerful devilsaur that lives in the sky. That is what they truly believe.

  • We are not devilsaurs. We are saurok. And when we die, there will be no eternal hunt, no promised paradise, no punishment for the weak, and no Kros. We will be eaten, and our remains thrown into the filth-pool. And that is all. I have seen it.

  • You know what I think? <Tomma glances quickly behind him.> The saur-priests are as filled with filth as the village itself.

  • Their Kroshik-worship makes them weak. They preach strength, but do they hunt? Do they kill? Do they roll in the decaying remains of their fallen brothers? No. They hide in their caves and talk. If they were truly strong, they would be out here fighting with us.

  • We were created by the mogu. There is no reason not to believe it. Anybody who denies it is ignorant, or living in fantasy.

  • I refuse to pretend I am a devilsaur. I know what I am. I know where my strength comes from.

Seems like some Saurok recognize they were created from the Mogu while others decide that they descended from Kros.

It’s interesting to see such a divide in what most people just view as primitive. If this tribe is capable of free thought, then surely there would be other tribes somewhere that have their own views and culture somewhere.

Of course, the Skumblade Tribe wouldn’t be the tribe that would ever be playable, unless some serious reorganization and anger management classes occur (Horde are friends, not food etc etc), but it is neat to see some form of philosophy from the Saurok in general.

I’m likely going to sound like a broken record in this thread, in that for Saurok to be playable, it would require a tribe that left Pandaria and made their own civilization elsewhere with a different and possibly little more advanced culture from other Saurok, and that they would need to be in a situation where they would be open to helping or being helped by the Horde in some fashion that would lead to them joining.

Still, it is an uphill battle for them regardless. I’ll be doing some research and posting it, along with my thoughts, as I find out more stuff. Hopefully as the thread continues, we can brainstorm more and more ideas to discuss. ^^


What do you think about Saberon? They’re very cute for me.

Anyway, you have my support, If Ogre, Vulpera, Sethrak, Queldorei, Wildhammer, Sanlayn, Saberon/Saurok are playable I will be very happy xD


Saberon are a neat race. I know a lot of people ask for them, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them, myself.

Currently, the races I particularly want, that would make me very happy, are Ogres, Vulpera, San’layn, and Saurok for the Horde. I haven’t really thought about what races I particularly want on the Alliance, but I am generally open minded in that regard. I’ll have to give that some thought to give a more precise answer.

Ogres are my most wanted race. You can likely tell from the stuff I type up for the Ogre Megathread. ^^